2022 Digital Impact Awards Africa Open for Nominations

Digital Impact Awards

Following the consecutive eight seasons of Digital Impact Awards Africa, we are glad to
announce that entry submissions for the 2022 edition is open.

Digital Impact Awards Africa is a platform that promotes Digital Inclusion, Financial
Inclusion and Cyber Security. The Awards recognize and celebrate stakeholders that are
spearheading the use of digital mediums to serve communities.

The Digital Impact Awards Africa celebrate digital excellence across the continent, big
or small, local or international.

The 9th edition is slated for 18th November 2022 at Kampala Serena Hotel as part of the
annual Digital and Financial Inclusion summit.

The summit explores strategic trends and technologies that are shaping the future of
Digital, ICTs and Business. Special attention is paid to the safety of customers’ funds and
security of platforms in the Digital Financial Services ecosystem.

This year’s summit will bring together C-Level executives that are spearheading the
scaling, adoption and usage of digital and financial services across Africa. The summit
will discuss the disruptive impact of COVID-19 on the business ecosystem and what
players are doing to recover.

Speakers will come from multinationals, large enterprises, small and mid-sized enterprises,
and start-ups. Additionally, the summit will offer a platform for informal businesses (like
market vendors, smallholder farmers, sole proprietors, public transporters, and ecommerce delivery agents, etc.)

The summit and awards are using these 3 official tags; #IncludeEveryone #DIAA2022


Now is the time for you to nominate your best service provider, products, and brands:

Just visit https://bit.ly/3KvUEZn

Here is the full list of categories open for nomination.

  1. Financial Inclusion Excellence
  2. Digital Banking Excellence
  3. Banking Innovation Excellence
  4. Community/MFI Banking Innovation Excellence
  5. FinTech Innovation Excellence
  6. Financial Services Digital Excellence
  7. Consumer Goods Digital Excellence
  8. Utilities and Government Services Digital Excellence
  9. Technology Services Digital Excellence
  10. Digital Campaign Excellence
  11. Digital Brand of the Year
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