AlayaCare : Helping You Propel Towards Innovation and Home Care Of the Future

In 2020, the rise of the COVID-19 outbreak laid a heavy burden on healthcare. The impact was significantly drastic that exhausted most of the resources to the limits, including the availability of the staff. Moreover, the social distancing and self-isolation norms further restricted the route for patients to meet their doctors in person. In the times when healthcare and doctors hold the most importance, people should not skip their doctor visits but rely on digital tools. Telehealth is witnessing a debatable interest and patients have started embracing virtual doctor visits.

“Care providers were increasingly incorporating virtual tools into their service offering and now, with heightened pressure on the health care system, we’re seeing the need for and adaptation of smart technology tools accelerating,” commented Adrian Schauer, CEO, and Founder of AlayaCare. He adds, “The addition of the screening application is helping care providers evaluate risk and early identification and response intervention has the potential to reduce the spread of infection.”


Founded in 2014, AlayaCare is a unique platform that offers a complete solution to manage the entire client lifecycle in a secure, integrated cloud-based system. The platform is providing a virtual space for the home and community care organizations to propel towards innovation and home care of the future. Adrian established the company with a mission to empower care providers to achieve better health outcomes by delivering transformative technology and data insights to focus on what matters. Today, AlayaCare ranks amongst the leading healthcare providers and is helping mitigate the drastic effects of the pandemic through its innovative suite of products and solutions.

Delivering High-Quality Homecare

Being the first choice end-to-end home care software platform, AlayaCare not only provides innovative product lines to help improve outcomes but also pushed the boundaries to change the future of the industry. It is the only home care software provider offering innovative technologies such as a Patient App, Telehealth Dashboard, Family Portal, RPM software, and Machine Learning algorithm-based clinical support tools, which allow for better coordination and quality of care across the healthcare continuum.

AlayaCare platform offers a truly end-to-end home care software platform that is equipped with several features and benefits designed to help the clients and their agencies improve client outcomes. The key highlights of the AlayaCare platform are,

Advanced Technology: The platform has replaced the traditional, method and solutions with a modern homecare software platform that leverages next-generation technology such as predictive analytics, Machine learning, and AI to make more timely, informed, and data-driven decisions leading to improved clinical outcomes.

Enhanced Compliance: It confidently verifies homecare visits are completed safely and securely and experience faster reimbursement with increased documentation accuracy.

Optimized Operations & Increased Margins: the platform hones effectiveness and increases efficiency by streamlining workflows with advanced analytics and optimization tools. By leveraging this technology one can deliver better care at a lower cost.

Better Care: AlayaCare platform empowers the care workers by providing them with the tools they need to focus less on administrative tasks and more on providing high-quality care to their clients.
Value, Quality & Outcome Focused: The platform is built for the modern home care landscape, AlayaCare ensures the agency remains focused on improving outcomes while lowering costs.

Client-Centric Experiences: It allows to operate with consumer-facing views, real-time information, and telehealth functionality to gather and process more information, increase engagement and communication, and effectively monitor the quality of care delivered.

Leverage Technology to Revolutionize

AlayaCare has a track record of understanding how technology can revolutionize an industry and the team is bringing those benefits to the customers. It has assembled a great team that scales a SaaS business, build channels, and service enterprise customers. “Most importantly, we are passionate about home healthcare and how great technology and a great team can provide better outcomes – for patients, providers, and payers,” quotes Adrian.

Adrian is a serial technology entrepreneur having built two successful mobile software companies. These companies achieved leadership positions in their particular niches before being acquired. Besides, he is also an active Angel Investor and sits on the boards of several companies including fast-growing technology firms like the point-of-care medical device company Chipcare, the SaaS company TrackTik, and the GRC software provider Resolver. Alongside, AlayaCare, Adrian is the Co-founder of Madiro Fund, a charitable organization created to support innovative solutions to health problems in low-income countries.

Alliance enhancing Patient Experience

Recently, AlayaCare-a global home and community care software company, and Option Care Health, Inc. – the largest independent provider of home and alternate-site infusion services in the United States, announced that they have formally established a technology collaboration to develop innovative software for alternate site infusion therapy. Through this collaborative effort, both the healthcare leaders will complement their respective strengths and further enhance the healthcare system for the patients across the continuum of care.

Built upon both organizations’ areas of expertise, the collaboration will develop additional tools and capabilities to optimize the care delivery experience through advanced automation, patient engagement and a more comprehensive view of the clinical interactions and support throughout the course of therapy. The patient experience is at the center of what both the firms deliver and thus this alliance will better engage the patients and their families through a differentiated care experience. The aim is to provide superior clinical outcomes through Option Care Health’s extraordinary clinical team and AlayaCare’s digital tools will create the technology enablement to help achieve this goal.

“The mission of the AlayaCare team is to empower providers to deliver better outcomes through transformative technology and we are excited to build upon our existing relationship with Option Care and their market-leading platform to continue the development of our unique technology suite,” comments Adrian.

Quote: “To empower care providers to achieve better health outcomes by delivering transformative technology and data insights to focus on what really matters.”