Can Dexda By LogicMonitor Revolutionize Hybrid Observability With AI?


Key Highlights

  • Dexda by LogicMonitor harnesses advanced AI and machine learning to offer robust hybrid observability, reducing mean time to resolution for IT issues and mitigating risks.
  • Dexda’s seamless integration with ServiceNow and customizable correlation models make it a powerful tool for IT operations, reducing alert noise and driving proactive issue resolution.

LogicMonitor, an SaaS-based platform specializing in AI for hybrid observability, is setting a new standard for AIOps with its launch of Dexda, an AI solution tailored for Hybrid Observability.

Dexda, powered by machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), is designed to automate insights and provide a contextualized experience. It equips ITOps teams with the ability to identify issues, determine their root causes at an accelerated pace, and proactively prevent these problems from escalating into business-critical incidents.

LogicMonitor’s AI Capabilities

Real-time data access is a crucial component of transitioning from hybrid observability to AIOps, and LogicMonitor delivers this seamlessly. According to LogicMonitor’s Future Further research report, 50% of IT leaders have reservations about their IT infrastructure’s readiness for AI. Dexda addresses this concern by providing:

  1. Robust AI Capabilities: By applying advanced algorithms to historical and real-time data, LogicMonitor offers purpose-built, layered intelligence for quicker issue resolutions. AI machine learning, through LogicMonitor’s LM Intelligence, serves as an early warning system, providing dynamic thresholding, anomaly detection, forecasting, and more. This reduces mean time to resolution (MTTR) significantly and minimizes business risks.
  2. Context-Rich Insights: Dexda’s role is to transform events from LM Envision into contextualized insights. Through advanced machine learning, it automatically correlates data, identifying and alerting based on time, resources, and pattern disruptions. This enables users to resolve critical issues efficiently, reducing alert noise and driving down MTTR.
  3. ServiceNow Integration: Dexda seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow Incident module, fitting correlated insights into standard IT workflows. ServiceNow CMDB data enriches Dexda alerts, providing additional context for alert correlations.
  4. Adaptive Correlation: It prevents delays in escalating insights to ServiceNow by automatically re-clustering alerts into new insights when a more optimal clustering option is found.
  5. Extensible Correlation: Users can customize correlation models based on business needs, targeting both the alert and enriched CMDB data.
  6. MSP Support: Dexda now supports multi-tenancy, allowing correlations to be scoped for each tenant.

As LogicMonitor continues to advance AIOps with Dexda, organizations will have the tools to address complex technology challenges and drive productivity by leveraging AI to the fullest.


1. What is Dexda by LogicMonitor?

Dexda is an AI-driven solution for Hybrid Observability by LogicMonitor, designed to automate insights, identify problems, determine root causes, and prevent incidents in IT operations.

2. How does Dexda leverage AI and machine learning?

Dexda uses sophisticated algorithms on real-time and historical data, providing purpose-built intelligence, dynamic thresholding, anomaly detection, and forecasting to improve mean time to resolution.

3. What benefits does Dexda offer for IT teams?

Dexda reduces alert noise, integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow, and customizes correlation models to enhance incident management and context-rich insights.

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