ArcherOS Software: Creating Breakthroughs in the Field of Software-defined Data Center

ArcherOS Software

ArcherOS Software Co., Ltd. (ArcherOS Software)is one of the leading cloud software providers in China. The company is committed to providing government and enterprise customers with IT infrastructure platform of high performance, high availability and high efficiency that is easy to install and maintain, and full range of cloud services for all applications, accelerating and promoting the digital transformation and business innovation.

ArcherOS Software has engaged a team of top-level cloud computing experts and senior engineers and has integrated the world’s leading R&D experiences and management practices. It was developed with the excelling advantage of project members in the field of distributed storage and SDN development, relying on powerful R&D strength and confidence in a widely used scenario of hyperconverged infrastructure in the global market. The product opened the localization software path in professional technology, independent product, deep industry cultivation, and thoughtful service to create completely independent research and development of domestic software-defined data center products as the goal. From 2018 to 2019, the team worked consistently on research and development. In 2019, ArcherOS Software was established in Xiamen and released the first domestic universal cloud operating system- ArcherOS.

ArcherOS Software

One-stop Cloud Operating System Platform

ArcherOS Software launched its domestic universal cloud operating system, ArcherOS, in August 2019 to provide customers with a complete one-stop cloud operating system platform and ecosystem solutions for government and enterprise. It also provides the government and enterprise customers with an IT infrastructure platform of high performance, availability and efficiency that is easy to install and maintain, accelerating the process of cloud migration for them.

Released in 2019, the ArcherOS has features of complete technology stacks, security, innovation, and no vendor lock-in. Relying on abundant domestic resources and global leading technology, it supports various brand servers at home and abroad, including complete adaptation for CPUs, operating systems and middleware at home and abroad, accelerating the technological improvement of products and the healthy development of industry ecosystem.

Simultaneously, ArcherOS Software has successfully earned the national industry certification and passed the international CNAS laboratory test. It has passed the certification of cloud service user data protection capability of Trusted Cloud, in terms of the security aspect. The product has earned various accolades owing to its exclusivity and uniqueness. In 2019, ArcherOS Software won the Gold Award for new products, new technologies and new applications of the Internet of Things.

ArcherOS Software has successfully helped users in key verticals such as government, finance, education, healthcare, and manufacturing to achieve one-stop transformation and upgrading. The company has helped multiple customers and clients build a cloud platform for several causes such as unified management, service delivery and many more.

Endorsing Talented Individuals at the Helm

Besides its range of unique and comprehensive solutions, ArcherOS Software endorses a talented and qualified team of marketing professionals who pivot the company’s products to great heights. The company has formed a complete market system by setting up the marketing team in consist of market operation, activities operation and brand public relations. It has also attracted numerous customers and partners and gained the recognition of well-known domestic and foreign research institutes such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC, CCID and CCW Research. Additionally, ArcherOS Software provides users with product technical knowledge and consulting services through websites and service hotlines. As a result, it allows users to reach out to ArcherOS Software through various communication ways to get one-to-one services.

Encompassing and Triumphing Hurdles

Coming from a startup background, ArcherOS Software has undergone several challenges since its establishment. The company has started and developed as a small technology company with a bigger aim. In doing so, it underwent the challenge of innovating in technology and systemizing products along with the ability to enhance the influence of the brand and open up market sales.

Based on its advantage in cloud computing software itself, such as adaptation, performance, and stability, ArcherOS Software has garnered over 300 partners to work with it for adaptation and be willing to introduce the ArcherOS offerings into their solutions along with recommendations to the customer. As a result, the company received numerous successful cases in the key verticals such as financial, education, transportation, telecommunications, and government along with a good customer reputation.

Pursuit of Future Proliferations

As a new company with more than three years of service experience, ArcherOS Software has gathered advanced research and development experience and service experience brought by the start-up R&D members from the international leading software providers. The company’s products and solutions have gradually formed a complete cloud computing product portfolio based on complete technology stacks and ecosystem capabilities.

Based on its product portfolio, ArcherOS Software has introduced the ‘ArcherOS Foundation’ solution of over ten products. These include the Operation System-ArcherOS, the Virtualization Platform-ArcherOS Stack, the Distributed Storage Software-ArcherOS SDS, and others that utilize micro-service component architecture. Moreover, these are compatible with mainstream CPUs and servers, support the provisioning of cloud resources such as bare metals, virtual machines and containers, and block the complexity of underlying infrastructure—providing trustable digital transformation and IT innovation solutions for governments and enterprises.

Steering Breakthroughs in the Industry

Owing to its existing customer service, ArcherOS Software plans to create and achieve breakthroughs in customized industry solutions to help users gain experience from its industry cases and realize digital transformation through its products and technology—gaining advantages in business upgrading and industry competition.

In 2022, ArcherOS Software strives to lead the cloud computing field by relying on leading technology, rich product line, ecosystem expansion, customized industry solutions and customer service. In addition to that, the company aspires to upgrade its sub-product lines and launch its own products. It further aims to obtain new partners in the upcoming years to build joint solutions with each other after product testing and certification. Recently, the company has begun selling products and solutions through channels—seeking to gain more recognition in the government, finance, medical and other industries.

About the leader:

Louis Fang serves as the Senior Director at ArcherOS Software. In the past, he has served as senior storage architect of IBM and general manager of the R&D Center of Toyou. Fang possesses rich experience in storage system design and development.

In the past, he has presided over the research and development of many storage products in the industry. Currently, Fang owns more than ten domestic and foreign patents.

ArcherOS Software

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