Matt Rosentrater – Taking Tekkis to the Next Level

Tekkis is a leading provider of essential IT services. It aims to maximize the client’s business efficiency by leveraging information technology to help fulfill business needs and goals. As a highly trusted cybersecurity partner, Tekkis offers a wide array of IT resources that ensure that client meets and exceeds their commercial targets. Tekkis assures clients of its commitment to growth and profitability by removing the expense of labor and technology infrastructure investment. This way, Tekkis helps skilled employees to focus on revenue-generating aspects of the business while it handles all IT and cybersecurity needs.

Matt Rosentrater: Leader Extraordinaire 

Matt Rosentrater is a significantly experienced and highly-skilled IT professional. Initially, Matt worked for 13 years with global leader IBM as a Network Security Professional, handling the daily operations relating to system lockdowns and security networks for numerous IBM clients. Matt then moved to Tekkis as a Security Engineer and served 15 years in this position, learning the ins and outs of cybersecurity. Matt was pivotal in taking ethical hacking to new heights while making network protection a top priority. 

Tekkis was established with ‘Securing IT comes first before everything’ as its motto. The company name is an acronym for “Technology, Keeping IT Secure.” Since its launch, Tekkis has been focused heavily on providing optimal network security services through tried-and-tested cybersecurity principles. 

Today, Matt Rosentrater is the President and CEO of Tekkis, which has been flourishing extensively under his command. Tekkis is renowned for being the leading provider of network engineering services and offers extensive off-site cloud-based design for commercial cyber networks. 

Tekkis: Mission and Vision

Matt Rosentrater believes in a proactive approach to IT. Every company claims to do this but eventually falls back to a reactive approach. In contrast, Tekkis provides a comprehensive package of services with IT tools full of additional advanced features. This approach of service enabled Tekkis to anticipate any network or security event and take preventive action to avoid the situation beforehand. 

Mr. Rosentrater has formed an extensive and effective engineered solution map applied for each client on board. This solution map follows a strict regime that includes the Tekkis customer cyber security suite of software, which consists of a set of regulations every client must adhere to. This solution map has been created after years of extensive research on what makes a network wholly secure and how to lock down a compromised or infiltrated network without disabling the access for users already working on the affected network. 

This way, Tekkis provides the highest integrity and advanced services in the IT security sector.

Tekkis: Talented Team

Tekkis is the leading provider of Network Engineering services and offers extensive choices, from on-premise to off-site cloud-based network design.

The Tekkis team is made of highly talented IT professionals with varying specialties. Every team member has been vetted for being proactive and taking the initiative, as these qualities have helped Tekkis grow significantly. Mr. Rosentrater, as the President and CEO of Tekkis, leads his team of IT security experts just like a sports coach. He understands that IT and network security is all about teamwork and cohesion. Hence, Mr. Rosentrater gives extensive leeway to his team members when performing their tasks. These team members are excellent at performing their tasks to the full. The members are allowed to make informed decisions, and the company backs their choices completely. 

Tekkis: Perfect Performance

Mr. Rosentrater knows well the value of customer satisfaction after working for decades as a Network Security professional at leading brands. Complete customer satisfaction is necessary for any business to flourish and succeed. Else, the customer base will eventually move away, and the potential leads will dry up soon. 

To ensure that every stakeholder is satisfied, Tekkis provides to be available for them and assist with any customer issues. This is done even though the case falls directly under Tekkis’ responsibility. The professionals at Tekkis, in such situations, assist and guide clients to understand their needs and connect with vendors suitable for resolving non-network security issues. 

Even when Tekkis receives negative feedback from a customer, the team promptly reviews the feedback before evaluating the problem extensively and swiftly finding ways to resolve the issue altogether. 

Tekkis: The Way Forward

In the next coming years, Mr. Rosentrater plans to achieve their top 3 goals. The first goal for Tekkis is to extend marketing efforts to ensure optimal branding and popularity within the industry and market. Tekkis also aims to continue its constant education and learning initiatives for its team members, ensuring that every team professional is trained and certified in the latest and most advanced network security tools and techniques. The final aim for Tekkis is to maintain its top-quality IT and network security services for all its present and potential clients.

Mr. Rosentrater and his team of IT professionals at Tekkis take cybersecurity very seriously. The top reason for the company’s remarkable growth is that it refrains from taking shortcuts to complete jobs faster, as it results in decreased security for the end user. Instead, the team focuses on finding the most effective and efficient solution for network security issues. The company also prohibits any support group from switching off essential protective applications to get the job done faster. In addition, Tekkis team members are always available for discussion and are usually only a phone call or email away from the client. This allows Tekkis to evaluate problems promptly and devise the best-suited solution swiftly. 

Tekkis: For Top-notch Network Security

If you want the best IT and Network Security solutions, then Tekkis is the right choice for you. The comprehensive leadership skills of Mr. Matt Rosentrater, combined with the extensively experienced and skilled team of professionals, allow small and large businesses to ensure optimal cyber security at all times. 


Company Name – Tekkis

Founded in – 2007

Office Location – Colorado, United States

Company Website – 

Company Leader – Matt Rosentrater (President & CEO) 

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