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Kamyar Shah believes that “most small businesses need help in executing projects effectively and efficiently.” Small businesses face several challenges beginning from costs involved in production to consistency in product delivery quality. According to him, a majority of these are solved through persistence but very few of these businesses focus on their effectiveness, efficiency, cost, and structure. Furthermore, the lack of project management expertise, poor revenue considerations, time constraints, and cognitive biases – all add up to degrade the performance levels of these businesses.

The above-mentioned problems can be solved only when external expertise jumps in. Being a third party, they have the eyes to look past the noise and things that do not work toward enhancing outcomes. Thus, in order to help small businesses resolve these issues, Kamyar Shah established his own consultancy firm, World Consulting Group. The firm offers services associated with business consulting, management consulting, strategy, operations management, business development, marketing, social media, and public relations. Some of the many specialized domains of Shah include Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer services.

World Consulting Group
The firm sets itself apart from other companies in the field of consultancy because of several reasons, one of which is its approach. According to Kamyar Shah, “the most important factors in achieving organizational goals are thorough planning and the ability to adapt a flexible approach.” The planning of all projects must be thorough and scientific. In his opinion, this is the stage that has to be the most time and resource intensive. Post initial planning, the execution must be mainly data-driven in an adaptive and flexible environment. This kind of agility enables rapid adjustments and adaptation, which eventually boosts the results.

Kamyar believes that two factors play a crucial role in the success of any company – human capital management and leadership. Although this sounds basic, these two aspects often have a significant impact on an organization’s success. “Granted that organizational failures can and will occur because of factors outside the control of any organization; leadership and human capital tend to be the ones that can reasonably mitigate even those factors”, he adds.
Another area that he presses on immensely is continuous learning. Leaders should continue to learn. Shah believes that for a Chief Operating Officer or COO, it is crucial to extend his knowledge. Since they are required to engage in every aspect of the business, their continued education will allow them to stay up-to-date along with allowing the ones who work under them. As a matter of fact, he recommends all novel management consultants read as much as possible so as to keep up with today’s rapid pace environment. If consultants do not spend their time finding out about the latest happenings in the industry, they are not on the right track. This is because clients hire consultants for their track record and expert knowledge and if one does not stay updated with the latest events and news, they cannot possess the required knowledge.
By staying updated with the latest trends in businesses, Kamyar Shah has been able to use his expertise and experience for the benefit of several companies. He has been working with numerous nonprofit organizations and small businesses to form conducive environments for the growth of young leaders. In fact, he has also provided the best-performing CEOs with on-demand coaching that permits them to get a detailed insight into the standards of the industry and the top practices that will help them to evaluate their organizations. To his own surprise, the CEOs were capable of rescuing wasteful overhead greatly; in two situations by 19%.

A majority of issues associated with internal conflicts are generally formed by senior leaders or entrepreneurs. According to Shah, “The root cause stems from a variety of reasons including lack of objectivity and emotional maturity, emotional decision-making processes, and lack of consistency. The one solution that has worked is establishing SOPs.” As a result, the company is currently in the research and development phase for SOPs. This will further aid businesses to eradicate internal conflicts that stop them from growing efficiently.

Besides, the future for World Consulting Group seems to be bright with the firm acquiring customers from all over the world. Moreover, Kamyar Shah plans to continue advising non-profit organizations to help them succeed at a faster rate. Truth be told, the firm is additionally prepared to hire dynamic employees to facilitate the growth of future leaders and entrepreneurs.
Description: World Consulting Group is a business consultancy firm that helps businesses enhance their efficiency and effectiveness along with facilitating growth and scaling.

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