Darlington Diecast Model: Delivering the Best Diecast Cars Model to Enthusiasts

Half a dozen of the human population classify as collectors, may it be their collection of stamps, coins, or cars. While some are small-time collectors who confine their hobby into a corner of their study and then some collectors have a space dedicated to proudly exhibiting their collection. We interviewed one such collector who turned his hobby into a successfully running business. Keith Dillon, and Joshua Dillon Grandson, the Founder of Darlington Diecast Model. For over two decades, he had been working with the local authority and dealt with the public face-to-face. After he retired, Keith wished to set up a website to sell diecast cars.

Keith was a collector for over 40 years as a hobby and with his eye for detail and expertise, running a retail business for diecast cars would only prosper. A business venture that started as a desire to sell diecast cars has today turned into one of the leading innovative companies – and a go-to destination for collectors.

Darlington Diecast Model

Legacy of Diecast Cars

The collectible model diecast cars have been around for years. The first manufacturer to produce diecast models was Dinky Toys in the 20th century across the U.K. just before the war. Initially, they were made with impure alloys that led to damage like cracks, distorted shapes, and falling pieces. As a result, it’s challenging to find mint condition diecast model cars made before the war. After the war, manufacturers started using a pure alloy that prolonged the diecast models’ lives. During the 50s, several new manufacturers entered the market with the popularity of diecast car models. Darlington Diecast Models is also the home to some of the rare and vintage diecast models.

Established in 2020, Darlington Diecast Models Ltd is a family-run business that specializes in die-cast models based in Darlington. It has a collection of rare models that are difficult to find in the UK province. The collection exhibits a range of excellent condition cars that include Corgi, Matchbox, Dinky, and several more. It also has a section of Film and TV collections where the collectors can find the models from their favourite movies like James Bond, Back to the Future, and Batman.

Despite being launched amid the harsh environment of the pandemic, Darlington Diecast Models has sustained its success. The team is equally determined for maintaining the high standards of the company. Even as a small-run business, Darlington Diecast has the unique expertise that has ranked it among the top of its competitors.

Right Place for collectors

Darlington Diecast Models has a user-friendly website that is regularly updated. The customers can easily browse through the products and enable them to see how much the models are worth and see if there are any available bargains. It has been able to assemble an incredible range of products including some from classic ranges like Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, and Scalextric. Some of the featured products are around 40 years old that is the key behind the returning customer base. The wide range of rare cars makes Darlington Diecast the right place for collectors.

The company also has a popular social media channel where it actively interacts with the customers giving them a global reach, an experience that is not available at traditional shop-based retailers. In a market where there are the same old tired model shops, Darlington Diecast Model is revolutionizing the space. Its efforts have been recognized and in the short span it has won several awards. Recently, it was awarded with Business Excellence Awards 2022 for being the Best Online Diecast Model Cars Retailer.

A Good Investment opportunity

As mentioned before, collecting diecast models has been around for years and people are fascinated by the ideas of owning the miniature version of the favourite car, making these collectible cars more popular with years. Keith adds, “Older diecast car models are a good investment as there is always someone looking to add a particular car model to their specific collection. My website collection is growing and creating a valuable display for collectors. The collector’s response is growing.”

There are two types of people that collect diecast cars – one that build a great collection for admiration and no intention to sell, while the other builds a collection to sell in the future. Keith explains, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re collecting diecast cars to reconnect with your childhood or to demonstrate your enthusiasm for automotives, your collection is likely to go up in value.” He also shared that before diving into the diecast model business one has to consider certain factors:

  • Condition of Vehicle
  • Condition of Packaging
  • Size of Diecast Car
  • Scales
  • Manufacturer of Diecast Cars
  • Availability
  • Age of the Vehicle

Expanding the Brand

Considering the success and growth of the company, Keith is excited to expand the business beyond the borders of UK. This year the focus will be on opening new shop and hiring the best talent to grow the team. Darlington Diecast Model will be aiming to become a global brand.

Darlington Diecast Model