Motus: The Definitive Expert in Mobile Workforce Solutions


Motus was launched in 2004 with a mission to provide a fair and accurate reimbursement solution for mobile employees. With its disruptive business model and ground-breaking innovation, the company has successfully transformed reimbursement programs into an easy and seamless process. Motus primarily offers a platform that simplifies the reimbursement and management of vehicle and device costs through personalized calculations. As businesses with mobile, remote, and hybrid employees grow, Motus’s platform simplifies the reimbursement and management of the vehicle, device, work, and living costs through personalized calculations for each employee. In addition to streamlining the reimbursement process, Motus improves productivity, reduces overall mobility costs, and supports the customers’ tax and labor law compliance programs. “The Motus platform is the best reimbursement software available today. Motus saves your time, enables reinvestment into your business, and alleviates the complexities of management,” mentions Karen O’Byrne, President and CEO of Motus.

Karen O’Byrne is a tech industry veteran with nearly thirty years of financial and operational experience. Before joining Motus, Karen led growth-oriented technology companies in healthcare, education, and web services. Karen is strategically minded, with a proven record of driving profit improvement, leading business growth, establishing and scaling efficient operations, and building operationally-focused teams. She has also received several accolades, including the Business Ambassador Award from Florida Governor Rick Scott and recognition as one of South Florida’s Most Influential Businesswomen and CFO of the year by the South Florida Business Journal.

An all-in-one Platform for Personal Reimbursement

Before emerging as a key player achieving consistent and sustainable growth, Motus had confronted many challenges that blocked its path to success. For instance, in its early days, Motus had to discern ways to expand a niche product which, traditionally relied on manual processes. However, after assessing the industry’s needs, the company’s leadership team recognized the potential in applying SaaS principals and advanced technology to an antiquated manual process. Shortly, the company succeeded in catering to the needs of a wide breadth of rapidly growing population who use personal assets to conduct business. Since then, the company’s leaders transformed their software into an all-in-one platform that gives the mobile workforce immediate access to the tools they need for personal reimbursements. This included a suite of solutions that offer precise mileage tracking, mobile device procurement and management service, personalized reimbursement services, and on-demand and on-location services for vehicles and mobile devices.

Offering Seamless Management and Spend Oversight

Motus primarily offers their solutions in three categories: vehicles, devices, and location. The company’s vehicle reimbursement solution enables businesses to use a pioneering methodology to dynamically account for the fixed (insurance, license, and registration fees) and variable (fuel, maintenance) costs associated with driving a personal vehicle for business purposes. Through its sophisticated business rules engine, which processes a tremendous amount of real-time data, the Motus platform tracks more than 150 different variables. In addition, it informs more than 300 settings to calculate a personalized reimbursement rate based on an employee’s expenses.

Motus Device offers organizations seamless management and spends oversight of their corporate devices through one centralized platform while also driving cost savings through carrier audits, negotiations, and reduced IT support costs. More importantly, the solution supports BYOD program management, removes the burden of device procurement from organizational IT teams, consolidates and manages their multiple wireless carriers, and provides greater visibility into mobile spending. Notably, organizations utilizing the solution have reduced mobile device program spending by 24 percent on average without changing carriers.

The company’s WorkAnywhere Reimbursement solution provides insight into the costs associated with remote work. This solution enables businesses to make reimbursement decisions related to their remote employees’ business use of personal devices, internet, and home office expenses. It is worth mentioning that the solution informs employers of the cost components associated with remote work and allows them to make the best decisions for their employees. These customizations reflect the cost-of-living data and itemized bill components to deliver fair, accurate reimbursements and support an organization’s compliance with labor laws.

Major Milestones

Motus has successfully streamlined the work reimbursement for more than 500,000 end users across 32 countries. “We process four billion in reimbursement for over 2,300 customers, including Papa John’s, Yuengling and Kellogg’s,” mentions Karen. This success stems from the company’s ability to unite several tangential and naturally related market segments governed by the same primary buyer. But, more importantly, they have evolved into a centralized hub that manages all aspects of remote work spending for mixed-use assets such as mobile devices and home offices—a much-awaited transition that helps the modern digital workforce.

As Motus is powered by an unmatched pool of data that has been refined over more than 80 years, it is the platform of choice for top Fortune 500 companies and organizations committed to workplace agility. In addition, Motus automotive data is captured and analyzed across the world’s largest retained pool of drivers, and it underpins the annual Internal Revenue Service (IRS) business mileage standard (the amount an individual can deduct for business vehicle expenses). 

Touching New Heights

Motus successfully transitioned its entire 400-member team to remote work in April 2020. While early employee surveys revealed the team had been happier and more productive working from home, results also showed that team members missed face-to-face interactions with their colleagues. In order to support its team and the community, Motus took the innovative step of reinvesting its previous real estate spending to create experiences that foster teambuilding while supporting local companies and communities. Since going remote, Motus has partnered with Big Night Entertainment Group in Boston and officially launched its WorkForward Series. The WorkForward Series features Motus working with restaurants and nightclubs to fill unused daytime spaces by converting them to pop-up offices for the day. “This helps us bring back the look, feel, and collaborative opportunities of an office by eliminating the commutes and onerous lease,” says Karen.

Moving ahead, Motus plans to expand its footprint to help organizations achieve their sustainability goals. Over the next six months to a year, Motus will continue to build solutions that help organizations plan, execute, measure, and analyze sustainability goals. Additionally, Motus will continue to augment its solutions to provide maximum benefits to both employers and workers. “As a product-led growth organization, Motus has always focused on the value we bring through our solutions and the problems we solve for our customers,” concludes Karen.

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