Edwin Budiman : Helping Companies expand their prowess through exceptional consultancy solutions

Over the years, the rising competition in the business landscape is leading to the popularity of consultancy firms. Assistance from a consultancy firm acts like a pair of extra eyes, which can offer innovative ideas, different perspectives, and a team of experts dedicated to the specific business circumstances for better solutions. Such an expert in this industry is Edwin Budiman who is the founder and Managing Director of ED-SEN Consulting.

Edwin has majored in Electrical Engineering from Petra Christian University in Surabaya and holds a Master’s at Bina Nusantara University. Throughout his journey Edwin has worked on several projects as a business analyst, business intelligence and data warehouses implementer, planning and budgeting project, and corporate performance management. His first experience of the business world was at a multinational company as an IT Support. There, he became a functional consultant for more than 5 years. Due to his exceptional performance, he was recruited in one of the multinational companies in Malaysia as an Assistant Vice President. Edwin worked for more than a decade in Malaysia. Leveraging this extensive experience, he successfully established ED-SEN Consulting, a consulting firm that delivers the best practice from across industries in Indonesia to bring productivity and efficiency. Through ED-SEN Consulting, Edwin is fulfilling his dream to increase the level of companies in Indonesia.

Innovating Businesses through IT Solutions

Considering the current business landscape, companies are continually striving to accelerate their operational efficiency and create a technologically advanced ecosystem with business intelligence incorporated into operations. The Jakarta-based ED-SEN consulting is the prime example of IT solution providers, which has become a necessity to sustain the competition.

The company was established in 2014, with an aim to become the leading consulting company that innovates businesses through the best IT solutions. These solutions are backed by technology that innovates with quality and integrity. ED-SEN is an IT consulting company described as electronic data with senses. This unique factor separates ED-SEN from its competitors. The company caters to a myriad of industries with different niches and helping the companies expand IT management and advisory, consulting, providing solutions, executive advisors, process transformation or process improvement consulting, strategy consulting, product selection, and product implementation. These solutions are covered under the consulting services, Business Technology, Business Application, Business Performance, and Business Analytics.

Effective tool: Amid and beyond Pandemic

ED-SEN’s portfolio of services proved to be beneficial in tough times like COVID-19. As aforementioned, consulting firm can act as the extra set of eyes to foresee the unexpected. With the advent of the pandemic, several companies were affected by a drastic decline in productivity and strategies. Several companies struggled due to a lack of planning, management, and business operations. Edwin explained that visibility is a significant factor in a business to maintain track, analyze the performance, and understand the flaws.

ED-SEN Consulting offers an Enterprise Performance Management Tool. This tool enables companies to continuously monitor, analyze, and manage their business operations to enhance productivity and growth. Business Performance Services has empowered companies to enhance efficiency and maximize productivity. The tool is effective amid or beyond the pandemic and withstands any unexpected circumstances. It is aimed to solve problems faced due to lack of visibility and enabling business strategy forecasts, business stimulation, planning and budgeting, allocation and cost management, consolidation, and real-time financial reporting. Edwin explains, “ED-SEN Consulting’s Enterprise Performance Management tool provides critical information with immediate access to aid an organization in decision-making based on dynamic global competitive economies.”

Moreover, it can stimulate and forecast the business strategies such as planning and budgeting, allocation and cost management, consolidation, and financial reporting in real-time.

Consequences and solutions of the Pandemic

As compared to the other industries, having sound knowledge is crucial as a leader in the consulting industry. Due to the consultant’s acumen, he/she can stay one step ahead of a layman in terms of knowledge and be able to provide the best solutions. The pandemic was not the only test for the companies to survive but also for the leaders. This crucial time tested the leadership skills and their tactics. ED-SEN Consulting team is determined to offer the best solutions to the companies. Edwin ensured that amid the tough times the team stayed motivated. He constantly encouraged, collaborated, and guided his employees.

In the business world, it is inevitable to not fail. However, Edwin believes that failure should not be looked upon as an obstacle but a lesson. Failure teaches us to not repeat the same mistake in the future. Consequently, he has learned from the mistakes and perfected the solutions. He relies on a steady approach and quotes, “Continuity Plans are like backup parachutes, hardly ever needed but you don’t want to operate without one.”

Under his leadership, the company has been able to win several awards and recognition. Currently, ED-SEN’s Enterprise Management Tool is aiding companies by mitigating the effects of the pandemic on business in real-time. This solution is targeted to reshape the traditional structure of the companies.

Prepared for Tomorrow

ED-SEN Consulting team confirms that real-time data visibility and accessibility redefines the way decisions are taken by the stakeholders. The data helps the company predict any imminent threats, risks, economical change, while also helping the companies to understand their employees, customer base, and market better. Through this tool, the traditionally complex and siloed structure can be shattered and reshape into a single integrated and decentralized platform.

Since its inception, Edwin aimed to increase the level of companies in Indonesia, and each day he is fulfilling this dream. With the pandemic, businesses have realized the importance of agility and efficiency. The post-pandemic business world is promising. Edwin believes that the consulting business in Indonesia is developing and has begun to emerge strongly. Consequently, the competition will also become tighter but ED-SEN Consulting is continually striving towards excellence by prioritizing the quality of services.

Key Takeaway: “Being a leader is to be willing to listen to criticism and suggestions, be able to direct the team to be even better, be able to set an example for the team, and be able to bring the company more successful in the future.”