Strukshur: Offering User-friendly Experience and World-class Solutions for Builders and Designers


Strukshur offers an all-in-one project management solution and business center for small to large size construction as well as design companies. The company was founded to create the ultimate experience in project management for the homeowner by offering a homeowner-facing UI that is friendly and not cluttered. 

Established in 2016, Strukshur is the brainchild of Louis A. Vierra (Founder and CEO) who was motivated to create the company after encountering a bad clientele experience. He believes there are no problems in construction that do not have a solution. Having faced the worst client of his career, Louis was determined to create Strukshur so that the construction industry, as well as the construction business, can have the truly transparent experience that homeowners are looking for. For this, he required a platform where homeowners could log in and find all of the project information within an instant and not create overcall with companies—which creates a distraction.

Strukshur CEO

Strukshur was the first of its kind to have design-build workflows in one platform during its launch period. Smooth to the eyes, its platform offers world-class solutions for builders and designers to operate their projects with their teams with high efficiency. Owing to its swift experience, Strukshur is not focused on the myriad of features offered by its competitors which barely make any difference to most of the users’ project management platforms’ appeal. This is because the features developed by the company are absolutely necessary to the fundamental success of the daily designer and builder. Being integrated into platforms such as Pinterest, the company has currently become a platform that is fascinating to use on a daily basis. 

All-in-one Project Management

Strukshur offers an all-in-one project management solution and business center for small to large size construction and design companies. It is integrated with Pinterest—the most powerful real estate ideation platform in the world—that enables it to offer a fascinating edge. In addition, Strukshur plans to launch the first crowd-sourced job lead system to help homeowners and contractors find their perfect matches.

Strukshur is focused on its client relationships. The company makes tailored solutions and add-ons for its customers when required. It also offers personal support to its clients in the form of a real person who guides them throughout the use of Strukshur’s platform. The company offers major competitive advantages in the market over its competitors. Since its inception, the company has solely focused on providing a swift customer-experience. In 2015, when the team began writing code for the company’s platform, there were few competitors in the industry who were trying to solve the ‘all-in-one’ project management platform equations. Since then, there have been multiple versions, however, the person who makes up over 98% of the market seems to have been forgotten. While its competitors offer feature-heavy, difficult-to-navigate and over-priced solutions while having a huge learning curve, Strukshur offers smooth and comprehensive solutions at reasonable pricing. The company has insider knowledge as Louis owns and runs a medium size construction company every day. He leverages his knowledge of what users require and what they can afford better than anyone else. 

Encompassing Hurdles in the Industry

Overcoming and triumphing challenges is a vital part of a company’s success. With that said, Strukshur has also undergone several challenges and hurdles throughout its journey. However, it has focused on acing those challenges to scale success in the construction industry. Since its inception, Strukshur’s path has been slow, steady and full of challenges. Various factors can pose a hindrance while building a platform from scratch which currently has numerous lines of code. Moreover, Louis believes that building a platform from scratch is similar to building a complicated luxury home. He has approached Strukshur’s platform the way he has previously worked on complicated projects—from the ground up, methodically planned and with excellent execution. 

With utmost zeal and determination, Strukshur has overcome all its challenges by utilizing positive solution-based communication and excellent team-building skills. Currently, the company stands as the representation of dreams coming true. It further aspires to help organize the construction industry from the bottom to the top and not the other way around. The company is focused on making digital project management and business center solutions affordable and accessible to everyone in the industry, whether it is small or large. Strukshur aims to garner more than just profit—its services are its mission and it aims to succeed through perseverance. 

Envisioning Future Proliferations

To date, Strukshur has been successful in catering to its clients’ requirements. The company’s comprehensive and economical solutions have also earned it several awards and recognition in the construction industry. It is currently looking at expanding its services and solutions. Strukshur has been utilizing various social media platforms to market its product since its establishment. It advertises its services through attractive ads and videos. 

In addition to that, Strukshur is focused on going live with its crowdsourced job lead center to provide help and support in various forms. These include: 

  • helping homeowners and contractors-service professionals make a match,  
  • initiating our project payment and financing solutions

Along with its holistic approaches, Strukshur also aims to launch its 3D shopping experience to enable its users to upload drawings and shop for over 600,000 products within their own 3D models of their homes. 

About the Leader: 

Louis A. Vierra embarked on his career in construction while working for his father’s construction company during his teenage in the early 90s. His affinity for building high-quality luxury homes blossomed into an amazing career. From investing in real estate to building some of the most revered luxury estates in the Sonoma county wine country, Louis has come a long way. 

His design background and high-level organizational skills have helped him create Strukshur. With the company, Louis was focused on creating a platform that would allow him to operate his business with the highest level of transparency with clients and help automate workflows with the team.