PRORADIS: Streamlining and Simplifying Technological Incorporation in Healthcare

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Technology has been a great facilitator for the healthcare industry to pivot during challenging times. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, it helped connect and deliver healthcare as well as healthcare-related facilities at the doorstep of countless individuals. However, irrespective of its broad use, the technology requires certain simplification and easy-to-navigate features in order to streamline its accessibility for more individuals without much effort or time.

In 2013, Eduardo Alvarez (Founder and CEO) founded PRORADIS to transform the healthcare diagnostics market through the alliance between technology and simplicity of use. Eduardo identified the need to develop and connect technologies to promote health efficiently and with quality for all people. He was inspired to expand and transform the performance of clinics, laboratories, and hospitals in various remote places in the country by harmoniously connecting health and technology and shortening the physical distance between doctors and patients. With PRORADIS, Eduardo seeks to leverage high technology combined with the simplicity of use.


Simplifying Technology in Healthcare

PRORADIS is a startup founded with the vision of being one of the most important healthcare technology companies in Brazil. The company commenced its journey by developing a complete ERP for the management of diagnostic imaging centers (RIS/PACS) and a teleradiology platform that makes it possible to connect clinics and hospitals to the country’s leading specialists, reducing diagnosis time and increasing quality. To date, PRORADIS has established successful partnerships with large companies that have helped it expand its services and reach new markets.

In July 2021, the company expanded its operations by acquiring LaborLIS (a company focused on providing technology for the clinical analysis market) complementing its portfolio to serve the entire diagnostic medicine market. The acquisition placed PRORADIS as one of the more relevant full providers in diagnostic for health in this market. Currently, the company is available in more than 1.200 healthcare establishments, serving customers throughout the country as well as some countries in Latin America and Europe.

Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

PRORADIS develops solutions for the health diagnostics market, in the areas of medicine, dentistry, and veterinary. Its portfolio of products and services aims to provide greater productivity in patient care. The company’s mission is to transform the healthcare technology ecosystem, through the alliance between technology and simplicity of use.

The PRORADIS Suite offers 4 solutions—SmartRIS, Teleradiology, LaborLIS, and ARCNET—each providing unique advantages and aimed at different needs which can be customized to suit different businesses. In addition, the system offers artificial intelligence functionalities, which provide competitive and reliable solutions for clinics and users. The main differentiators of PRORADIS are:

  • Variety of alternatives to configure and price a project
  • Use of high techs
  • Modular solutions that adapt to customer needs

Of all its products and offerings, PRORADIS’s stands out in the market. The is a software that connects clinics and service providers to radiologists for the preparation of radiological reports. It is a single platform to manage teleradiology services and perform reports received from any diagnostic center.

Analyzing Technology and Digitalization

Telemedicine was a technology that gained utmost relevance and momentum as a result of the pandemic. With physicians working remotely, it was essential to work with a platform that would allow them to continue to report remotely. In this scenario, the main challenge faced was breaking paradigms and barriers to using the platform. However, the technology had a good acceptance in the market, and PRORADIS has been growing in this line, presenting an average growth of 10% per month in the sale of this software.

In the past few years, the pandemic has accelerated the health segment and boosted the creation of new tools and processes. The movement towards digitalization in other sectors created an expectation of technological innovations in health services as well. As a result, 2022 becomes the year in which several trends began to emerge in the health sector. These include the use of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to improve exam results and the availability of digital tools and platforms to offer more agility and convenience to patients. Technology will be key to differentiating companies in the market and offering a more comprehensive experience focused on the patient’s journey.

Steering through Major Hurdles

Since its inception, PRORADIS has encountered various challenges. However, the company has encompassed every challenge with a creative approach and holistic vision. For PRORADIS, the most difficult challenge was adapting and reinventing itself to the new scenario during the pandemic. Despite the team working from home, the company had to keep everyone engaged and productive as it required to keep developing new systems and adapting the current ones to the new market needs. In addition to seeking new investors in the market during this period, PRORADIS also had to deal with the default of some customers, an economic factor that several companies faced during this period. Irrespective of numerous challenges, the team reacted very well. In fact, owing to their contribution, PRORADIS was able to double its size during the pandemic period.

Looking Forward to Future Proliferations

To date, PRORADIS has efficiently served its clients by ensuring utmost and optimum client satisfaction. The company has also garnered various awards and recognition for its unique and exclusive offerings. In 2014, it won the award for the most innovative solution in the Startup Brazil program of the Ministry of Science and Technology for its ‘Image2Doc’ product. In addition to the arrival of Wayra (the acceleration arm of) product, PRORADIS’s history changed and it started to grow. In 2021, PRORADIS won the award in Oracle for Startup competitive program like a most creative.

The team of PRORADIS takes pride to be part of this moment and to belong to a company with this international recognition, confirming that the strategy developed by the company is on the right track. The company is also recognized as one of the best companies worldwide. By developing solutions suited to the customer profile and market segment it operates within, PRORADIS creates a more competitive technological differential in relation to other market players.

In addition to that, the company plans to expand its organic and inorganic operations and improve its solutions portfolio to grow in the coming years and position itself as one of the main healthcare technology providers in Brazil. PRORADIS aims to have a new positioning in the market, presenting itself as a company that connects and integrates various technologies, offering more flexibility and interoperability between systems, equipment, tools, and partners.

How to become one of the leading companies in the industry?

In order to become one of the leading companies in the industry,

  • Always be close to customers to analyze and understand their needs, delivering what they really need
  • Have speed and ability to improve and adapt quickly to market changes


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