Sally Estlin: Empowering Your Journey, One Conscious Step at a Time.

Founded in 2013, Sally Estlin: Self Empowered Lifestyles, based in Australia, is dedicated to promoting holistic and conscious living. Owned and led by Sally Estlin, a Conscious Empowerment Specialist with over 25 years of experience in the wellness industry, the company focuses on four pillars: Conscious Clothing, Conversations, Community, and Clearings. Sally, an award-winning entrepreneur and international best-selling author, aims to inspire individuals to live empowered and purposeful lives. The company has received numerous accolades, including the APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 for Best Ethical and Sustainable Fitness Clothing Brand and Conscious Clothing Company of the Year – Victoria, the AUSBRB Best Business Verification Certificate, and the CorporateLiveWire Global Awards 2023/2024 for Holistic Wellness Coach of the Year. Additionally, Sally was announced as one of The Most Influential Women Leaders to Watch in 2024 by The Victory Magazine.

A Brief Background on Sally Estlin’s Journey 

Growing up as the eldest of three in a leafy suburb of Melbourne, Australia, Sally Estlin was always an adventurous child who loved nature and riding her bike. At 21, the day after graduating from university, she embarked on a three-year backpacking adventure across the States and Europe, originally planned for six months. Her curiosity about people and cultures kept her traveling and growing. At 24, she returned to Australia and worked in banking and finance for several years. A health scare that nearly resulted in a cervical cancer diagnosis sparked her interest in holistic therapies and alternative medicine. While still working in banking, Sally began studying various holistic therapies part-time. Eventually, she left her job to study full-time, driven by her passion for knowledge and personal growth. Sally’s studies included psychology, sociology, aromatherapy, remedial massage, naturopathy, homeopathy, counseling, various healing modalities, personal training, and most recently, metaphysical quantum healing and frequency medicine.

Sally traveled extensively while balancing work and family life, raising four children in her 30s. In her early 40s, once her children were in school, she launched her career by setting up a gym called Holistically Fit: Empower Yourself Inside and Out. She quickly realized that true transformation required addressing internal issues, leading her to offer a range of services from esoteric massage to card readings and online coaching. Her passion for understanding and “High Vibe” living guided her journey. She also created a fashion label, Empowered Clothing: Dress with Intent, to bridge the gap between practical and spiritual alignment. At 56, Sally regards herself as a Conscious Empowerment Specialist. She helps people transition and transform their lives by empowering them through conscious awareness in various areas.

Sally Estlin’s Journey to Self Empowered Lifestyles

Sally Estlin created her business, Sally Estlin: Self Empowered Lifestyles, to bring together her extensive knowledge and wisdom into a cohesive structure. Having run Holistically Fit for over 10 years, focusing on mind, body, and soul fitness, Sally needed a new business model that reflected her growth and direction. This led her to establish a brand under her name, emphasizing the creation of Self Empowered Lifestyles. Transitioning from being primarily known for fitness to a role as a healer, coach, podcaster, fashion label creator, and empowerment specialist presented its challenges. Shifting her focus and clients’ perspectives toward a deeper understanding of holistic well-being took time. However, this transition aligns well with her current business structure, which is built on four key pillars: Conscious Clothing, Conversations, Clearings, and Community.

Key Moments Shaping Sally Estlin

Sally’s unwavering trust in her intuition and inner knowing has shaped her self-empowered lifestyle. Sally has followed her gut instinct for over a decade, leading to surprising and significant developments. Her non-negotiable habits of walking in nature for 1.5 hours and working out several times a week have provided valuable insights. During one of her beach walks, the idea for Empowered Clothing was conceived, and the brand was launched nine months later. While running her gym, Sally shifted her focus to her clients’ energy and internal well-being, paving the way for her current roles in coaching, healing, and podcasting. Embracing the energy has taken her business on an exciting journey, and Sally eagerly anticipates what lies ahead.

Overview of Sally Estlin: Self Empowered Lifestyles’ Services and Products

Self Empowered Lifestyles revolve around four key pillars united by the theme of Conscious Empowerment: Conscious Clothing, Conversations, Clearings, and Community. Each pillar helps people live a high-vibe life by fostering connection, creativity, and empowerment, aligning energy, and guiding them to create a conscious and intentional lifestyle.

Empowered Clothing: Dress with Intent is the brand behind the Conscious Clothing pillar, offering stylish, sustainably sourced, and ethically manufactured clothing and accessories to enhance one’s lifestyle. Conversations provide spiritually enlightened discussions on everyday issues, offering valuable insights and perspectives through podcasts and card readings on diverse, engaging topics.

EmpowerZen represents a supportive, engaged Community where like-minded individuals can connect, form friendships, and feel understood. This pillar includes weekly classes that provide motivation, inspiration, and accountability, helping members achieve their monthly goals. Energy Clearings focuses on stabilizing and aligning energy for deeper personal growth and healing. These clearings help individuals overcome obstacles and break through barriers using quantum (dimensional) healing techniques. The Clearings and Conversations pillars originated from Sally’s initial business, Holistically Fit: Empower Yourself Inside and Out, and have since been restructured into Self Empowered Lifestyles. All four pillars support people in creating a high-vibe and consciously empowered life.

Ensuring Quality and Innovation to Meet Customer Needs

Sally Estlin ensures the quality and innovation of her products and services by addressing common issues like stress and overwhelm, which many people face. The EmpowerZen community provides a platform to stay updated on people’s real challenges, offering firsthand insights into what keeps them awake at night. This enables Sally to empower clients with relevant tools, tips, and services for greater conscious awareness and positive change. The metaphysical healing services work with energy to help clients find alignment and stability, navigating life’s highs and lows. Sally believes frequency medicine is the future and is continually advancing her knowledge and skills in this area. Empowered Conversations on the podcast feature handpicked experts who share insights and wisdom to support people’s life journeys. Empowered Clothing, known for its stylish and ethical approach, uses sustainably sourced fabrics and manufactures garments ethically in Melbourne, Australia. The focus is on conscious awareness of what you wear, emphasizing looking good, feeling good, and doing good for the planet.

Highlighting Products and Services of Pride

Sally Estlin is particularly proud of her unique clothing range, encouraging people to dress consciously and powerfully. Her chakra range of bamboo tops for women focuses on well-being by harnessing the power of color and the energy of chakras, incorporating powerful affirmations and the healing properties of crystals. The frequency range of bamboo tops for men and women uses the 852 Hz frequency, associated with the third eye chakra, to amplify the intention to trust one’s intuition and internal guidance. Additionally, her creation range of leggings and hot pants, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, empowers women to become master creators. These garments feature sacred geometry, DNA symbols, and the six Egyptian elements supporting women as they move forward.

“Empowering individuals to let go, step up, and thrive by shifting energy, improving wellbeing, and moving from fearful to fearless.”

Sally Estlin

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