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Despite technological innovation and changes in Data Center Infrastructure, new challenges continue to arise. Often in Data Center Networking, Data Breaches cost millions for personal data breaches, lost intellectual property, and identity theft.

In the same vein, Power Management is creating a greater challenge. Although Virtualization and Server Consolidation lowers the amount of hardware in the Datacenter, they do not always reduce Power Consumption. Blade servers consume four to five times more energy than older data storage technologies, even though they are more efficient overall. Thus, Power and Cooling requirements are becoming more of an issue as Equipment requirements evolve. LIkewise, Poor planning for your Data Center Physical Infrastructure can have substantial and long-lasting implications, whether too little space, too much space, or excessive heat due to hardware proximity.

Operating the Data Center to its full capacity is also necessary to maintain optimal performance. It is, however, common for IT managers to leave a capacity protection gap or margin of error to prevent interruptions. Furthermore, real-time data analytics and reporting are also becoming a larger issue.

To overcome these challenges, Gulf Data Hub Fzco (GDH) creates offers and methodology to be flexible to adapt to their cherished clients’ growing needs. These services range from reactive and proactive Managed Services to Racking and Stacking, Structured Cabling, and Private Ethernet transports connecting your office to the data center. GDH has grown into one of the major technology driving factors by hosting all of the region’s mission-critical IT infrastructure.

Understanding the Client’s Needs

Gulf Data Hub is a top-tier colocation and purpose-built Data Center of International Standards offering Disaster Recovery, Cloud Solutions, SaaS, and IaaS. It is a colocation/hosting company that, through its services, makes IT servers available 24/7 so that businesses can operate without interruption at any time.

Looking into their services, GDH uses “best of breed” resources with industry-specific knowledge and offers a stable, reliable environment. The company considers fair pricing without adding extra fees and doesn’t charge you for anything you don’t want or need. From costing to billing, their response exhibits absolute precision and openness. The GDH Team focuses on Privacy, Information Security, Controls, and best practices. 

Moreover, the exceptional Customer Service that GDH offers and its availability to you around the clock are two more aspects that set it apart from the competition. The company is always available, from managing your equipment to the security and all imaginable quick market updates. As a provider of Data Center Infrastructure, GDH supports TIA 942 requirements, BISCI’s Tier III Certification, and Uptime’s LEED Certification. 

The Leader Upfront

To combat the dynamic changes in the Market, Mr. Tarek has founded GDH and numerous profitable businesses in various industries. He constantly seeks newer business prospects and cutting-edge business concepts to promote business adaptation. Consequently, he has grown significant connections in the US market, the GCC, Asia, and other regions. 

Being an effective leader, the Founder has helped in revenue and profitability. In the Middle East  he has built and scaled unique firms like Gulf Data Hub, MediaPhone LLC, Arab Tele Media, and Nibras Advertising & Marketing.

Tarek’s strong leadership has helped the Group dominate the market in several industries, including Data Centers, Value-added services, Marketing and Advertising, Content distribution, and many more. He has led numerous areas like Joint Ventures, Growth Expansion, Market Penetration, Financial Planning & Project Financing. 

Since its inception, GDH has concentrated on providing services of a high international standard in the MENA region to attract all major hyperscalers. The company has a reputation in the area for providing solutions specifically designed for its end users and ensuring complete Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance. To accommodate GDH customers in the same place, GDH has always anticipated the enormous need for data centers and bought big land tracts with suitable infrastructure.

Rapidly Adapting the Transformations 

GDH has improved throughout the years in both technical and strategic areas. They use the knowledge gained from one assignment to the next. The corporation requests that the design team develop more efficient and environmentally friendly data centers. The GDH team participate in variety of conferences and technology innovation events to keep abreast of new technological advancements. Additionally, it is commendable that all overseas hyperscalers are assessing and approving their design.

As a matter of fact, GDH has provided vital business support throughout the COVID pandemic by making its services available around the clock. The Company’s Founder focused on the consumer’s needs to spur growth and expansion; he oversaw the entire fundraising effort and secured approximately US $ 500 million in funding from banks and financial organizations to construct data centers. 


Comprehensive Plans for Future

In the upcoming years, GDH will be involved in the Abu Dhabi project that is being commissioned and going live, and five additional locations are projected to go online in Q1 2023. By 2024, they will have 200 MW of IT capacity within KSA. Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, and Bahrain. 

In light of that, Mr. Tarek is in charge of encouraging company expansion and build-to-scale solution accessibility to the Cloud, Telecom, Enterprise, and Managed Service Providers. He was instrumental in the company’s rapid progress in the MENA market due to his deep knowledge of the Data Center Sector in that area.  The company hopes to establish a Global presence with the help of solutions that manage to host and continue to provide the finest value while catering to every industry and sector in the Middle East.

Description: Gulf Data Hub is a colocation Data Centre facility in Dubai

Silicon Oasis: Current IT capacity 22MW and future 50MW

Abu Dhabi : Current IT capacity – 16MW and future 50MW

KSA Market :- Current IT capacity :-8MW and future 70MW

Company Name: Gulf Data Hub Fzco

Founding Year: 2012

Office Locations: Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai

Official Website of the company:

Name of the Featured Leader: Mr.Tarek Alashram

Designation of the Leader: Founder & CEO


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