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Regenerative medicine is a relatively new field that involves nonoperative biologics that are able to repair tissue damage in one’s body. The journey of R3 Stem Cell began over a decade ago during Dr. Greene’s time at Arizona State’s WP Carey School of Business, he formulated R3 Stem Cell as part of a Marketing Class project. The ‘fake’ company was so well received by his professors, he realized by making the company real it would help thousands of people as the technology improved.

After incorporating the company in 2012, R3 Stem Cell began a slow expansion throughout the USA with an affiliate program. The program incorporated marketing, research, patient/provider education, and top-notch biologics. After five years, Dr. Greene realized the next step was for global expansion. Mexico and Pakistan have been the first countries outside the US for expansion, with four other countries gradually coming to fruition.

No doubt, there have been both good and bad “actors” in this field. Others in the industry have disseminated inaccurate information designed to mislead patients and charge exorbitant fees without value to justify what is being offered. Founded in 2012, R3 Stem Cell has been the distinguisher that offers patients accurate, comprehensive education along with safe and effective clinical therapies that are extremely affordable. The company’s winning business formula has enabled it to continue expansion even during the pandemic.

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R3 Stem CellAlternative Treatments to Avoid Surgery

R3 offers therapies that harness the body’s regenerative capabilities to bring patients hope and options. Hope that surgery can be avoided, and tissue injury can be repaired with the ability to do things normally and pain-free. Existing pain management therapies have been great for suppressing pain by masking discomfort with medications such as cortisone, opiates, or anti-inflammatory medications.

These treatments work well for relief, but they don’t actually fix the underlying problem. It’s like placing a Band-Aid over the issue, but the root painful issue remains. R3 Stem Cell is the only US company to have achieved Institutional Review Board Approval for the investigation of regenerative therapies with amniotic and umbilical cord tissue for several condition categories.

R3 offers the latest regenerative medicine therapies with the potential to harness the body’s ability to repair, regenerate and restore damaged tissue. This allows individuals to reduce pain and cost-effectively increase functional ability with a low-risk profile. The company believes in making a difference in patients’ lives by helping them avoid surgery and remain as active as desired. In addition, R3 desires to contribute substantially to the growing body of research on regenerative medicine by performing IRB Approved Clinical Trials destined for regulatory approvals.

Staying Unique and Relevant

When it comes to patients, R3 Stem Cell offers comprehensive and accurate education on regenerative therapies. This includes a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos, Consumer Guides, and Brochures along with the highly acclaimed Stem Cell Master Class which includes 8 episodes that are free for patients at StemCellMasterClass.org. The service for patients includes clinically and cost-effective stem cell and exosome therapies that are administered by top-notch stem cell doctors.

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Whereas for the providers, R3 Stem Cell has created R3 Medical Training for teaching all about the biologics, regulations, and clinical applications. These pieces of training are performed in hands-on settings with real patients who are military veterans. R3’s Heroes Program provides those treatments for free.

Providers also are offered top-notch, FDA-regulated biologics for clinical use. R3 Stem Cell focuses on predominantly three things to stay unique and relevant:

  1. The highest quality biologics are available that produce top-notch clinical results for patients.
  2. A safety profile that is unparalleled in the industry.
  3. Providing the most cost-effective regenerative therapies in the world.

R3’s global providers understand very well that the numbers of stem cells are very important for the best outcomes, and also that stem cell therapy is not a cure. Therefore, it’s critical to provide cost-effective treatments knowing that additional treatments will be necessary for the future.

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Moving the field of regenerative medicine forward

A decade ago, Dr. David Greene founded R3 Stem Cell after leaving clinical practice, to bring new technology with regenerative medicine to people in need globally. Dr. Greene’s entrepreneurial vision has allowed R3’s Centers of Excellence to treat over 17,000 patients in the past decade with therapies that are effective, safe, and affordable.

As the saying goes, a company is a reflection of a leader’s vision and mindset. Similar qualities can be observed in the R3 Stem Cell’s culture where the team is full of compassion, respect, and determination. Employees maintain a collective vision of moving the field of regenerative medicine forward in a way that is safe and responsible. Patients are treated with respect and provided significant educational information to assist in making their healthcare decisions. At the same time, the company has a long-term vision that includes expanding its global footprint while continuing care that is at the same high level.

“My ideal team consists of go-getters that are not afraid of new technology. At the same time, our growth has been steady and calculated. The team members need to stay focused on quality and responsiveness. R3 listens closely to patient and provider feedback, incorporating improvements on a real-time basis,” states Dr. Greene.

The company has been on the continual trajectory of success, and throughout the journey, the welfare of the patients has not been neglected. The mission of the company was to improve treatments and avoid painful surgeries. The team is striving to fulfill this mission and enhance regenerative therapies for better results.

Additionally, R3 will be commencing Phase I Clinical Trials over the next six months. R3 Medical Research will be moving the field of regenerative medicine forward with studies planned for opiate addiction, erectile dysfunction, knee arthritis, and autism to start.

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