Iron Defence Security Corporation

With the world being more digital than ever, everyone today has access to networks. The novel era has resulted in the dependence of more organizations, government offices, businesses, and the common man on computer systems and online media. It has aided us in connecting, storing, and sharing a number of facilities globally. However, with a wide network come the greater risks and possibilities of cybercrime.

Hackers today have greater opportunities to hack systems and utilize the data they obtain. And it goes without saying, hackers are spread across the world and have newer methods for hacking. This implies an augmented exposure to attacks in organizations as well. Moreover, small to medium-sized enterprises commonly have lesser security as compared to large businesses. As a matter of fact, cybersecurity is not limited to the digital world – it has a great impact on the physical world.

One of the major challenges for businesses and governments is to be able to efficiently and effectively possess the proper technical, financial, and human resources. And if such problems are not taken into consideration appropriately, they may have a more prominent negative effect on the organizations than one can think of.
Iron Defence Security Corporation

Dealing with the Issue

Due to the above-mentioned crimes, cybersecurity has widely gained popularity. Considering their capabilities of protecting data from a variety of risk factors, cybersecurity experts are in more demand than ever. One such company dealing with cybersecurity-related issues is Iron Defence Security Corporation. It was founded by Mr. Foluwa Rewane on the premise that he would provide enterprise-level solutions and “scale them to fit small businesses”.

Canadian-headquartered elite security and IT management consultancy, Iron Defence Security Corporation advises militaries, governments, and businesses on the security and protection of their IT infrastructure from attacks, exploits, compromises, risks, and threats. Truth be told, the company is driven by the idea of “service first”. This is why its consultants continuously perform assessments. This provides them with insight into the client’s present security stance. Based on the same, a solution or service is recommended to the client.

Services Offered by Iron Defence Security Corporation

Iron Defence Security Corporation offers a wide variety of solutions. These include cybersecurity services, penetration testing, dark web scan, email threat scanner, email security, cloud firewall, content shield, corporation backup, phishing simulation, web vulnerability manager, and corporation sentinel.

One of the key services is Dark Web Scanning. As stated by the founder, it “is an online Dark Web scan that detects compromised credentials in the Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web.” He further explains, “Our Dark Web Scan service consists of us conducting monthly scans of the Dark Web looking for any traces of our client credentials being sold or bartered, and based on the intel we gather, we compile a monthly report that we present to and review with our clients.”

The Leader’s Views and their Relation With the Company

Rewane has always valued young talent and has thus, acquired more such members in his team. This is a result of one of his experiences early in the industry of technology, about 20 years ago. As a first-level junior support tech, the Director asked him if he was doing the job only for a paycheck or whether he actually wanted to learn a skill that would help him build a career. At the time, Rewane was merely a junior tech focused on paying for the university, and the only knowledge he had involved “the difference between a switch, a router, and a firewall.” Thus, in response, he said, “I want a career.” From that day to the present date, he has never looked back.

Everyone may interpret this story differently so the lesson that Rewane took is “to remember to give back, whether that be mentoring a young person, supporting youth programs, and/or taking the time to show a young person that we care.” Needless to say, this attitude is what makes the company a successful one – the youth working here do not only obtain basic work exposure but also get several opportunities for learning and building a career.

What makes Iron Defence Security Corporation Unique?

Iron Defence Security Corporation is unique in numerous ways. The primary reason concerns diversity – the company is among the few minority-owned cybersecurity solution providers in Europe and North America. Moreover, they are one of the rare organizations in the industry that is launching a global Franchising model, the details of which are yet to be publicized.

Another key aspect that separates the company from its coequals is the philosophy it goes by. Unlike other businesses that go by the idea of “Sales First”, Iron Defence Security Corporation believes in the concept of “Service First”. In fact, the extent of profit that can be made or the deal’s size does not matter to the company. The team only believes in addressing the client’s needs and providing suitable solutions. In case the problems are not tackled, the deal is considered to be unfinished.

The company’s employer, as well as employees, are entirely focused on addressing each client based on unique service recommendations, and not simply according to tried-and-tested methods. Thus, the founder says, “We spend a great deal of time getting to know our clients and identifying their vulnerabilities, so when we do put forward a recommended solution, our clients know that it is a solution crafted specifically for their business.”

The company recently launched the XDR service, which further enhances customer experience and distinguishes it from the crowd. The solution is mainly grounded on three criteria: threat hunting, remediating and automating. This allows the clients to report threats in their mailbox, which further enables the company to identify anomalies within delivered mails and discover the instances of phishing attacks. Based on this finding, an incident is formed and malicious emails are directly deleted from the inboxes of clients. Eventually, the users that are impacted due to the incident are notified.

As part of the XDR service, Iron Defence Security Corporation creates and enables custom response playbooks. These automatically clear messages that consist of malicious attachments and URLs after being delivered.

What does the Future Hold for Iron Defence Security Corporation?

Mr. Foluwa Rewane is concentrated on augmenting diversity in the company by hiring more talent and is further willing to expand its operations in other countries. As of present, the company operates in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In the future, it plans to work in Israel, South Africa, and Australia to be able to serve more clients.

Pull Quote: “We spend a great deal of time getting to know our clients and identifying their vulnerabilities, so when we do put forward a recommended solution, our clients know that it is a solution crafted specifically for their business.”

Description: Iron Defence Security Corporation provides cybersecurity solutions associated with the protection of IT infrastructures of businesses, governments, and militaries.

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