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Businesses seek transformation to attain the success their entrepreneurs, leaders, directors, managers, and even VPs have desired since the planning stage. However, if we look at the statistics, the industry of business transformation is entirely broken – about 70 percent of the changeovers result in failure. Furthermore, companies do not have issues with coming up with ideas associated with business transformation. Instead, they have issues in their implementation. And on top of it, a lot of organizations are afraid to hire consultants merely because a majority of them charge a lot of money and even when they do, a majority of business transformations fail because the consultants use old methods and approaches, all of which are however given, the statistics, are not very useful.
The Problem With Failed Business Transformation

According to Heath Gascoigne, the founder & CEO of a leading business transformation company called HOBA Tech Ltd (HOBA Tech), the business transformation industry is worsening day by day instead of improving. He feels that the business architects, who do not even go by the name anymore, are not doing business transformation – they are rather focused on business design, which is a major problem.
HOBA Tech – Addressing the Issue of Failure

Gascoigne believes, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” And for the same reason, he decided to build a company that offers business-led business transformation, change management, project management, program management, and enterprise business & technology architecture services. HOBA Tech has become an award-winning business that specialized in consultancy and aided clients to change, grow, and boost their performance through the development and implementation of enterprise business capabilities.

The key aim of HOBA Tech is to aid organizations in developing their internal capability and becoming a part of the top 30 percent that make business transformation a success. The company further looks forward to making business transformation successful in less time and as lower costs as possible. In fact, HOBA Tech’s HOBA® (House of Business Architecture®) agile business transformation framework is trusted by the government of the United Kingdom, FTSE 100, as well as rapidly-growing businesses.
How is HOBA Tech Different from Other Companies in the Industry?

According to Heath Gascoigne, the strategies that other business transformation companies use are almost entirely technology-driven, which were designed to address technology implementations and not business changes let alone business-transformations. That is where HOBA Tech is different. HOBA Tech’s approach is different – they first work at the strategy phase with the Board and Executives and then with the Business Operations to comprehend changes to address pain points, realise the operational business benefits as well as the organisations strategic objectives.

The company’s major focus is on the integration of strategic planning and its execution along with stakeholder and enterprise architecture management to aid businesses to overcome internal challenges. This helps them to focus on what is crucial to the organization overall and thus, assists in fulfilling its Vision.

Independent and with 20 years experience, HOBA Tech blends the vision of a big consultancy with a touch of boutique consultancy to assist companies in positioning their main proposition as well as aligning with their vision, business strategies and objectives at each stage of transformation journey.
Helping Businesses Through Experience

The CEO and founder first gained experience with private clients for over 15 years and then launched the company in 2019. The successful approach used during these years was used when the company was asked for help for the setup and turnaround of some of the largest transformation programs and projects in the UK. Their method was “designed for the business, by the business” and consists of a 6-step agile framework promoting a zero percent failure rate. The key aim has always been to implement the companies’ TOM or Target Operating Model and place the control of the business back into the business’s hands. This control gives them the authority of the changes they go through their transformation journey as well as in control of the future of the organisation.

Another key point is that Heath Gascoigne has aided the Government of the UK along with some of the major financial services organizations and government agencies globally through business transformation programs of different sizes. The budgets of these transformations range from £5M to over £500M.
How does HOBA Tech Aid Businesses Succeed?

The expertise of the leader combined with the skills and knowledge he has passed on to other members of the company have separated HOBA Tech from other businesses in the same domain. In fact, it is unique from other businesses working in the same niche for several reasons, which include its holistic people and business-led approach, techniques and methods. Unlike other consultancy businesses, HOBA Tech transforms businesses by engaging the whole organisation and utilizing their proprietary revolutionary HOBA® framework. Moreover, it takes into consideration several factors associated with businesses, like the concerns of business operations stakeholders, and not just technology. Furthermore, it focuses on the integration of novel technology that is implemented during the business transformation journey by offering end-to-end business transformation software and tools to companies.

One of the major reasons why companies prefer HOBA Tech is that it helps them to bring their vision to life. Additionally, it promotes risk management and clear governance – steps that are crucial to ensure a successful transformation, first time, on time.
The Future of HOBA Tech – Consistent Growth

Even after gaining global recognition in as little over three years of its launching, HOBA Tech is determined to grow further – Heath Gascoigne has major plans for the company this year. He stated that their ‘Business transformation as a Service’ or BaaS platform will go live by the end of 2022. He believes it to be a game-changer for the entire industry along with the clients and partners. Moreover, Gascoigne affirms that this platform will put its clients “ahead of the market”.

Other than growing technologically, the company has also grown in terms of its client base. Their partner network, as Gascoigne tells, is expanding as they gain new clients in the US, Australia, and Canada. The plan is to set up and extend the operations outside of the UK. He also plans to publish the prequel and sequel to his international bestseller book he recently wrote, The Business Transformation Playbook—which topped the Amazon bestsellers list for many consecutive weeks—in between helping clients and managing HOBA Tech!.
Description: HOBA Tech Ltd (HOBA Tech) is a business transformation firm that is not only focused on business design but holistically with the overall success of its clients business transformation.

Company Name: HOBA Tech Ltd
Founding Year: 2018
Office Location: London, UK
Official Website of the company: www.hoba.tech
Name of the Featured Leader: Heath Gascoigne
Designation of the Leader: Founder & CEO
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