E-Globe Consulting Limited (EGC): Promoting Change and Progress Across the World with Sustainability and Responsibility

Founded in 2018, E-Globe Consulting Limited (EGC) is a global consulting company whose founders believe in providing the highest value to its clients. The company thrives through the excellent practice of leveraging and contributing to society in promoting change and progress worldwide, especially within the international small and medium-sized enterprises market.

Empowered by a Robust Genesis

The idea of establishing EGC originated with three senior students at Umass Boston. They began their journey by helping other students with English tutoring lessons and working as freelancers in translation. After graduating from the University, the three founders noticed an increasing number of SMEs who wanted to expand internationally but were encountering struggles with language and cultural barriers similar to many international students studying in the United States. 

As a result, EGC was established to provide SMEs with consulting services that could help them to breach all difficulties in their global expansion. 

One-Stop Consultancy for Thorough Solutions

Presently, EGC is popular as a one-stop consultancy that provides thorough solutions for SMEs. The services include Writing & Translation, Branding & Design, Talent Acquisition & Planning, Client Services & Real Time Interpretation, professional development & Business Transformation, and 2D&3D Animation. Out of all the services offered, the primary and most popular offering of the company is Writing & Translation service. 

At EGC, the team consists of members from multiple countries and continents. The diversity enables EGC to be able to translate a variety of languages, including English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and many other languages to provide clients with a professional standard of writing which are relevant to formal texts on white paper, magazines, business articles, and so on. Besides, Asian SMEs also approach EGC for 2D and 3D animation creation thanks to its affordable pricing strategy compared to the market price. 

Collectivism and Bridging the World

EGC believes in collectivism, uniting great talents from all over to give the best experience to its clients. The company’s mission statement is “To bridge the world toward its untapped potential”. Currently, the company’s talented individuals form remarkable business development consulting and 3D Animation experience to support the needs of its clients in Asia. Moreover, the company aims to create an accessible online platform and a diversified team that brings ingenious ideas to spur positive changes in the educational field by transforming academic learning into a distinctive experience that enriches individual development. In the coming years, EGC aims to recruit 50 employees by June 2023 to expand the team capacity for business development consulting and educational projects.

Brains behind the Concrete Ideation

The founders of EGC believe that focusing on small changes will help to make significant differences in life. As a company, it continuously donates food and clothes to vulnerable individuals and the homeless while establishing a reward policy for employees who join non-profit organizations and participate in CSR acts in their local regions. Besides helping homeless people, EGC also actively donated to the St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help the lives of children fighting against childhood cancer. 

At the helm, Celine Fong spearheads as the Executive Director and leads the team of EGC at the forefront. She wears multiple hats and caters to the company’s growth requirements with her leadership. EGC is aware that the core of a business is its people and when it comes to managing people, diversity exists to widen a company’s horizons of thought. The company has a team of motivated individuals from the United States, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Europe, and many other countries. Moreover, it incorporates discipline and open communication to motivate and enforce productivity in the work environment.  

EGC consistently encourages team members to express their ideas without being confined by prejudice. Moreover, it appeals to employees to strictly follow the company’s policy and regulations to maintain a proper workflow and professionalism within the organization. In simple terms, the company truly embraces and actualizes unity in diversity through a diverse organizational structure.

Customer Satisfaction as the Primary Attribute

With customer satisfaction being a significant measurement of a business’s success, EGC always aims to provide customers with the best service at the most competitive price to ensure they are satisfied with the service. The company invests in individuals who can understand customers’ needs and consult them with the most optimal services. Everyone in EGC is also open to receiving constructive feedback from clients from time to time so that it can modify and adjust its strategies or offerings based on the client’s request. 

One of the qualities which make EGC the best choice for customers is its ability to embrace criticism and negative feedback. In case when it receives one, the company ensures doing better the next time and not repeating the same mistake. 

Looking Forward to a Radiant Future

EGC has successfully catered to its client’s requirements without any failures. The company aspires to continue doing so to scale success in the future. Following are the top three goals for EGC in the coming years:

  • Reach out to more talents in the ASEAN area 
  • Become the leading company with its creative HR and operation practice 
  • Provide customers with high-quality 2D&3D animation services at competitive price 

Currently, EGC has the most creative operational practice which helps them to reduce costs while still receiving the best service. The company hires team members from different time zones to maintain 24/7 communication and operation. It further uses an online project management platform as its main approach to enable simultaneous work internally with the employees and externally with the clients. 

Since its establishment, EGC has emerged, as its online operation practice, as the company understands the limitation of brick-and-mortar consulting services. Moreover, it realizes opportunity amidst the hardship and pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company quickly embraces remote and online working practices to stay competitive and profitable. 

“E-globe Consulting is an all-in-one business solution focusing on a growth mindset. We believe that a business is successful when it continually grows and differentiates itself from the competition.”

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