Sleephive : Understanding the importance of therapeutic sleep with Clive van Deventer

How often do you stop to consider how the quality of sleep is impacting all areas of your life? Healthcare experts are frequently touting quality sleep as a part of a healthy lifestyle, but how to achieve beyond reaching for your favourite caffeinated beverage? That’s where Clive van Deventer, CEO of SleepHive comes in!

There can be various reasons why the majority of us don’t get restful sleep but stress, anxiety, aches, and pains are one of the most common causes. The reasons contributing to poor sleep could be avoided simply by the correct skeletal alignment that helps alleviate pain and further can assist in recovery. The increase in circulation and blood flow speed up the healing process. “An adjustable bed assists with relaxation and getting to sleep through utilizing whole- body vibration therapy and the unique benefits derived from Celliant® Technology built in our mattress, increasing serotonin and decreasing stress,” states Clive.

Award-winning sleep solutions focusing on improvements and innovation

SleepHive is an award-winning Australian company that specialises in therapeutic beds and chairs, its clients range from elite athletes to senior citizens. The company’s focus on innovation has resulted in thousands of Australians suffering less from their aches, pains, and ailments. Those who are unaware of this concept might think that the company is an average bed company. However, this is not the case, it is a medical device company that offers multiple ways of consulting with its Therapeutic Sleep Advisors, whether an in-person visit to a SleepHive Centre, an in-home visit (for those who can’t make it to a showroom), over the phone, or online – “we make finding the best sleep solution easy for everybody”, Says Clive.

Since the end of 2018, Clive has been leading the company as a CEO and has been instrumental in repositioning the company as a market leader. Innovation has been the driving force for Clive and the company.  He has been successful in keeping innovation at the heart of the company always looking at ways to improve its products. In 2019, the company partnered with Celliant Technology, using their textile technology in its Adjustable Beds and Riser Chairs. Celliant improves Oxygenation at the cellular level, which not only regulates body temperature but has been found to improve blood circulation.

In recent years they have introduced new partnerships, including Celliant Technology (Celliant Fibre is manufactured by Hologenix), Sleep Disorders Australia, and has received awards including the 2019 Winner Most Outstanding Therapeutic Sleep Systems Provider, and continues to innovate and create expertly engineered sleep systems for everyday Australians. This displays the kind of leadership and vision the company carries itself with.

Everyone Deserves a Restful Sleep

Sleep helps us recover from illness and injury. It clears our minds. It balances our emotions and restores our hunger for life. The company understands this and focuses on sleep solutions offering people a better night’s sleep. Clive shares, “We start with a sleep assessment that helps us understand the customer’s needs to then determine the best solution that will help them have a more restful sleep.”

SleepHive sleep systems are the perfect solution for anyone suffering from health ailments, poor sleep, or even snoring. Most people may think that an adjustable therapeutic bed would only be suited for the elderly, however, it assists anyone any age from children through to the elderly. With the inclusion of Celliant into its range, the company works closely with professional sports athletes and teams at the highest level and alongside leading health, fitness, and medical professionals to ensure that its Therapeutic Solutions provide the maximum rest, recovery, and repair whether it is from everyday aches and pains, poor sleep quality, sports injuries or just some of the issues commonly related to getting older. Their Seniors Plus Program offers members access to savings on everyday expenses through discounts and exclusive deals from or partners at no cost to their clients. SleepHive believes that everyone deserves a restful sleep.

Innovation and Customer-centric Culture

Throughout his career, Clive has been able to build a reputation as a charismatic, innovative leader driving customer-centric culture. Prior to joining SleepHive as CEO, he has led teams and organizations listed on the NYSE and ASX within the vacation ownership industry, sports medicine sector as well as CEO of one of the world’s largest trade exchange companies. In 2005, Clive immigrated to Australia from South Africa, settling with his wife and three children on the Gold Coast. He graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree from the Australian Institute of Business and has not only loved mentoring but advising at the board and senior executive level. 

“We start with a sleep assessment that helps us understand the customer’s needs to then determine the best solution that will help them have a more restful sleep.”

Short Q&A with The Influential Leader 

Any three quick tips on how to improve sleep for our readers.
Everyone has a different lifestyle. However, I hope these three tips will help you improve your sleep:

  •  Have a regular sleep schedule,
  • Exercise Regularly, and
  • Get yourself a quality adjustable and therapeutic bed

As a part of our “20 Influential Leaders Which Everyone Should Know in 2021,” magazine issue, what message you would like to give to our readers?
Firstly, I am grateful for the opportunity. I believe that to be successful in business it is more than just sales and margin improvement. Yes, those things are extremely important. But your People ARE your business.

As Simon Sinek says, “If you take care of your People, your People take care of your customers, and your customers take care of your bottom line.”

A leader is as good as his team 

Clive is a true visionary and offers an approachable customer-centric leadership vibe with an open-door policy that helps him better connect with his team. Explaining further about his leadership, he says, “If I was to say what quality I’ve led with throughout my career, it would be that I do genuinely care about people. I love encouraging everybody to have aspirations, I see everyone as equal regardless of their positions in a company.”

Clive strongly believes in looking at the good and positive side in any situation. He truly works to provide a place to support people to earn a living and support their families. “It is amazing to witness the difference it makes, when you have the right people doing the right things and who share your vision! This is one of the challenging times that the world is currently facing. In the immediate term, my focus is on strengthening and building on SleepHive’s success in Australia, creating a powerful business model which can be applied to international markets in the future,” shares Clive.

“What is possible, how can we surprise and delight?”

Today, customers’ feedback are more important than ever. Customers centric approach has helped several companies to improve their products. Clive understands this very well, he views every testimonial (good or bad) as important feedback for the business. The company constantly receives so many positive reviews from people whose lives have been improved as a result of their sleep systems that it is difficult to highlight one single one, and if they receive any negative feedback is always welcomed as an opportunity for improvement. “Each feedback we receive brings us so much joy, validating our CARE culture and keep us motivated to keep on innovating with the view of helping to change people’s lives for the better,” says Clive.

“If you take care of your People, your People take care of your customers, and your customers take care of your bottom line.”