Dawn Christine Architect PLLC: Enriching Human Experience through Thoughtful Design and Meaningful Spaces

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Design is not about the four walls, rather it is about an artistic experience through space and time in which one’s sensibilities are both tuned and in tune at once,” quotes Dawn Christine, the CEO at Dawn Christine Architect PLLC. Dawn has been in the industry for over two decades and delivered excellence with every new project. Being born in Coral Gables and growing up in South Florida, she has a strong influence from both Mediterranean architecture which harmonizes the built environment with nature, as well as being shaped by the clean modern lines of coastal architecture. Dawn has completed her Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida where she developed her critical thinking and spatial awareness. Soon after receiving her undergraduate degree, she moved to Raleigh, North Carolina to obtain her Masters of Architecture, with a concentration in design, from the NC State University. She developed her thesis entitled “Architecture: Experiencing Art Through Space and Time” with Frank Harmon, a nationally known architect, as her Thesis Committee Chair.

Dawn was working as a Sole Proprietor in the field of architecture since 2002 and excelled in her career. In 2016 she leveraged her experience to set up The Limited Liability Corporation (Dawn Christine, Architect PLLC), through which she is fulfilling her innate desire to help realize a client’s vision and a love of thoughtfully executed architecture are the foundation of every project. Dawn’s distinction in design is driven by beautiful form, functional space, and architectural artistry, which has ranked the firm amongst the leading companies.

Dawn Christine Architect

From Concept to Construction

Dawn Christine, Architect PLLC currently offers a wide range of architectural services from conceptual design and 3D visualization to engineered construction drawing sets. The team is dedicated to helping the clients take their projects from concept to construction. The clients are involved throughout the process from the initial design phases until the construction is complete. Dawn adds, “Whether you are looking to complete a high-quality residential addition, build a new custom home, or develop a new concept for your business, we have the skills and expertise to help you achieve your project’s full potential.”

The key distinguisher for the firm has been the VII Phase Design Process which establishes project expectations and sets the project on solid footing. It utilizes 3D visualization for both Interior and Exterior Design as a significant part of the process which empowers the clients to walk through and experience their spaces before the foundation is poured. “Being able to visualize the interior spaces and the exterior architecture gives them confidence that their dreams are coming to life and they are getting exactly what they hoped for,” explains Dawn. To achieve this, the team design from the perspective of how one ‘experiences’ space and form. Unlike other architects, Dawn’s approach is to design is from the inside out. While working on a concept for the project, she is thinking about what each client needs and how they will experience the architecture as they move from one space to the next, not just physically, but visually as well. She layers each perspective upon next creating a multi-faceted 3-Dimensional canvas that inspires and evokes emotion. Consequently, her project becomes a series of places that offer an invitation to embrace both the sacred and the common moments in time. This is an experiential architecture where you are not only creating the experience within and around the built form, it is also creating a positive project experience for the client.

Perspective on approach to design

Dawn’s rare artistic acumen has helped her in creating one of the best concepts for the clients. Being a veteran in the industry, she shared her perspective and explained her approach towards design. Oftentimes Ideation is the synthesis of the architects’ vision for the project that occurs in the subconscious as the architect is processing the goals, dreams, and inspiration from the client including the site and the complex programmatic requirements of the project. For Dawn, the architectural canvas is a reflection of the inner man while blending science and art. To enter into the realm of the artist, you must release all pre-conceived ideas and the fear of the unknown.

Since Dawn approaches design from the reference frame of the user, the role of the architect is to not only craft a beautiful building, but create an artistic and continuous spatial experience that evokes an emotional response. Through this energetic blending of idea and geometry the provocative play of primary, secondary, and tertiary elements, one’s sensory response is heightened which elevates the common architectural elements of form and function to make everyday experiences rich with inspiration and reflection.

Dawn Christine Architect PLLCOpportunity for Priority

The company aims to enrich the human experience through thoughtful design and meaningful spaces. While working on the project, the team seamlessly moves from artist to engineer in successive layers. Initially, they start as an artist and finish by thoroughly working through each detail of the project as they prepare the drawings for permit and construction. The team ensures that what they deliver is unique and distinguishable. The team consists of professionals who excel in their respective imperatives and have the right skill to balance between art and science. Moreover, these individuals are comfortable working in the unknown and technically skilled enough to bring the vision into reality.

Amid the crisis of pandemics and uncertainties surrounding us, companies around the world were under a lot of stress. However, Dawn was focused on making the most of every opportunity. As a leader, she guided the team and helped them sustain the crisis. She also highlighted that the pandemic provided with an opportunity to slow down and think about the things that matter. In the fast-paced world, pandemic did hit the pause button which helped us focus on our connections and put people as the priority. Even at the firm, the main goal is to enrich the lives of people with every project. The pandemic provided much-needed time to reflect on our personal lives. Dawn concludes, “I think the last year helped everyone remember to cherish life because it is a vapor. I’ve heard it said, treat trials as friends because some of the best character traits are formed during adversity and our character is one of the most important things we possess.

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