Amara Wellness Centre: Prevention, Treatment and True Wellness Via Holistic Approach

In the present times, catering to the wellness of mind and body has become imperative. With the increase in stress-inducing and other unhealthy factors, it is important to nurture physical as well as mental health. With that said, wellness involves a complete and general well-being which is a balance of emotional, physical, spiritual as well as mental health.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Amara Wellness Centre is a holistic life and wellness studio that offers a variety of integrated health services to address your mind, body, and soul. It offers a culmination of experience, understanding, education, and tradition and focuses on values of prevention, treatment as well as the true wellness of the body, soul, and mind.

Founded in 2010, Amara Wellness Centre is the brainchild of Dr. Zara Celik (CEO and Founder). Dr. Celik is Certified Integrative nutrition, health, and mindset coach, wellness practitioner, master trained Chiropractor as well as a mother of 4 children.

Amara Wellness Centre

With Amara, she wanted to create “an inviting space that provided ancient healing, nurturing and cleansing Hammam rituals in combination with science and noninvasive technology to provide total equanimity within so women of modern life got to experience true wellness and connect to the source.”

Vision of Helping and Healing People

Since the age of 4, Dr. Celik envisioned being a doctor and helping people. With frequent traveling, her vision matured and she got guided within based on her health, needs, and desires—especially during her first pregnancy—and further as a health-conscious mother. She wanted to design a wellness center that was holistic, and integrative and offered baby-friendly and mother-friendly services including cleaning products, linens, and interior design products. She also wanted to create a wellness space with no toxins, and no chemicals, so that even a nursing and nurturing mother could be nurtured with peace of mind and maximize the time she had in hand.

Combining ancient healing, nurturing, purifying, and cleansing Hammam rituals with science, studies in health, and non-invasive therapeutic state of the art technology, Dr. Celik established Amara Wellness Centre. She further established it to create equanimity and homeostasis within so people have the vitality to thrive geometrically in all areas of their life.

Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

Amara Wellness Centre welcomes and appreciates the notion that everyone is a bio-individual and their journey unique. The center offers holistic and integrative services to support, guide, educate and empower people to have equanimity and homeostasis within to have vitality and thrive geometrically in all areas of their life. It provides a combination of ancient wisdom with science to ensure the mind, body, and soul health is invested in being able to create homeostasis, equilibrium, and equanimity—all while people are connected to the source.

Amara Wellness Centre offers the highest quality care with advanced scientifically based techniques using Endermotherapie (Endermotherapy), Endermologie (Endermology), Chiropractic Care, the Huber Motion Lab, Endermosport, LED Light Therapy, or Massage. By using its services, various conditions such as acute and chronic pains, sprain and strain injuries, arthritis pain and restricted movement, heel spurs, and many more can be managed. Moreover, its offerings promote as well as ensure a holistic life and wellness while addressing the mind, body, and soul of the clients.

Amara Wellness Centre offers integrative health and wellness coaching, nutrition coaching for local and international clients. It attracts many international guests including CEOs, celebrities and elite athletes for multi-award-winning ancient Hammam nurturing and cleansing rituals, Endermotherapie(Endermotherapy) lymphatic drainage treatment and post flight recovery. EndermoSport for sport preparation, recovery and injury prevention.

Other services offered by the centre include treatments for physical ailments from musculoskeletal that helps with digestive health issues, hormone health, lymphatic and skin health with Endermologie, as well as holistic face treatments for skin, muscle, fascia and lymphatic health of the face. Additionally, Microcurrent therapy for inflammation, chronic pain and injury, post surgery management, phone therapy, radio-frequency, far infrared therapy and chiropractic care.

“Balance in life will create equanimity and homeostasis within to energize us at mind, body, and soul level and feel connected to Source. This will empower us in all areas of our lives and thrive geometrically. This will radiate through to our environment which encompasses people in our circle including family which is a top priority,” affirms Dr. Celik.

Guided and Coached by a Visionary Leader

At the helm of the company, Dr. Celik spearheads the team of Amara Wellness Centre. Being the leader, her mission is to educate, inspire, empower and support women to have an abundance of energy, vitality, self-governance, and equanimity within to thrive geometrically in all areas of their life. As a result, she can offer Amara Wellness clients a comprehensive wellness solution to support many different pathologies, lifestyle challenges, and wellness goals.

Amara’s exceptional therapists are qualified in health science and have a deep understanding of the body and the application of integrated wellness. In addition, they are trained by Dr. Celik herself, to ensure that every Amara journey is touched with warm hospitality, generosity of spirit, and results in you will remember. Not only does the center coach, train, and educate the team, but it also ensures presence and productivity in its top priority values. It also coaches on dissolving resentment, infatuations, and dysmorphia so the team loves and appreciates themselves for who they are and be authentic.

The team is also coached on how to invest in the mind by paying attention to how perceptions create meaning and that gets described by the language and through language how imbalance can be created in the mind and the nervous system. “First I invest in the team making sure that they are well and present with authentic self then rest happens for itself by itself,” says Dr. Celik.

Optimal Outcomes in Health and Wellbeing

To achieve optimal outcomes in health and wellbeing, Amara Wellness Centre believes that the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and areas of life and lifestyle must be attended to. This can help achieve health and wellness mastery so that an individual has sustained a lifetime transformation to thrive.

With that being told, Amara Wellness Centre upholds a person-oriented approach. It listens to the needs of the bio individuals. While connecting with clients, it welcomes people as spiritual beings to the home with an open heart, love, and gratitude. In fact, Amara sells authentically to achieve outcomes.

Insights from a Thought Leader

Being a thought leader in the wellness industry, Dr. Celik says that everyday stress is created by society and individuals through perceptions, meanings, and languages. This further creates a state of disequilibrium and a non-optimal state where the amygdala and the sympathetic nervous system become up-regulated and the parasympathetic nervous system becomes downregulated—contributing to illness and dis-eases. Therefore the health of the mind and the language must be invested along with other areas of health, wellness, and life.

Following are some useful tips shared by Dr.Celik for optimum health and wellness:

    • Investing in the mind and mindset by doing the real deal work to clear resentments, infatuations, grief, perceived traumas, dysmorphic, and disowned parts
    • Investing in the physical body by respecting and understanding symptoms as feedback from physiology to let us know how the biochemistry is doing. Sweat, hydrate, and rest enough- you know your body better than anyone else
    • Skin is the mirror image of internal physiology and communicates the state of health and wellbeing , take care of internal and external health including the external environment
    • Avoid stimulating the body with artificial substances and stimulants such are caffeine, sugar and don’t reward yourself with alcohol

Everyone is a bio-individual, get to know your values, goals, and needs in all areas of your life, love and appreciate who you are and bring your authentic self to the world and choose to be first at being you rather than second by trying to become someone else – which lead to self minimization and depreciation.

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