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Digitalization and technology advancements have paved a path to augment business lead generation operations. Today, businesses are leveraging the new marketing tools and rely mostly on profitable true lead generation tactics. After the unexpected digital transformation, 2021 is presenting new opportunities for several businesses. But are these tools and tactics affordable and serve the purpose for the small businesses too?

Every company initially starts with an aim to cater their services to the fortune 500 companies. Small businesses or entrepreneurs are often not in the picture. Whereas, these small businesses are in dire need to build an audience and attract as many leads as they can. OnCore Leads is a unique lead generation company that was established with an aim to offer a risk-free way for small business owners to gain new leads for their businesses.

Previously, businesses had to spend a lot of money on untested and poor advertising methods, with little to zero guaranteed outcomes. For the small businesses, it was a risky gamble, being already short on finance and also investing in expensive marketing would exhaust them on funds. OnCore Leads was dedicated to changing this narrative and in doing so they reinvented the business model. It is a premier lead generation company that works closely with clients across many industries to provide high-quality leads. The team understands and accepts the risk involved in lead generations for clients and hence offers a “no result-no pay” service. If the company fails to generate leads the clients’ don’t need to pay—it is as easy as that.

Multi-dimensional team of Experts

OnCore Leads has a unique multi-dimensional team that works as one cohesive unit. The team is known for generating leads even if a client is on a limited budget. OnCore Leads is proud of their zero complaint record. Clients regularly appreciate the team and its efforts for the excellent leads they have generated. OnCore Leads, being a women-owned business, Carolyn Oliveira (Co-Founder and CEO at OnCore Leads) assembled the top advertising and technological talent from around the world. She is a serial entrepreneur and has experience in owning and operating several successful businesses. In her tenure, she witnessed how small businesses struggled with risky advertising and lead generation companies. Carolyn wanted a better way to advertise risk-free for small businesses, hence establishing OnCore Leads.

Carolyn is pursuing her passion by helping other companies grow their book of business, through high-generated revenuers. She along with her team, helm the knowledge of lead generation and the industries the clients are involved in, giving OnCore Leads a unique place in the market. “We provide world-class customer service while generating and delivering leads when our clients want them,” said Carolyn.

OnCore Leads has simplified the process for clients. At OnCore Leads, the client just has to “order” the number of leads they would like to receive, and then the team work relentlessly to meet that goal over the decided period of time. This is better known as pay for performance advertising. “Our clients never have to worry about spending money on advertising without getting the leads they want,” adds Carolyn.

Perfecting the Art and Science of Lead Generation

The platform was initially established as a “one-trick pony”. The journey of OnCore Leads started with a television commercial helping to generate tax debt leads for attorneys. Soon, OnCore Leads became a familiar name and the reputation was swiftly growing amongst the tax attorneys. These attorneys wanted the team to generate other leads such as bankruptcy leads, auto accident leads, personal injury leads, workers compensation leads, social security disability leads, criminal defense/DUI leads, and employment law leads. To sustain the growing demands and changes in the industry, the team perfected the art and science of lead generation. OnCore Leads expanded into other home service industries including roofing leads, window repair leads, solar leads, painting leads, and plumbing lead generation industry.

With time OnCore Leads has perfected the process of work and now cater to both large and small clients regardless of the budget. As the initial mission of the company was to offer affordable lead generation options to the clients, the budget was never the deciding factor for the company. OnCore Leads never compromises the quality of service regardless of the budget. Every client is on a budget, some have substantially larger budgets while the others don’t, but the quality of service remains top-notch for every client.

Learning is Vital

OnCore Leads have a reputation for delivering results. To maintain the acumen of the industry, Carolyn and her team stay abreast of the trends and changes in the advertising industry. Moreover, small business owners are becoming more sophisticated with their advertising and create new challenges for advertising agencies. These challenges have given rise to a myriad of opportunities for OnCore Leads to explore. Technology is continuously changing and creating a competitive landscape for the clientele business too. Acknowledging the fierce competition, clients want to test new lead generation methods—especially in the post-COVID-19 world.

With the rise in demand, the competition is equally rising. Carolyn states that the team never views the other companies as “competition”, on the contrary, it learns from the approach. By observing and learning, the team manages to generate the best converting leads for their clients. “We spend our own money to generate leads so our clients don’t have to. They never risk their own money generating leads. We assume the risk,” explains Carolyn.

Challenges and Consequences

The pandemic has been a tough time for businesses too. While the economy struggled, the team of OnCore Leads was striving continually to accommodate the client’s needs. Some of the businesses temporarily were shut and the flow of leads was paused, and the ones that were allowed to operate demanded more leads. Amid the chaos, OnCore Leads’ team learned how important it was to remain flexible and nimble to adjust to the clients’ lead generation needs.

The team stayed focused on delivering results and helping the small businesses stay afloat. The silver lining in the situation is that there has been an upward trend in businesses demanding more leads now than ever. “In fact, the demand from small businesses needing our leads has grown rapidly over the past year,” added Carolyn.

Despite the tough business climate, OnCore Leads did not disappoint the clients’ expectations. The efforts and hard work the team put up did not go unnoticed and OnCore Leads was recently recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in California. The team aims to work at the same pace and help the clients with leads that turn into a profitable return on their investment.

Carolyn’s Message for the Readers

“We would like to encourage any small business, which is struggling to generate their own leads, to contact us. There is a better way to advertise than throwing money at different advertising options that don’t guarantee to supply them with leads. We’d be happy to help educate anyone on the process and see how we might be able to help them.”

Quote: “We are dedicated to developing a long-term relationship with our clients by investing the proper amounts of energy and time to make every lead as high quality as possible.”

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