Artur Bounegra: An Expert Guiding Clients Yield profits from financial decisions

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The wealth management industry is a highly competitive space with several big players in the industry. While the large-scale global financial institutions occupy a huge part of the industry, an independent wealth management company Artvera has managed to locate itself on the map. Artur Bounegra, the founding partner and CEO of Artvera Private Wealth Management, and is responsible for the strategic management and the unique approach of the company. Artur has more than two decades of experience in the financial services sector, with 13 years dedicated to banking and 13 years towards investment management.

Artur has formerly managed leadership positions at several leading Russian banks including large international banking groups such as Raiffeisen Bank, Nordea Bank, and also worked in different boutique hedge funds and investment advisory firms in the USA. He has received his MBA from Duke University, Fuqua School of Business (USA), and also holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics. To further strengthen his know-how of the industry, Artur has received several professional certificates and qualifications covering the following areas, UK Corporate Governance, UK Conduct Regime, UK Market Abuse, UK Data Protection, UK Anti Money Laundering, UK Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC).

Artur Bounegra Quotes

This extensive experience in the financial services niche has helped him gain deep and fundamental knowledge of macro and microeconomics, financial management, accounting, reporting, and auditing, and has comprehensive experience and expertise in managing investments in developed and emerging markets. In order to have a successful company in the finance niche, one has to be equipped with deep expertise in multiple disciplines. Due to Artur’s spanning career in the financial services sector he was confident that his expertise was best suited for a wealth management business model.

In 2012, Artur laid the foundation of Artvera Private Wealth Management—an independent wealth management boutique, based in London, authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK. Over the years, it has become one of the most trusted and leading wealth management companies. The key distinguisher is its open-architecture concept i.e. it does not endorse Artvera’s financial products—as many large banks and financial institutions do—instead, the clients are provided with the best possible investment and wealth planning solutions existing in the market by using either the in-house solutions or external providers whichever yields the best result.

A comprehensive range of Opportunities

Artvera offers a comprehensive range of investment opportunities worldwide by using a wide range of traditional and alternative investment strategies across all major asset classes. These investment strategies and approaches are aimed to yield the best outcomes for the clients by a thorough understanding of their investment objectives, personal circumstances, tax situation, risk tolerance, and return expectations. The clients have options to choose between the two investment management mandates depending on their level of involvement viz. Discretionary investment management or Advisory investment management. Through discretionary investment, the clients delegate the management of their portfolios to Artvera’s investment professionals, whereas, through advisory investment, the clients’ are allowed to make a final decision on the investments with advice provided by the experts.

Furthermore, it also offers wide-ranging wealth planning solutions that include financial planning, wealth structuring, tax planning, and legal issues, estate planning, and business succession planning, fiduciary & trust services.  “Our wealth management services go beyond managing our Clients’ assets and encompass all financial aspects of our Clients’ life,” explained Artur. These solutions help the clients effectively structure and protect their wealth and pass this wealth to future generations taking all tax and legal requirements and constraints into account.

Clients have the flexibility to manage the investments by themselves and benefit from the financial expertise and access to a wide range of asset classes and best-in-class investment solutions. Both the investment management and wealth planning solutions are backed by Artvera’s advisory services where the experts help the clients by advising on strategic issues and business planning, advising on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), purchasing and selling businesses, advising on restructurings and reorganizations, advising on capital markets and capital structure issues. Moreover, the clients are also benefitted from lifestyle advisory services especially curated to fit the wide range of family issues like international relocation to the UK, UK residency & citizenship, education, healthcare, and concierge services in the UK.

Complexity in Wealth Management Space

Artur describes the wealth management business as that of a complex nature that requires deep expertise in various fields and only people with deep expertise and persistence can sustain. He has been successful in accumulating a team that is self-motivated and ambitious—even during turbulent times. Even amid the ongoing crisis of COVID-19 the team was dedicated to help their clients and soar Artvera to new heights.

The efforts and dedication by the team of Artvera are timely awarded and recognized throughout the industry. Among the several awards and accolades, the most prestigious award for the team is the positive feedback from the clients. Being a client-centric company dedicated to meet client requirements and deliver the best possible level of service and investment performance, this feedbacks become very vital. “We are extremely happy to hear from our Clients the words of their recognition and large gratitude for the high level of services we provide,” asserts Artur.

Better Opportunities Awaiting in The Future

As an influential leader, Artur has guided his team through tough situations and continually strived to grow Artvera towards success. As a glimpse for the entrepreneurs looking forward to entering the wealth management industry, he outlines, “First of all I would say a wealth management business gives you a unique opportunity to be involved in various completely different parts of finance starting from pure investment management and ending to various comprehensive advisory services. So it’s a very fascinating process.”


Artur’s journey from a manager to owner and 26 years of dedication is truly inspirational for the leaders of tomorrow. “Despite my rather successful professional career as a manager I hope that my biggest achievements are awaiting me in the future and will be connected with the progress of my company’s business,” concludes Artur.


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