Ningbo Sylue Machine Co., Ltd: Leading the CNC Machining Manufacture Market with Technology

Ningbo Sylue Machine Co., Ltd provides precision and advanced CNC machining services for different metal parts. The company is a middle-size precision CNC machining manufacturer in Ningbo, including CNC machining services, Lost wax investment casting services, and Forging services.

During a conversation with Global Business Leaders, Shawn Zhang (CEO) highlighted the major inspiration behind establishing the company as well as the wide array of solutions and services provided by Sylue. Mr. Shawn Zhang adheres to the concept of “High quality”, “Fast delivery”, and “competitive price”, SYLUE is growing stronger and strong for 10 years. SYLUE’s target is Mr. Shawn Zhang’s target. Moreover, he envisions Sylyue to be the most famous custom metal parts manufacturer in East China in the future. Following are some snippets from the fascinating conversation.

Ningbo Sylue Machine

Please walk us through the inception of the company. In your opinion, what has been the inspiration behind the robustness of Sylue throughout these years?

At the beginning, the quality is not steady. Sylue spends much money and time improving the spaces, and machines and training the workers to reach the high-level quality standard. Another hindrance is “On time delivery”. In my opinion, a good system of rewards and penalties helps the workers to know that “time is most important during work”.

At the beginning of its founding, Sylue only developed 100 kinds CNC machining parts and finished 30000pcs per year. However, in 2022, the company had grown to develop 20000 types of parts and could easily finish 10000000pcs per year. In the future, we predict the company to develop 30000 kinds of parts and finish 20000000pcs in 2025.

From the humble beginning to manufacturing over 37000 ooopcs parts, hard work and continuous improvements, including equipment and skills, have been the major inspiration for the company throughout the years. 

How would you describe your most popular offering(s)? How do you ensure the quality of the final products? How are they different from the competition?

Sylue is an expert in producing custom metal and plastic parts, according to the design or description. The company provides precision & advanced CNC machining services for different metal parts. It has 5000m2 Factory, including a CNC machining workshop, Casting workshop, Stamping Workshop, and Forging workshop. Additionally, the company also has 25pcs CNC machines, 6pcs CNC machining centers, 4pcs CNC stamping machines, 2pcs large deep drawing machines, etc.

In your opinion, what makes Sylue a distinctive choice in the marketplace? Also, what measures/strategies do you incorporate to provide a better customer experience while offering the best services to your customers?

 Sylue does more and better than other suppliers. We use work instructions to approve the production, inspect instructions to approve the routing size inspection and 100% final size inspection, AQL 0.65 to approve the final surface, package instructions to approve the package, and 8D report to approve the solution of problems.

At Sylue, we believe in harboring a “Customer First, Quality First” approach. For the ‘Customer First’ approach, we offer the following things:

  1. 7 days refundable without reason
  2. 1-year warranty
  3. 0.1% per day delayed fine

For the “Quality First” approach: 

  1. ISO9001 & 5S Management
  2. 100% inspection
  3. More than 3 times inspections for each item

Additionally, we also offer a one-year warranty so that our customers do not face any challenges with online purchases while providing free replacement during warranty time replacing is for free during warranty time. Moreover, the goods are always delivered on time—0.1% of the total amount per day will be paid in case a delay is caused. 

Please shed some light on the core values that helped Sylue to thrive in the dominant CNC machining manufacturing market. 

Our people are strict and lively, positive, and antrorse—we embrace customers, we embrace the future. At the core of Sylue, quality resides at the heart. We have better skills to help customers to create good innovative products. For us, customers win is a win for us. While trust is our base, we believe trusting each other helps create a better benefit for all.  

Please tell us about the team of Sylue. Being at the helm, how would you describe the overall work culture of the company? 

Sylue has 7 sales engineers. Each one can speak good English and have knowledge of CNC machining services, casting service, metal stamping service, forging services, plastic mold injection services, and assembling services. Currently, we have  78 employees, and 20 of them are senior technicians.

Trust and help contribute to the Sylue work culture. We trust and help each other to help to reach higher goals.

What are the top five priorities of the company for the next year? Being a decorated leader, what advice would you give to aspiring leaders?

Following are the top 5 priorities for us to scale further success in the future: 

  • Establish a dust-free plant
  • Establish a robotic CNC machining line
  • Establish an automatic inspection line
  • Build a new 4000m² plant
  • Establish a sales agent in Europe and North America

Being a leader myself, I would advise never to lose belief and never give up. You will get success in the end.

“SYLUE provides precision & advanced cnc machining services for different metal parts.”

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