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People usually think that marketing is crucial for any business but what very few know is that the right marketing company is what ensures smooth growth and progress for enterprises. There are tons of marketing and promotion agencies but only a handful of these are truly experts at what they do. 

Expert Marketing Advisors, as the name implies, are definitely experts in marketing. Courtney Kehl, the Founder and CEO of Expert Marketing Advisors is a passionate marketing professional who is leading her company to achieve great heights as a B2B marketing consulting company.

Expert Marketing Advisors – The Foundation

Courtney Kehl worked as a marketing professional for over 15 years before establishing Expert Marketing Advisors with a bunch of trusted and known professionals, in May 2017. She is a passionate marketing leader and has spent years managing demand generation from within business organizations. During her long career, she quickly learned everything there is to know about helping companies develop and scale their marketing strategies from outside. She has gone through a non-conventional career route, which has provided her with exceptional skills and unique insights. These skills help Ms. Kehl to assist companies in optimizing revenue generation using a concentrated marketing strategy that is based on brand awareness and interest, resulting in high-quality leads. 

Ms. Kehl founded Expert Marketing Advisors after noticing she was receiving several calls from her network of connections, in need of marketing advisors for growth prospects. These calls eventually led to Ms. Kehl deciding to establish Expert Marketing Advisors in 2017. Initially, Ms. Kehl started with a few high-caliber marketing professionals she’d known and worked with during her career. The team of experts has grown and today has more than 40 passionate marketing experts on board, representing all areas of marketing. The team acts as an extension for the client and is result-oriented, with a natural passion for marketing and promotion. 

These skills and expertise ensure that Expert Marketing Advisors is able to launch companies in stealth mode, manage successful marketing campaigns, drive product launches, and help companies towards achieving their growth goals. Ms. Kehl runs a marketing team that flourishes on scaling results and increasing the client’s valuation. 

The non-traditional career path helped Ms. Kehl to build a marketing acumen that involves analytics for making data-driven decisions. With this experience, Ms. Kehl was prepared to lead marketing and help businesses in every phase of their development. She uses unique marketing tools that are reliable and offer a completely new way to measure ROI, while also ensuring marketing activities bring in the expected dollars. The automated approach to marketing at Expert Marketing Advisors gives demand generation a completely new meaning. 

Ms. Kehl further utilizes the incredible knowledge and expertise she has acquired over these years as a marketing leader by offering expert marketing advice to all kinds of businesses, from high-growth startups to public enterprises and mature international corporations for achieving profitable growth. She has successfully helped build high-gain companies from their startup stage and now runs an incredibly successful and innovative marketing and promotion service. 

Expert Marketing Advisors – Becoming a Marketing Leader 

As an expert in demand generation, Ms. Kehl leads the industry with intrinsically effective and efficient marketing and promotion services. 

Since the founding of the company, Expert Marketing Advisors kept working hard and providing clients with valuable results. The company focuses on delivering significant business outcomes through innovative marketing activities, thus growing their social presence quickly. Today, Expert Marketing Advisors continue to add valuable content and share the best promotion practices with other B2B marketing professionals all over the global network. The company works with marketing partners from all over the world to extend their reach and provide expert marketing consulting at a global level. 

Today, Expert Marketing Advisors’ most sought-after services are social media marketing, SEO services, web design and development along with extensive marketing operation services. The company collaborates with expert professionals in every one of these areas to ensure that they can provide consistent results to clients. 

Expert Marketing Advisors – Mission and Vision

“Expert Marketing Advisors is gasoline for your marketing fire”, as the mission statement reads, is true in many aspects. For instance, Expert Marketing Advisors increase awareness of businesses’ brands and boost their lead flow to ensure accelerated marketing-driven growth. This is done by applying rigorous marketing methods, strong result-oriented promotion practices, and access to the expertise of the extensive Expert Marketing Advisors network. 

Expert Marketing Advisors targets high-growth B2B tech companies who seek effective and efficient marketing strategies. 

Ms. Kehl is proud to lead her company which has assisted numerous startups to achieve Unicorn level valuation, as well as helped being acquired. Expert Marketing Advisors has helped more than 70 significant clients to meet their business goals through their expert marketing skills. The marketing strategies implemented by Expert Marketing Advisors has been tested over time and proved extremely effective. The company also frequently updates its marketing methods and promotion strategies to adapt to the changing business environment. 

Thus, Expert Marketing Advisors is able to evaluate a client’s competitors and review their strategies to stay a step ahead. The disciplined and vivacious experts at Expert Marketing Advisors are unique in how they operate. The team of professionals basically acts as an extension of the client’s team, which makes them true craftsmen of innovative marketing and promotion methods. 

These values, ethics and practices combine to make Expert Marketing Advisors leaders in the B2B marketing sector. 

Expert Marketing Advisors – Extensive Marketing Services

Out of the tens of thousands of marketing agencies operating today, Expert Marketing Advisors distinguishes itself from the rest with certain unique distinctions. For instance, Expert Marketing Advisors is renowned for offering a wide array of marketing and branding services, which work towards maximizing ROI for every client. Expert Marketing Advisors provides these services:

  • Success management – Success managers support the activities of the entire B2B marketing team and the client’s business.
  • SEO – SEO is dedicated to establishing an online presence for the client’s brand, driving traffic and building B2B trust.
  • SEM – SEM generates web traffic by enhancing brand presence on search engines with relevant advertisements. 
  • Branding & Design – This is distinct from competitors with a differentiating identity that is consistent across all digital and physical assets.
  • Web Development – The service aims to grow the client’s website and add value to the site visitors, meant for maximum engagement.
  • Messaging – Successful lead generation starts with the right marketing content and position in a B2B environment. 
  • Programs – This service involves developing integrated marketing programs that combine the execution of inbound and outbound digital activities, focused on supporting the overall marketing campaign’s objectives. 
  • Event Support – This includes direct B2B marketing activities that are related to physical and virtual events.
  • Ghost Writing – The team of eMa Ghostwriters is filled with skilled professionals with a background in journalism to provide valuable original content to the client’s content assets. 
  • Campaigns – Expert Marketing Advisors designs campaigns as themed outbound initiatives that primarily drive demand leads.
  • Strategy – This service involves creating a consistent documented strategy that clarifies the client’s business model, defines brand persona, and creates verticals and the market segment definition with a set of competitive players. 
  • Sales Enablement – This is the process of providing businesses with information, content, and tools that help sales teams to be more productive and effective. 
  • Analyst Relations – This service includes using a communication strategy with analysis that evaluates financial data to track industry growth and guide the client with the correct business strategy. 
  • Public Relations – This involves crafting stories that resonate with the target audience of the client, to raise brand awareness and improve the bottom line using proactive media relations efforts. 


Expert Marketing Advisors is leading the marketing industry under the incredibly effective leadership of Ms. Kehl. It has become one of the top go-to firms for startups and established brands for exceptional marketing and promotion services. 


Company Name: Expert Marketing Advisors

Company Location: Remote

Company Leader: Courtney Kehl (Founder & CEO)

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