Alitura Naturals: On a Mission to Offer Clean Products for People and the Planet

Established in 2014, Alitura Naturals is the brainchild of Andy Hnilo (Founder & CEO) who is on a mission to provide the cleanest and safest products that are good for the human body as well as the planet. excellent products that are good for your body and our planet. The company creates beautifully hand-crafted products from ingredients sourced in Haleiwa, Hawaii. 

During a conversation with Global Business Leaders, Andy Hnilo shared his inspiration behind establishing the company as well as crafting the products while narrating the experiences which motivated him to find Alitura Naturals. Following are some snippets from the fascinating

Tell us something about your leadership and professional background.

My rising career in the entertainment industry was put on hold after a life-changing accident in 2011. Hit and run over by two cars as a pedestrian while crossing the street, I almost lost it all. Unrecognizable with one of the worst compound jaw fractures my surgeon had ever seen, I also suffered 7 broken ribs and a collapsed lung. It was clear that I had a long road to recovery. Disappointed with the ingredients commonly located in the products recommended by my surgeons to heal my unsightly scarring and abrasions, I sought out herbalists, estheticians, and skincare savants all over California for specific advice on scar healing and overall recovery. 

Being a former Division 1 athlete, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and a perseverant passion to heal my skin by voraciously searching the globe for unique raw ingredients to source for an experiment to heal myself. Mixing and applying the concoctions out of a studio apartment in Los Angeles, I essentially became my own science experiment with an intention that grew beyond myself. My motivation evolved and transformed into a deep desire to serve others with a budding belief that I might be on to something with a potential skincare product. It worked! 

Not only did I quickly recover, but I was also back on the runway for Macy’s within 8 weeks! Moreover, Bulletproof Founder, Dave Asprey found out about what I was up to and had me on his top-ranked podcast to share my story. 2 months later, Alitura Naturals and The Clay Mask were born! 

What factors paved way for the genesis of Alitura Naturals?

Starting from humble beginnings of self-fulfilling orders at the post office for friends and customers to mass mixing the famous Alitura Clay Mask in a kiddie pool in the hills of Malibu, what a ride it has been! Fast forward to 2022, Alitura Naturals has become an Award-Winning clean beauty, multi-million dollar skincare empire that serves and changes the lives of women and men all over the world. 

Through sharing our story on podcasts looking for amazing contact then tracking the performance of sales through coupon codes given out on the podcasts. Organic, word-of-mouth growth has been integral to our success.

Being an eccentric Founder, I harbor humbled wisdom and an authentic voice that alters the mindset and health of so many of his following and customers. Alitura gives back and proudly donates a percentage of every sale via charitable donations. Most notably our partnership with Smile Trail created over 100 new smiles for children suffering from cleft lip/palate. We also work with Ourrescue (OurUndergroundRailroad) Never Forget 9/11, Susan G. Komen, and are always looking for new beautiful causes to donate to.

Can you please shed some light on the variety of offerings provided by Alitura Naturals? What factors make them unique or ‘one-of-a-kind’ in the market?

We harvest our ingredients no more than 2 months prior to being bottled. The results are highly potent formulations for uniquely fresh skincare products crafted above industry standards.  Packaged in Miron glass, a high-quality material sourced from the Netherlands that blocks out artificial light. This special glass is used in place of synthetic ingredient preservatives for top-grade quality.

Alitura ONLY uses active ingredients. Our products contain zero filler, meaning there is nothing to dilute our product potency. You get high-caliber products 100% of the time, which is a rare practice in the industry. Alitura’s proprietary formula is aligned with a clean and conscientious lifestyle. What started as a natural healing journey after facing a life-threatening accident, became a premium quality natural skincare collection celebrated by thousands of customers. Alitura is focused on complete wellness with visible anti-aging results that accelerate cell rejuvenation without the use of harsh toxins or synthetic ingredients. The Alitura Night Cream received the CleanCert Beauty Awards for 2021: Best Face Cream, and is now available in 90 countries!

How do Alitura’s offerings align with its values and goals? Also, how does the company distinguish itself in the market sphere?

Being of service with a message of gratitude has purely led to the energy behind the brand. With a mission of bringing clean beauty to people all over the world, the most important part of making others feel better about themselves, one by one, we can create a better human frequency as ONE through the ripple effect. 

Moreover, my true Founder Story combined with superior skincare products distinguishes Alitura and makes it stand alone with our quality of ingredients and effectiveness. 

In your opinion, is customer satisfaction an important attribute of scaling success? With respect to that, how does Alitura Naturals ensure catering to your customer’s requirements? In case of negative feedback, how do you respond or tackle them? 

We treat our customers with the utmost respect. It is our absolute mission to do everything in our control to treat everyone with The Golden Rule, treat everyone with the respect that you would want to be treated with.

Staying true to my own values, our customers can feel assured that Alitura is committed to using only the cleanest all-natural ingredients in our products. I am proud and excited to share our products with you.

What would be the top three goals for Alitura Naturals in the coming years? Please share 5 ways how the company is leading with its offerings and expertise in the industry.

We are planning and striving to triple in growth, revenue-wise, to have a flagship retail store and triple our customer database while reaching more people all over the world!

Speaking of the company’s success and the way we are leading the market with our offerings, the following are 5 ways in which we have achieved our growth:

  • Above and beyond customer reviews 4.9/5 over 3500 reviews collectively
  • Giving back to more than one charity
  • Offering bioactive ingredients, fresh cold pressed oils, and the most dynamic ingredient decks on the market
  • A true founder story, grassroots built, winning awards over billion dollar companies with never more than three other employees
  • And not too many Founders gave up a thriving career in the entertainment industry to succeed as an entrepreneur