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Deploying Mission Critical Web-based Applications Using SD-WAN

FatPipe Networks is the inventor of multi-line load balancing and failover technology—the foundation of SD-WAN. FatPipe first came up with the idea of SD-WAN back in 2000 when the company was trying to disrupt the monopoly of telco service providers. In order to monopolize the market, telecom line providers made the integration of data flows from another service provider nearly impossible for customers. This meant that companies did not have the ability to establish reliable connectivity as they could only use a single service provider for data flows. Should the line go down, then the entire connectivity was lost. After due consideration, FatPipe Networks decided to change the status quo by developing the SD-WAN software that made the integration of two data lines into a single line a reality, disrupting large cable monopolies. More importantly, the technology ensured round the clock connectivity and met the needs of today’s modern wide area network. “FatPipe Networks offers a diverse portfolio of SD-WAN solutions that work across wide market segments,” says Sanchaita Datta, President and CTO of the company and inventor of the technology.
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Leading by Example

Ms. Datta is one of the Co-Founders of FatPipe Networks. She serves on the Board of the Utah System of Higher Education that oversees 18 Public Universities and Technical Colleges. She also serves on the International Presidential Advisory Board of Utah Valley University. She was a member of Governor Jon Huntsman Jr.’s IT Task Force, a member of the Governor’s Transition Team, a Member of the Review Board for the State’s Centers of Excellence program, and a Trustee of the Utah Women in Technology organization (WIT). Prior to co-founding FatPipe Networks, Datta was with Megahertz (U.S. Robotics) as the project leader for the product won the Best of Show Award in 1994 at Interop/Networld. Datta was also one of the first voting members of the IEEE’s Standards Committees for 100 Mbps technology and Wireless LANs. She holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and was a doctoral candidate (ABD) at the University of Utah.

Datta’s efforts in creating and developing the SD-WAN concept have helped FatPipe receive numerous accolades in the IT industry and business communities. Some of Ms. Datta’s most notable accomplishments include securing thirteen patents that cover the core functionality of FatPipe’s technology. In 2020, she was recognized as one of the top C-Suite executives in Utah, and in 2017, Utah Business magazine recognized her as a Tech Trailblazer. Datta is also the recipient of the YWCA Outstanding Achievement Award for her successful contributions to the business world. She was the recipient of the 2008 Women Tech Council’s coveted Technology Innovator Award, and she received Connect Magazine’s 2006 Reader’s Choice Award. Additionally, she was chosen as one of Utah’s top female executives by Utah Business magazine and was awarded the Woman Innovator Award by the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce in recognition of her accomplishments in the field of communications technology.

Leader of WAN Redundancy and SD-WAN Technology

FatPipe Networks caters to the business requirements of both multi-national enterprises and medium-sized businesses. FatPipe has been offering this product suite as a managed service or a customer managed solution. As the company always understands the needs of their customers, they can offer tailor fit solutions to the customers’ needs. The solutions can be deployed with any type of wide area network link—dedicated internet, broadband, satellite, and 4G/5G/LTE. The solutions scale from 10 Mbps throughput to 100 Gbps (100 Gb Up and 100Gb Down for a total of 200 Gb/s). “FatPipe is the only SD-WAN that holds the patented technology capable of supporting 100 Gbps throughputs and working across Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks. FatPipe intellectual property is protected by 13 US Patents,” explains Datta.

FatPipe Networks innovates continuously by listening to their customers and looking at the technology landscape. FatPipe teams work collaboratively and communicates extensively with their customers to design the next market-leading solutions. “We develop customer-focused technology that overcomes today’s challenges and the future’s requirements,” mentions Datta. FatPipe Networks continuously innovates to find new solutions to customer problems. They are capable of anticipating problems and develop efficient solutions in record time. More importantly, FatPipe Networks fosters a culture that encourages out-of-the-box thinking and encourages the contributions of their members while developing the solutions.

Technology for Ever-evolving Needs

FatPipe Networks understands that while the industry evolves, old problems slow the pace of the evolutions. New technologies around networking introduces new opportunities to improvise. While AI and machine learning are the most obvious techniques to apply in certain areas, there are other areas, where substantial ideas can be introduced. As an industry leader in SD-WAN technology, FatPipe is committed in developing advanced technology and solutions to meet the ever-evolving business needs of their clients.

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