Grinvald Footwear- Upping the Game of Sustainable Footwear

“Sustainability” no longer remains a buzzword but a pressing need worldwide. With time, we have come to realize the importance of sustainability and how it affects everything around us in general. Thus, companies, governments and individuals are opting for sustainable products in recent years so as to contribute their part in sustainability revolution.

But mostly, sustainable products are perceived to be something that compromise on the quality for the sake of being sustainable. And consumers can’t be blamed for thinking so, of course. So, to demonstrate to the people that sustainable products are in no ways less than the usual products, manufacturers need to up their game by producing quality and stylish products.
This becomes more of a concern in areas like fashion industry as quality and style are the most critical factors here. Creating first-class sustainable product in the fashion industry means making the most out of whatsoever remnant is left behind after a product is made. Oftentimes the remnants are leather, fabrics, textiles, rubber and so on. Therefore, to make great sustainable products a company must be innovative enough to use the remnants wisely. And ultimately, should also ensure as much remnants are utilized to achieve maximum sustainability goals.

Grinvald Footwear does exactly just that. This Dongguan-based footwear company has taken things to another level by ensuring no scraps are left behind as waste, without compromising on quality, style and elegance of its products line.

Started in 2010, Grinvald Footwear was founded by Dr. Anna Grinvald, under the GTS Group. Grinvald Footwear provides end-to-end solutions within the footwear business from concept and design into full production with high quality standards delivered to its customers. As an expert in the production of Flat Fashion Footwear, such as slides, flip flops, sandals and ballerinas, using different materials, Grinvald Footwear is able to produce up to 2500 pairs per day. The company also provides independently all kind of derived products in footwear.

Basically, Grinvald Footwear collects scraps from different manufacturers in the fashion industry—which, usually gets sold to a third supplier—and makes stunning shoes, bags and other footwear out of those. That is, by using scraps as the only raw material. The company also uses the remaining pieces of scraps to make mouse pads, passport holder, key chains, candle holders and other products. In the event of the remnant scrap being unfit to make any of the above products, the scrap is used in the outsoles. This way, the company achieves 0 % waste in our manufacturing.

As an ISO 9001:2015 (2019), SMETA 6, Sedex and Green seal certified company, Grinvald is all set to launch in the market by October, this year. In addition to these certifications, the company has also received numerous awards and recognitions for its innovative approach towards sustainability. This includes the butterfly mark from positive luxury, and the best eco-friendly footwear brand award by Lux Life magazine.
What makes Grinvald a remarkable brand is its constant push for innovation and its team of brilliant experts, who have more than 30 years of experience. These strengths enable the company to ensure that the quality of the manufactured products is as high as expected by the customers. Moreover, the products are designed and made in such a way that they are very comfortable, Fashionable, and unique, and the most of all, 100% sustainable. “We are very loyal to our beliefs, and we do not use any new material in the production, which make the products not only sustainable but also unique since each style will have a limit production and not mass production,” explains Dr. Anna.

When it comes to its future plans, Grinvald Footwear aims to keep spawning innovative products in the market and redefine the footwear industry. It aspires to come up many out-of-the-box ideas and products to achieve 0 %waste in its manufacturing process. Furthermore, as its next step, Grinvald plans to develop a line for households using scrap materials. “There is always ways to develop and we are now making research and testing the same concept with different fabrics as denim, velvet, cotton and other materials,” concludes Dr. Anna.

Pull Quote: We focus on providing top quality shoes with attention to detail, and keeping great relationships with our clients and suppliers.”

Description: Grinvald Footwear provides end-to-end solutions within the footwear business from concept and design into full production with high quality standards delivered to its customers.
Company Name: Grinvald Footwear
Leader: Dr. Anna Grinvald
Position of the Leader: Founder and CEO