Helpware: Trailblazing Outsourcing with a Proactive Approach

The outsourcing industry has witnessed a plethora of changes over the past few years. The increasing proliferance of modern and advanced technologies has influenced the outsourcing industry in multiple ways. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, etc. are some of the latest trends that are driving the outsourcing industry.

Established in 2015, Helpware is complying with these trends by taking a modern approach to the outsourcing industry. Helpware is a digitally enabled People as a Services outsourcer that focuses on serving high growth, new economy, market-disrupting, and technology companies to own interaction custody, complete complex tasks, and grow their brands.

The company was established as a result of its founders’ personal disappointing experience when, as a startup, they were looking for a BPO partner in the market. The market’s response was filled with a combination of disinterest, shared services, and low-value commoditized value propositions. Helpware was initially designed to fill these voids as a strategic growth partner to the startup community, which is still a big part of its DNA and operating culture today.


Bouquet of Leading-edge Services

Helpware has grown over the years, initially catering to the startup client partners, and has presently evolved into creating client partnerships with large enterprises as well. It provides a wide variety of services powered by a global footprint that gives it the ability to deliver a customized multi-channel dedicated delivery model that can follow the sun and covers more than 26 languages. The services offered by the company include,

  • Digital Customer Experience: Helpware’s outsourced digital customer service connects its clients with their customers where they are. The company offers business process outsourcing that drives brand loyalty, increased customer satisfaction, and a competitive advantage.
  • Content Control & Verification: Helpware’s outsourced content control and verification expand the clients’ security to protect them and their customers. This result in increased content control & verification, enhanced safeguards, and improved customer trust.
  • AI Operations: Helpware’s outsourced AI operations provide the human intelligence to transform the clients’ data through enhanced integrations and tasking. The company consistently scales its clients’ training data and optimizes their learning systems. This results in measurable data consumption, quality, and speed to automation.
  • Back-Office Support: Helpware’s outsourced back office support leverages the best in API, integrations, and automation. The cutting-edge services offered by the company result in improvement in turnaround, critical KPI achievement, enhanced quality, and improved customer experience.
  • Taskware: Helpware’s outsourced microtasking solution includes the people, technology (integrations+automation), and platform to deliver the highest volume and most accurate tasking solution. The company drives the best in machine learning, data modeling, insurance, transportation verification, and content labeling and moderation.
  • Humans in the Loop: Helpware’s robust integration and application of API for human support services allow the clients to create broad spectrum support and intervention based on their exact application or experience requirements. The company creates both learning and experience models—driving outcomes through fully integrated API human task support.
  • Start-up Acceleration: Helpware’s outsourced business processing customized for startups accelerates its clients’ go-to-market strategy and brand awareness with customer-focused teams that are worthy of their customers. This helps clients expand team talent across all areas of customer engagement, which results in faster product-to market-expansions with a competitive advantage.

These services offered by Helpware span across a multitude of industries including E-commerce & Retail, SaaS & Software, HealthCare & HealthTech, Gaming & Entertainment, FinTech, Social Media, Public Sector, and On-demand: Food, Personal Transportation. Helpware is actively present in different locations like California, Virginia, Kentucky, Mexico, Germany, Ukraine, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, and Albania.

A Proven Business Leader

At the helm of Helpware, Robert Nash (CEO and President) managed all the prominent roles and responsibilities. He has a deep background in Six Sigma practices and certification and is a proven business owner driving over $500 million of closed and implemented BPO business over the past 10 years.

Robert is highly qualified to lead the company’s aspiration of growth through operational excellence, outstanding culture, and innovation. With his industry expertise and acumen across healthcare, tech, transportation, public sector, and retail industries, the company is confident that Robert’s leadership will be integral in driving its continued growth.

Robust Marketing Strategies

Starting a business from scratch is a daunting task, especially given the competition in the market today. Businesses often go through immense pressure and commit common mistakes. Helpware, too, made several initial mistakes, trying to establish its brand and presence in the market.

However, the strategy that worked consistently in the initial years for Helpware was treating its customers as partners and asking them to be a reference to their peers. The ability to connect people and allow them to tell the story of Helpware from their first-hand experience made up for all the company’s swings and misses from a marketing perspective in the first couple of years.

Speaking about Helpware’s team and its services, a client says, “The Helpware team is enthusiastic, contentious, and action-oriented. The team is highly motivated to assist us in whatever form necessary, and they always help us on time and with immense enthusiasm. The agents are bright, curious, and driven, and it’s been my experience that everyone on the Helpware team cares deeply about the customer’s experience. I’m thrilled to be partnering with them, and I highly recommend Helpware as a customer support solution provider.”

Amazing Company Culture

The aim behind the inception of Helpware was to change perceptions of what outsourcing is and can be, and the company ensured this by building amazing cultures in each of its locations as well as treating its employees better. “With Helpware, we are all a team and a family, and you’ll see the true difference when partnering with us,” says Robert.

According to Robert, Helpware’s employee-first culture has distinguished it to become one of the most admired companies of 2022. He also mentions the key milestones for the company in the near future as a 4.9 Glassdoor rating, less than 3.5% global attrition, 100M revenue, and 3000 team members.

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