Cabinet Lissade-Succar - Ensuring Justice even in Difficult Times

The problems caused by political instabilities, widespread corruption, and insecurity in the legal domain in Haiti along with the overall justice system put a stop to the proper distribution and governance of justice. Holding court sessions is the most challenging part since the local courts of Port-au-Prince have been occupied by armed thugs, which makes it difficult for courts to operate at all. Moreover, the bailing and kidnapping of legal operatives is a major concern, which further comes in the way of justice.

Cabinet Lissade-Succar – Leading the Law in Haiti

The only way to overcome the above-mentioned problems and not let justice stay denied is to apply a risk-based strategy, something that Cabinet Lissade-Succar excels in. Founded in 1977, with the idea of building a firm that can keep offering top-notch services even in such harsh conditions continued long after the passing of founder to Louis Gary Lissade and Salim Succar, the current managing partner, who is an attorney with a specialization in mergers, acquisitions and complicated transactions, corporate and finance law, continues this long tradition of excellence which set this law firm in a class of its own in Haiti.

Since taking over in 2014, Succar and his younger brother Michel Succar both modernized the firm to focus on managing risks, which further allows better performance with a special focus on utilization of alternative dispute resolutions and rapid turnarounds for inactive cases at the court. Overall, they decrease the possibility of corruption along with reducing time and costs. More specifically, performance-based outcomes, priority-based case preference, quick case administration, and adaptative billing entitle the company to stay extremely efficient, competitive, and productive in dealing with the novel as well as current clients.

How is Cabinet Lissade-Succar Unique?

Cabinet Lissade-Succar started providing legal services with a workforce of just three lawyers. However, the firm looked forward to innovation. Later, in 1984, the firm became the first in Haiti to incorporate new technologies in the workplace. In a not so long-ago era of typewriters, the firm embraced technology by using personal computers to draft as well as print legal documents. With time, the firm also began to use Internet services and went online to help its clients.

Today, the firm offers numerous services, which include in addition to their corporate and commercial expertise, US immigration, civil, criminal, and maritime law, and even offer patents, tradenames, and trademarks registration and management services. And with specialized expertise and extensive experience in all these services along with the ability to manage risks involved in providing justice in Haiti, the firm can thrive for the benefit of clients in all possible ways.

Ensuring Clients’ Victory

Among several instances of making clients succeed is a famous example of the famous Rhum brand of Haiti, Barbancourt. When the manager and owner, Thierry Gardere passed away, the partners that remained began to get into a complex succession conflict. Cabinet Lissade-Succar was able to resolve the conflict and it did so within a short span. This did not only provide a favorable outcome for all involved but also contributed to the survival of the world-famous brand.

The Journey of Cabinet Lissade-Succar

From 1977 to 2022, the boutique firm has evolved massively – not only has its services and reputation expanded but also its staff. Today the firm has more than a dozen lawyers, each specializing in varied legal domains. Moreover, these lawyers come from a multilingual and multicultural background, which further expands the scope and quality of services. To date, the firm has won hundreds of cases and has satisfied even more clients.

The Firm’s Promising Future

Looking back at a great and successful past 45 years, the Succar Brothers have great ambitions for Cabinet Lissade-Succar’s future. Salim Succar looks forward with constructive optimism and believes that the Caribbean country of Haiti with its rich cultural and historical heritage can evolve form its past and current political instabilities to become an economic powerhouse. The firm is all set to support all current and future development agencies as well as investors who seek to play a major role in the bright future.
Description: Cabinet Lissade-Succar is a law firm that provides services ranging from corporate law, banking law, mergers and acquisitions to trademarks and patents.

Company Name: Cabinet Lissade-Succar / Lissade -Succar Law Firm
Founding Year: 1977
Office Locations: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Official Website of the company:
Name of the Featured Leader: Salim Succar
Designation of the Leader: Managing Partner
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