How Can Email Management Enhance Project Clarity and Security?

Email management

Key Highlights

  • Newforma Konekt simplifies email management like filing and organization, reducing workflow steps and saving time for AECO professionals.
  • The platform allows direct integration of emails into Submittal and RFI workflows, enhancing project tracking and management efficiency.

In the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner/Operator (AECO) industry, email management has emerged as a vital component of project success. While alternative communication methods like instant messaging and video conferencing have gained traction, emails remain the primary mode of communication for large-scale projects. 

With multiple stakeholders, including contractors, architects, and engineers, collaborating across different project phases, streamlined communication is essential to ensure projects stay on track, meet deadlines, and adhere to budgets. Among the many tools available, email management platforms, such as Newforma Konekt, play a pivotal role in facilitating project clarity and efficiency.

Implementing Email Management for Project Success

In the AECO industry, construction projects typically involve numerous stakeholders and require efficient email management. 

  • Newforma Konekt offers a solution to this challenge. 
  • It allows users to categorize emails by project, ensuring critical information is readily accessible to the relevant team members. 
  • Additionally, Newforma Konekt streamlines email filing by offering predictive algorithms, minimizing the need for manual data entry and validation. 
  • This innovative tool simplifies workflow steps, making email filing more efficient.

Streamlining Submittal and RFI Workflows

Newforma Konekt simplifies the tracking of progress by facilitating Submittal and Request for Information (RFI) workflows directly from Outlook. Users can add incoming emails related to Submittals or RFIs to projects, reducing the need for manual data entry and form completion. This feature significantly saves time and streamlines the project management process.

Efficient Project Information Retrieval

One of Newforma Konekt’s most powerful features is its advanced search capabilities. Users can quickly locate project-related information within emails or attachments, including: 

  1. Submittals
  2. RFIs
  3. Specific issues
  4. Action items
  5. Specific file types, all from one central location. 

This feature is invaluable for efficiently managing large, complex projects.

The Time-Saving Benefits

Effective email management is more than just a way to tidy up inboxes; it is a fundamental component of project success. Managing email correctly ensures:

  1. Accountability
  2. Streamlines communication
  3. Aids in compliance
  4. Mitigates litigation risks
  5. Ultimately saves time and resources. 

By choosing the right email management tool, professionals can transform their inboxes from chaotic information streams into well-organized libraries, fostering project clarity and success.


1. What is Newforma Konekt?

Newforma Konekt is an email management platform designed for professionals in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner/Operator (AECO) industry to organize and streamline project-related emails efficiently.

2. How does Newforma Konekt simplify email filing?

The platform offers an Outlook add-in that allows users to select and file one or more emails to specific projects, reducing manual data entry and saving time.

3. Can Newforma Konekt automatically file duplicate emails?

Yes, if multiple team members file the same email, the platform saves only one copy to prevent confusion.

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