Mezzle: Challenging Traditional Approach to Law with Revolutionary Offerings


Mezzle is a customer-centric, and technology-driven law firm, minimizing non-billable hours through innovation, and giving lawyers the ability to work from anywhere in the world at any time. It is a progressive, innovative and international law firm that challenges the traditional approach to law by collaborating with clients and lawyers to deliver high-quality service.

In 2021, Meezle was founded by Raj Sumal and Mel Kang. With a combined experience of over 30 years, both have worked at several prestigious firms before coming up with the Mezzle idea. Additionally, Henzie Healley is the Managing Director of the Middle East office which is going from strength to strength. After seeing lawyers chained to their desks and the long hours that they worked, Mezzle was founded and has grown substantially since its inception. The company’s concept has proved the demand by lawyers for an international firm where they can be their own boss and manufacture time without sacrificing financial freedom. Currently, Mezzle is equipping its lawyers with the “Mezzle Lifestyle” that envisions a lawyer that has a healthy work-life balance. As a result, it has become a firm that keeps sharing the love. 

Reinventing the Law Sector

With Mezzle, clients are provided direct contact with the lawyers who they have initially engaged with. Moreover, the work is completed in a more efficient manner and the client pays for the lawyer’s experience as opposed to paying to train a junior lawyer at a traditional firm. The company’s legal consultants have trained and qualified from international law firms. 

Additionally, they also have legal or commercial and operational backgrounds—making them strong business partners who understand both the client’s commercial and legal needs. Mezzle also has legal experts who specialize in real estate, hotel-related matters, IP, film or media healthcare, estate planning or wills, company incorporations, CSP services, corporate structuring, and many more. 

Mezzle and its array of services and solutions have reinvented the law industry. The entire concept behind the model is that the company is a remote-based fee share model that has invested heavily in its back-office systems, supporting its legal experts by providing them with access to a unique and revolutionary technology that helps them streamline their time.

Scaling Rapid Success

Every organization undergoes certain challenges during its inception period. However, in case of Mezzle, the only challenge was scaling very quickly. Even before the company had hit the market, the Mezzle business model was in huge demand. Since ‘going live’, the company has been unmandated with requests to join the firm and found it difficult to maintain pace with the demands. 

Mezzle’s lawyers are legal experts in their concerned fields and the senior lawyers have years of experience. This knowledge and skillset, when coupled with the Mezzle Lifestyle, results in a continuously growing client base. It has reached the point that Mezzle is expanding into other jurisdictions even quicker than it had planned to.  

Proliferative Business Model

Mezzle’s business model is expandable and has been designed suchlike since the company was launched. Due to its robustness, the company does not require any further marketing. Its business model and the demand for the company marketed itself and continue to do so. 

Moreover, the company’s business model is unique whereby lawyers can be their own boss with the backing of an international firm. The company manages all back-office matters to enable its lawyers to free up their time and use it according to their convenience. It has Partner Services Managers for the UK and UAE Offices who are available to assist Mezzle’s lawyers with any administrative work. In fact, lawyers at Mezzle receive a big share of the income for any work that they complete. 

Besides promoting internal cross-referrals and encouraging it with a referral fee, Mezzle has a good team that is growing substantially. At the company, lawyers can free up their time, work remotely (or from one of the offices), and not have to sacrifice their financial freedom while doing so, but actually increase it and have more time. 

Constant Growth and Expansion

Mezzle is growing consistently and is continuously recruiting good-quality lawyers across the UK and UA. With more lawyers joining the firm, it aims to widen its service offerings. The company ultimately plans to continue its growth in the UK and UAE, including in other regions as well. Mezzle anticipates its fee share or consultancy model to dominate the legal market in the future and aims to become a pioneer. The leaders at the helm of the company firmly believe that its future and will expand in several other jurisdictions. 

Currently, the company is planning to open offices in several other locations in the upcoming year, which shall be a massive achievement for it. Challenging and changing the traditional approach to the legal sector is what is key here and Mezzle is at the forefront of making this happen

About the Leader:

Henzie Healley is an accomplished and skilled, common law qualified lawyer living in Dubai and offering services to clients worldwide. She holds profuse experience in the field of law and jurisdiction. In 2014, she moved to Dubai after being offered a permanent role at an international law firm. 

In 2019 founded her own legal consultancy and simultaneously, started a paint company, both of which have been hugely successful and have grown very quickly. In 2021 she merged the Abu Dhabi legal consultancy with a UK firm, rebranded and is now a partner in Mezzle Middle East.

Mezzle Limited

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