Digiterre: Transforming Software and Data Engineering

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In today’s digitally-driven world, data is a prominent factor driving businesses towards success. It is increasingly recognized as a factor of production, alongside land, labor, and capital. Particularly, in the past few decades, businesses that have recognized and leveraged the potential of data have flourished. For instance, in the asset management industry, organizations with the strongest growth compared to their peers invested early in institutional class technology and data management in the areas of trading, valuation, risk, and operations.

Furthermore, in investment banking and capital markets, the leading banks have transformed into technology companies and continue to invest heavily in data and technology as well as adopt workable technologies from the beginning. For instance, they adopt the cloud earlier in the cycle compared to peers or invest in more speculative technologies such as blockchain. Digital transformation is the new normal today and data management underpins much of that transformative capability. However, organizations continue to operate with data silos and struggle with challenges related to the quality, volume, and timeliness of their data reporting and analysis. This problem grows over time as the volume of data and the number of available data sources grows exponentially.


Digiterre , a London-based company has been helping organizations manage data with its bespoke consultancy services. The company provides software and data engineering consultancy services for businesses that value the power of data. Ian Murrin (Founder and CEO) established Digiterre in 2000 with the sole aim of building a business that creates software that users love and want to use. Over the years, the company has grown into a leading software and data engineering consultancy serving the world’s largest organizations—including banks and investment managers, commodity and energy traders, digital disruptors, and public sector providers.

“Agility at Greater Velocity”

Digiterre deploys an agile methodology that emphasizes the use of small, focused teams, working in a pragmatic, iterative way. It partners with stakeholders to deliver working software, on a continuous basis, as they work together with in-house teams. This enables the company to resolve day-to-day pain points while also identifying and delivering on longer-term strategic goals. This methodology helps accelerate an organization’s progress up the data maturity curve so that they can benefit from data-led decision-making.

Services at the Core

Digiterre designs and delivers smart, scaleable architectures for high-risk, high-profile, and time-constrained projects. The core services offered by the company include,

  • Digital Transformation: This involves rapidly innovating to deliver targeted transformation and tangible value to users, which build confidence from the outset.

  • Enterprise Agility: The company adopts an agile approach to delivery with highly adaptive planning, continual improvement, and iterative delivery.

  • Architecture Simplification: Digiterre builds data architectures that automate a majority of the data lifecycle from ingestion and validation to enrichment to real-time analytics and reporting.

  • Cloud Adoption: The company designs and implements intelligent cloud solutions—whether public, private or hybrid—that maximizes business value and drives innovation.

  • Software Development: Digiterre provides bespoke software development, data engineering, and software testing to build complex, high-performance, enterprise-scale solutions.

  • User Experience and Design: This includes building user interfaces and automated testing life-cycles—which build in quality and reduce cycle time and business risks—as well as employing new CloudOps and DevOps technologies to minimize cost, maximize scalability, and lower operational risks.

  • User Interface and Server-Side Builds: The company works across the entire software development cycle with either the client-side or server-side scripting, for standalone or integrated builds.

  • Quality Assurance and Continuous Delivery: Digiterre builds, tests, and releases software with greater speed and frequency alongside automated quality assurance.

Digiterre’s core capabilities of Discovery, Design, Delivery, and Transition utilize these services to create agile transformation for its clients. The company works across several business domains—including trading and pricing, risk, regulatory and compliance, as well as modeling and portfolio management—to achieve the deliverables shown at platforms, dashboards, and tools.

Propelling Organizations up the Data Maturity Curve

Digiterre has built DataMax—an enterprise framework for technology teams to manage and analyze big data. The platform can be used in complex organizations that need rapid and real-time integration, management, and analysis of large and complex data sets. This can take the form of market data, networks and relationships data, or operational data. As a catalyst for digital transformation, DataMax can help propel organizations up the data maturity curve faster so that critical business decisions are based on superlative data quality.

Based on multiple years of technology research and development, DataMax takes the most complex elements of real-time data management and makes them simple to develop, deploy, and operate at scale. This provides technology teams with the tools to deliver data maturity, data-driven insights, and digital innovation and ultimately improve operational and organizational effectiveness.

Range of Applications

DataMax can be deployed to manage data challenges related to the data silos and disparate storage technologies so often associated with big data initiatives. It can also be applied to data transport under volume and time constraints, data quality and validation, data enrichment to ensure fit-for-purpose information, and robust authentication and authorization processes.

The framework can be used to improve organizational outcomes including analytics platforms for market data analytics teams and traders, transactional data analytics and regulatory reporting, disparate data sources in relationship mapping in transfer agency, and complex data related to portfolio management, trading positions, and cash flow.

DataMax can be deployed in the cloud or on premise and is designed for organizations in the asset management, energy trading, banking and insurance, and public sectors,” adds Ian.

Driving the Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic had detrimental impacts on businesses around the world. The impositions of new protocols such as social distancing meant a number of organizations had to shift their operations to a work-from-home model. As the dependency on digital operations within organizations continues to increase, the importance of data management is also increasing.

As the world moves towards a semblance of normality post-pandemic, organizations will have an opportunity to conduct a comprehensive review of their operations from a data perspective. They must inculcate advanced data management and agile methodology into their operations. As one of the leaders in the industry, Digiterre continues to steer the technological and organizational transformation of leading organizations around the world. The company continues to help them envisage, design, and deliver software and data engineering solutions—that are crucial to success in the 2020s.

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