Botrista Technology: Offering Innovative Beverage solutions to food operators

In our daily lives, we use our observation skills to interact with people and resolve issues. As an entrepreneur, observational skills become a necessity. You won’t be in the race for long if you lack observation skills. Sean’s observational skills have proven to be the start of his entrepreneurial venture.

While working at a cafe, he observed that the staff faced difficulties in making milk teas and coffees during the lunch rush. As the line began to stretch, Sean noticed that the complicated recipes limited the staff interaction with guests. He commonly ordered takeout for his team and noticed that few chain restaurants had drink options beyond a fountain machine – and many guests ended up ordering water.

Botrista Technology

“What would it take to simplify the process of creating complex drinks, and then bring those to ANY restaurant?”

This question led to long research and ultimately landed the solution. Sean used his robotics background and experience in liquid dispensing at Tesla to create automated systems that led to the foundation of Botrista Technology. A company that is driven to make craft beverages more accessible and affordable to food service operators by reducing or removing all the obstacles.

Sean Hsu, the Co-founder, and CEO of Botrista Technology has over a decade of experience in robotic engineering. He also shares extensive experience in industrial engineering and process efficiency. Sean’s entrepreneurial skills and leadership have been the foundation of several ventures. As a serial entrepreneur, he owns dozens of technologies and invention patents. While at Tesla during an early stage, he built automation manufacturing lines at multiple factories, specializing in robotics and the liquid dispensing process. A winner of the MIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award as well as the Red Dot Design Award, he has also earned 26 other product innovation honors.

Being compelled by his curious mind and innovative solutions, our team interviewed the technology genius, Sean Hsu to understand the working of Botrista Technology and the future plans for the company. During our intriguing chat, Sean also shared a few video files for the readers.

1.How would you describe Botrista Technology?

Botrista provides beverage solutions to foodservice operators by leveraging easy-to-use equipment (the DrinkBot) alongside a line of pre-packaged ingredients (BiBs) to deliver a variety of craft beverages. It enables brands to add a mini-cafe to their menu without the operational complexities. Here is an overview of our turn-key solution to watch.

2.How will you describe the initial challenges of the company?

Botrista Technology faced similar challenges as any other technology startup. Introducing an innovative product leads to several rounds of product testing, iteration, and delivering the best to the market. We also faced issues while scaling our teams across two countries but soon managed to work uniformly across our offices.

3.Could you outline why Botrista Technology’s offerings rank amongst the top innovative solutions?

Botrista’s high-tech solution—the DrinkBot— has increasingly become popular amongst consumers. DrinkBot is a cloud-connected automated drink maker using algorithmic dispensing to deliver a variety of craft beverages, including infused iced teas, flavored lemonades, energy drinks, iced coffees, smoothies, and more. Botrista’s differentiator is that it can serve all-natural and highly viscous liquids, instead of thin artificial syrups that are used in fountain beverages. Here is an overview to watch, which outlines all the key distinguishers of our company.

4.What has made Botrista Technology’s services an important addition to the industry?

By using Botrista’s DrinkBot, the operators can now offer high-margin items without the investment in a full bar. Our system takes up just 5-sq ft and enables customizable drink recipes at the touch of a button. Drinks are ordered via an onboard touchscreen, so the experience is contactless, and they are mixed and served in less than 20 seconds.

5.How do you promote innovation or innovative practices amongst the team?

We are united by a common goal and strengthened by diversity. We are customer-focused and strive to maximize revenue while also solving labor and operational challenges for the food service industry– as well as a quality product that our customers are proud to sell.

6.According to you, what are the qualities that an innovative company must have?

Constantly thinking outside the box to find new solutions and never taking “no” for an answer.

7.Are there any innovative plans underway for Botrista Technology?

We are always innovating because we are constantly refining, improving, and problem
solving. Currently, our team is in the test phase of a countertop DrinkBot and we hope to launch it soon.