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Human resources have always been the backbone of seamless business operations. Having HR software that offers multiple benefits for businesses of all sizes is a good tool to utilize and help reduce the stress on HR professionals. HR tools not only assist the professionals in reducing the stress but also help the organization by lowering operating costs and improving the company’s performance. Currently, with half of the workforce operating remotely, HR tools offer another benefit, which is making payroll easy. These tools simplify accounting processes, record the payments and help the organization remain compliant with the tax laws. Among the varied HR solution providers, it is vital to choose the one best suited for your organization.

An expert in the HR tools & solution space, Karrie Cheung, has helped thousands of companies from different industries to streamline their HR and payroll practices with Whyze Solutions. Sharing a passion for HR and payroll, Karrie was motivated to build a cutting-edge solution that would help the organizations enable payroll and HR strategies. This led to the inception of Whyze Solutions in 2008. Since the establishment, the companies she has assisted include MNCs and SMEs both in Singapore and regionally. She adds, “We take effort to listen to our customers’ problem and discover how we can help our customers achieve their objectives in HR & Payroll.” This approach has proven to design and customize solutions and products that cater to different business requirements.

Whyze Solutions Pte Ltd

Proven track-record of Success

Whyze Solutions, based in Singapore, was established to be a one-stop service provider for HR and payroll matters. Amidst the evolving challenges that HR and payroll practitioners encounter in today’s business, Whyze Solutions actively listened to the customers and constantly enhanced the products to deliver more value to the customers. With a proven track record of success, Whyze Solutions today is supporting over 2000 companies in Singapore from varied industries ranging from new start-ups, local SMEs, non-profit organizations to MNCs. Whyze Solutions combines its expertise in local HR administration and enterprise IT system implementation to deliver impeccable services that deliver results. Whyze Solutions currently offer, Integrated HR management system, Biometric devices with the HR scheduling system, Mobile App for employee tracking and project costing, Employee self-service and Outsource payroll service, employees’ income tax, and claim submission of government paid leave.

Among the wide range of offerings, the cloud-based WhyzeHR solution has gained the most popularity among customers. This HR and payroll solution for businesses was developed to deliver security, reliability, and flexibility to various industries. In the initial step, the Whyze team provides implementation and configuration services based on the users’ unique requirements. Within the cloud-based solution, it provides users with an array of core HR functions such as:

  • The time management system tracks employee working hours with reliable biometric devices or check-in mobile apps and enhances the visibility of employees’ attendance at multiple locations. It provides HRs with the various assignment of working hours via plan shift, team roster, and even flexible working hours. Users can automatically calculate working hours based on clients’ policies on overtime, late check-in, shift work, and attendance-related incentives while allowing managers the access to approve their subordinates’ working hours.
  • The administrator portal enables users to add new pay items, ad-hoc processing payroll runs, or group employees with similar payroll policies to enhance efficiency with payroll processing. It centralizes personal files containing employment history, training certificates, claims, appraisals, and other HR data into ready-to-use reports for employee demographics, quarterly statistics, key employment terms, and more analysis.
  • The employee self-service feature enables employees to perform self-service activities like managing leave, claim, payslip, and tax forms. The employee self-service also authorizes users to easily update their personal information, apply for leave and streamline claims administration through mobile devices.
  • Made for the HR department to automate performance appraisal and reduce inefficient manual appraisal forms, the performance appraisal systems can be used to conduct employee pulse surveys and link customer feedback to employees’ performance. The system enables users to automate the calculation of various KPIs without prior programming knowledge and generate and preview email appraisal forms based on predefined schedules before sending them out to staff.

High Employee Engagement

Over the years, the team of Whyze solutions has been successful in helping many SMEs enhance their organizational efficiency as the HR and payroll one-stop-shop service provider. One of the contributors to this success has been the focus on designing a system with intuitive UI for enterprise users. As the majority of the users are from the industries that tend to be more demanding on the HR department and accurate payroll, the Whyze system allows the users to customize payroll procedures for different groups of the staff or enables the users to create different data entry templates for groups of variable salary staff; the user can set which information can import from excel; and what formula to set for different pay items. For clients that have such requirements, the user-friendliness of a payroll system is determined by how much manual adjustment is required or how many steps to do a manual adjustment can be made. Because the settings within the system are highly configurable, Whyze Solutions is capable of ensuring that users only have to do minimum data entry and manual adjustments

A skillful team is the building block for any company. Investing in improving the skills of the team members can prove highly beneficial for the company. Whyze Solutions has a dedicated area of staff development that involves motivating innovations. The company strives to provide every employee with an effective channel to propose ideas and implement innovation. “By encouraging innovations, we hope that more employees will better identify their strengths and develop new competencies that will grow them professionally,” explains Karrie.

The team is also encouraged to develop their respective professional skills. Whyze Solutions offers different training programs annually, based on the training needs analysis with the respective managers. Moreover, the staff is also encouraged to identify any training programs that the company did not offer. Employees who completed training programs outside of the company’s offerings can claim the cost of the training with no training bond. The training and staff development programs drive employee engagement that has allowed Whyze Solutions to be a fast-growing company.

Further Enhancing the Solutions

The challenges in the HR department are evolving with the rapid changes in the business landscape. The growth cycle of the companies and demographic of workforce changes the user’s needs and the HR and payroll are expected to keep up with the changes. Whyze Solutions is always collecting feedback from the users to better understand the demand while also ensuring that it stays abreast of the trends. Apart from this, it also leverages feedback channels like regular workshops and business community outreach programs. The team offers free consultancy on HR and payroll compliance. These touchpoints with HR and payroll practitioners have helped the company listen actively and adjust the software to cater to the changing needs of HR and Payroll technologies.

Whyze Solutions is continually striving and dedicating its resources to enhance the software by adding more value-added functions to the existing customers. In the coming year, it plans to work on improving the integration with other parts of the employee life cycle such as recruitment and onboarding. Karrie explains, “Better integration between payroll and other HR functions allows our users more efficiency and better visibility of the company’s human resources.

How to become one of the fastest-growing company in the industry?

A fastest-growing company must have the passion to make a difference in the industry. The company’s direction must be clear to every staff member so that we are all empowered to make micro-decisions that value-add our relationships with customers.

Whyze Solutions Pte Ltd

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