Anatomie Corporation: The Perfect combination of Style and Comfort

Fashion trends are constantly changing, but so has the consumers’ buying style. Previously, people often had to struggle between ‘fashion’ and ‘comfort’. Today the customers look for a brand that not only resonates with their style but also is comfortable to wear. But there is a myth surrounding that comfort is not equivalent to fashion. Kate and Shawn Boyer entered the apparel industry to change this narrative with Anatomie Corporation.

Kate holds an MBA in International Trade in France and was formerly running her very own activewear business. While working as a girl’s gymnastic coach she designed the outfits for the team herself. Soon the self-taught designer started a private label collection for exclusive resorts in St. Barth. Her journey in the fashion industry landed her in Miami where she met her husband Shawn—who also was in the fashion industry designing customized fits for athletic men. The two combined their skills to design sportswear for brands like Elite Models, Cigarette Boats, Lamborghini, and Nikki Beach clubs.

The sleek design and comfort soon became a choice for many. In 2006, Kate as the CEO and Shawn as Creative Director launched Anatomie. After receiving overwhelming responses from the customers, the duo listened to customers and evolved the activewear into a travel-specific luxury line with exclusive distribution and marketing partnerships. Today it caters to more than 400 specialty stores, private clubs, resorts, golf shops, and spas nationwide. Alongside, the collection is also sold online on with a growing DTC division. These operations are handled by President COO Tom Dietrich, who also comes from an extensive background in the garment industry. “The 3 of us make a good team, with a healthy dose of daily tension!” states Kate.

Anatomie Corporation has grown 297 % between 2017 and 2020 which positioned it in the top 50 % of Inc. 5000 for 2020. Kate is expecting the same dynamic growth from 2021 to 2024 and the company is already on track for that, in position #316 in the Financial Times listing 2021.

Staying true to its Name

The name and logo of a company truly hold more importance. Kate and Shawn’s apparel line was gaining popularity for its fit and comfort. Consequently, they needed a name that speaks for itself and leaves no room for doubt. Shawn and the marketing agency lead person came up with the name Anatomie that perfectly described their core values. Seeking inspiration from the great artist and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci, the Anatomie Logo was created which depicted the attention to detail that is meant to flatter a human body.

“We know a woman’s body- all the different types and fits that flatter each shape the best,” explains Kate.

Acknowledging the busy lifestyle, a human body is always moving, and having clothing that is a perfect fit is near to impossible. But with Anatomie’s comfort and style got married in fashion heaven. Apart from this, the key aspect of the brand has been the ‘Lifetime Warranty’.

The first to be heard in the apparel industry, Anatomie offers a lifetime warranty on its clothing. This factor has evolved depending on the long-term use of the pants. There have been several testimonials and feedbacks appreciating the long life of the pants. The customers have used the pants day-to-day for nearly 5-8 years plus. Kate adds, “It was only natural for us to offer the warranty based on our confidence level.” the quality is never compromised at Anatomie. It used a high-tech, true performance fiber from France, which is used for high-impact athletic lines as well. The shop catalog includes popular travel pants, jackets, tops, and everyday essentials. Alongside, you will also find new arrivals frequently at Anatomie, depending on the seasons and trends. The products are ultra-light-weight and do not require dry cleaning or ironing. The whole line of the collection is built on the foundation that the clothing never wears out and builds a versatile, simple, mix and match wardrobe, where you can do more with less.

The Corporate Social Responsibility

Gradually, the fashion industry is eliminating the waste of seasonality, big runway shows, big winter clothing discounts in the middle of summer. Moreover, the industry is inclining towards sustainable practices and directing efforts towards climate and social issues. Being first of its kind, Anatomie has always been an outsider in the apparel industry with its own island functioning with a different Operandi. While the industry is gradually being conscious of its corporate responsibility, Anatomie has always done its part.

Today, being environmentally sound has become more of a social fuss rather than integrity. On the contrary, Anatomie has always acted on its social corporate responsibility, not for the sake of social media but the core values the brand shares. The fabric is manufactured in ecologically compliant factories pertaining to fresh recycled water, air-to-fiber regulations for workers, etc. Besides, being a manmade fiber, the company’s carbon footprint has been endorsed by organizations like The Rainforest Alliance, acknowledging its lifecycle of no chemical dry cleaning, no iron, and if desired, hand wash with quick-dry without the use of the dryer. As a result, Anatomie’s carbon footprint is very low as compared to the others in the fast fashion industry. Apart from this, the company equally participates in philanthropy and is working hard to help the community and beyond. By far it has helped No Kid Hungry, Project Angel Food, The Equal Justice Initiative, GlamforGood, The Miami Diaper bank, and several animal shelters.

Aiding With Comfort

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the lives of many and equally affecting businesses worldwide. Fortunately, Anatomie’s sales went 5% high as compared to 2019. The apparel brand did expect a more aggressive growth but given the current business environment, the team feels fortunate to aid the population. Though the pants are marketed as travel friendly they come with the added value of wrinkle-free, packability, and style that can be used 24/7/365. The collection of Anatomie suits all aspects of lifestyle including work, virtual work, hike, yoga, dinner, flight, board meeting, etc. Thus, delivering a comfortable, stylish work-from-home experience and becoming a must-have in these trying times.

Moreover, the pandemic also acted as a catalyst to launch the Work-From-Home essential line. Though the project was always in the plan, the current situation served as a better stage to aid people with comfort. The brand has always catered to smart, efficient audiences who mostly belong to the business background and Anatomie has become a brand of choice for them. These people appreciate quality over quantity and know how to do more with less. “Our core values are aligned with them and that is why we are such a good product fit to the market. WE are a brand with a purpose and a mission that enables others to focus on theirs,” adds Kate.

Considering the current landscape of the fashion industry, the future of Anatomie is promising. The apparel brand is adding millions of customers to its family and gradually growing to be a leading luxury travel wear. Being optimistic about the future, Kate states, “This industry is ready for a home run, which comes around every decade or so and I am convinced this is going to be Anatomie.”

Make the world a better Place

Given the current havoc worldwide, Kate and her team have shared a message for the readers,

“Do what’s right, wear your mask, get vaccinated, educate your children so the next generation can live on this planet and protect it for future generations. This was a real reset and we all have to evaluate priorities, our health, taking care of our loved ones.

As travel recovers we are excited to be part of new adventures again: that is what builds love and community and that is how we make the world a better place. Together.

Quote : “We are comfortable, stylish, easy care and versatile like no other brand.”

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