MYLÉ Vape: Award Winning Innovation Sets Industry Standard for A Global Industry

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and non-combustible tobacco products, often known as heat-not-burn (HNB) products, are alternatives to classic combustible cigarettes and this industry is experiencing incredible growth globally. The vape industry has not been around long and due to strict country specific regulations, many vape companies have burgeoned and then gone by the wayside over the years – JUUL for example, but one company has climbed to the top in just under 7 short years and has demonstrated a business leadership and acumen globally that has allowed them to be benchmarked as an industry leader, paving the way for new start up vape brands to follow.

In 2015, Ariel Gorelik (CEO and Founder of MYLE) was determined to find an alternative to the harmful combustible cigarettes on a global scale. He suffered from the loss of his beloved mother to cancer and decided to honor her by creating MYLÉ Vape. His goal was to provide an alternative to combustible cigarettes. Today, the company is recognized as one of the fastest growing safe and affordable nicotine delivery systems worldwide. MYLE has also set the global market standard in providing consumers with a premium vaping experience through modern design and technology.

A World Leader in the E-Cigarette Industry

MYLÉ offers an alternative to combustible tobacco products that is convenient, cost-effective and contains less harmful substances. Their mission is to continue aggressive global expansion to ensure MYLÉ’s high-quality award winning products are available everywhere.

Through the development of modern vaping device technology combined with scientifically based e-liquid formulas, MYLÉ has achieved their goal of becoming a world leader in the e-cigarette industry. Recently MYLE was recognized with two most prestigious awards— ‘Industry Leader 2022, awarded by Vapouround’ and the ‘Best Brand 2022, awarded by MENA. These awards validate that Ariel has achieved his goal in developing MYLE to provide a safer and more desirable alternative to combustible cigarettes that is pleasurable for the consumer in its ease of use, customization, durability and stability.
MYLÉ’s prime mission and the overall goal is to provide a safe alternative to combustible cigarettes. The company is consistent in delivering that goal by working with reputable partners, knowing the business, and taking proper measures to ensure device safety is met. MYLE invests heavily in R&D with a team of professionals that work hard to ensure the company values and product quality are not only met but surpassed year over year.
A Plethora of Unique Product Options

MYLÉ offers several product options, all ranging in shape, style and liquid capacity in the two most common categories of vape—Pod System and Disposables. The company also services the global community with products registered and sold worldwide. To ensure innovation, MYLE has built a world-class R&D team that is continually monitoring industry trends and ideating new product innovations in terms of device function, device safety and flavor. Moreover, MYLÉ is constantly looking for ways to innovate and testing new products and product functionality in-market is a key strategy to stay ahead of the curve in a fast paced, ever evolving industry.

Being a leader in the vape industry, MYLÉ consistently delivers on the functionality benchmarks that customers value in classic vape products. The company understands its customers thoroughly while also understanding the functionality they desire in a disposable. With features such as ease of use, device longevity, device efficiency and great flavors, MYLÉ delivers consistently, meeting customers’ expectations from the brand and experiences a trust level with their loyal customer base not many competing brands can tout on a global scale.
A Trusted Team of Expert Professionals

The MYLÉ team is spearheaded and guided by Ariel. Being at the helm, his vision in product development and innovation guides the team to further grow and develop the company. According to Ariel, the MYLÉ team is “the best in the industry” for various reasons. Firstly, the MYLÉ staff is a collection of individuals from all walks of life where each can be considered an expert in their particular area or department. Some staff members have grown through the ranks starting years back in an entry position, while some team members have joined with significant experience and education. Altogether, the team forms a unique group of educated and hard-working leaders, unified in raising the MYLÉ brand to new heights. Moreover, weekly team meetings keep the team unified, encouraged and consistently motivated to tackle all obstacles in an ever changing and shifting global industry.
Educating Consumers on Vape Safety

MYLÉ is designed specifically for adult smokers, and it’s a top priority for the company to keep its products out of the hands of underage users. To achieve this, the company has established various checkpoints within the purchasing process to ensure the prevention of underage vaping. Adding to that, MYLE is constantly conducting industry research with retailers, vendors, distributors and others, to identify and understand how underage users obtain vape products and by locating the source of underage sales, these checkpoints have been well established, tested and contribute immensely to ensuring youth safety.
To achieve this, the company has established various points of contact if underage vaping is detected. This transparency has helped it identify and understand how underage users obtain MYLÉ products and by locating the source of underage sales, it can contribute to ensuring better safety of the children. Additionally, MYLÉ continues to work closely with retailers who are dedicated to enforcing Tobacco 21 laws and are willing to help educate consumers on the new tobacco legislation.

MYLÉ’s online safety protocol prevents illegal online sales to minors and requires a 21+ age verification upon checkout, and an adult (21+) signature confirmation upon delivery of all MYLÉ products. Being a leader in the vape industry, the company’s goal is to set a high standard for keeping nicotine products out of the hands of underage consumers and to assist in eliminating all issues pertaining to youth vaping.
Incorporating Innovation and Technology

Having benchmarked the global market standard, MYLÉ considers various factors when ideating a new product or device functionality. Firstly, the company considers device safety as paramount, along with innovation and the device’s ease of use. Unlike their competitors, the company offers several product options that range and vary according to shape, style and liquid capacity in two of the most common categories of vape—Pod Systems and Disposables. Secondly, MYLÉ heavily invests in developing high-quality liquids, and subjects each flavor to rigorous testing to ensure a safe and reliable product is the end result.

The MYLE team is composed of senior and executive level individuals that are experts in their respective fields and innovative thinking is the core DNA of how the team operates. According to Ariel, this is simply because all team members are invested in the success of the brand and company and are driven for the brand to succeed on all levels. The weekly team meetings foster discussions about innovation and device improvements and upgrades. In addition to that, the company is invested fully as a team in the success of product development, mapping out global go-to market strategies and navigating government specific regulations and laws.
Foreseeing Massive Growth in the Future

Being a seasoned leader, Ariel envisions several ground-breaking changes in the vape industry. In his opinion, potentially a move toward alternative plant-based e-liquids is one trend that he expects to explode in the future. Additionally, with the legal limitations vape companies face in various countries, he foresees the biggest shift will be in expansion to countries that will allow vape products to be sold on a national scale.

In the upcoming years, MYLÉ has planned various milestones. In addition to its Dubai office, the company plans on expanding operations in the Middle East and better servicing a region that has been paramount to its success. According to Ariel, another region where the sales potential is optimum is South America, where he foresees massive growth in the coming years for MYLÉ. Additionally, new technological advances made by the company’s Research and Development team have placed MYLE in a position to manufacture new cutting-edge devices that will certainly set trends in the industry for years to come.