Wafy – Saudi’s Leading Discovery Platform

Wafy develops content in 9 languages

Wafy has taken the step to improve its global reach by adding content in nine languages including English and Arabic. This new move aims to introduce readers from around the world to Saudi projects that aim to improve quality of life, attract tourists and elevate investment in the Kingdom. The new languages are Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, Urdu and Balinese.

Wafy covers content in Culture, Tourism, Sport and Entertainment

The Wafy platform has been providing online audiences with quality Saudi-focused content, particularly on culture, tourism, entertainment and sports, since its inception in 2016. This includes culture and tourism articles referenced from respected sources as well as comprehensive coverage of all entertainment and sporting festivals and events. 

Wafy is the #1 Content Aggregator in Saudi Arabia offering a variety of options

The platform has developed to become the number, most trusted content aggregator in Saudi Arabia. It takes users on a journey where they can read articles about Saudi Arabia, book tickets to go to their favorite events and search for locations of interest across categorized lists.  Wafy’s role as an aggregator positions the platform as a solid alternative to downloading tens of other apps.

Wafy is a SuperApp

You’ve heard the term before but this is where you really get to experience it. The Wafy App is a Super App to say the least boasting offerings that would need more than 60 apps to cover, where event and experience coverages or tickets – or content to read along.

Wafy’s platform robustness

Wafy’s extremely user-friendly interface comes with a very well-developed backend that reflects on the system’s robustness. This translates in the platform being 100% crash free as well as its record of exponential growth in traffic and downloads. The offering is excelling in monetizing and being transactional with a whopping conversion rate in excess of 80%. Wafy’s platform has reportedly contributed to an estimated revenue of hundreds of millions in SAR to event organizers all over Saudi Arabia just the past year.

Wafy appeals to all audience segments from event goers to experience seekers and readers

Regardless of age or gender everyone can enjoy the platform. Whether you are looking for an easily accessible event, a deeper and exceptional experience, or simply trying to learn about Saudi culture and various tourist destinations, the Wafy app and website has you more than covered.

Wafy makes exploring Saudi as simple as possible

Employing smart technology including filters and a smart search system, Wafy allows users to access a full range of information with minimal time and effort, ensuring their entire experience is simple and appealing.

Wafy has a database of thousands of articles and lists all archived

Wafy’s trusted archive of articles, lists, events, experience and places consists of thousands of stories covering a range of interests including culture, heritage, tourist destinations and trips around Saudi regions. The platform’s special lists also aim to make your next trip as easy as possible. You can choose from lists that recommend cafes, restaurants shopping malls, parks, cultural places, historical sites or seasonal events across different Saudi cities.

Wafy is constantly developing new products and services making travel an enjoyable experience

As part of the ongoing efforts to ensure Wafy is the number one Saudi platform specializing in culture, tourism, sports and entertainment, Wafy team always strives to boost the services and add new products so that exploring the Kingdom continues to be an enjoyable experience.

Wafy is going Global

There is no way that Wafy remains restricted to a single country or geography. There are no confirmed news or reports at the moment, yet all factors seem to indicate that the platform is expanding and is expected to land new territories sooner than expected. Wafy’s international ambitions can be only a matter of time before they turn into realities, serving users all around the globe and not just Saudi Arabia.

Wafy’s Mission

Wafy’s mission is to market Saudi Arabia to the world. How? They do it by simplifying and offering tens of millions of options of events, experiences and locations to go to  for all  Saudi’s, expats and tourists.

Wafy plays on FOMO

We live in a fast paced world where everything just happened or is about to. Wafy conquers a unique selling proposition when it comes to events and experiences. FOMO is a major part of their brand DNA and delivers throughout the Wafy overall experience. This is what makes Wafy continuously a buzzing platform amongst its users.

Wafy Content Methodology

Wafy’s content methodology is based around five pillars:

  • Educate: All writers and reporters produce articles on trending topics daily.
  • Remind: Content creators publish lists with carefully curated recommendations.
  • Transact: Ticketing events and experiences are based on interest.
  • Share/rate and review: Optimize reach through user-generated content and user reviews.
  • Re-attract: Grow user advocacy by delivering a rich and personalized journey.

Wafy Global Reach

With new languages added to Wafy, the platform will be able to reach 63 percent of the global population. With only English and Arabic as its main languages, Wafy was able to generate 1.5 million views monthly.

Wafy CEO

Mohamed Abbas, the CEO and founder of Wafy who also founded and leads GT Medical, is a successful entrepreneur who has established multiple companies and garnered local and international attention. He was recently named by Forbes as one of 10 inspiring businesspeople to watch in the Middle East.  We are trying to lock in an interview for further insights on the platform.