A Closer Look at the Wonders of Natural Hair Replacement by Diva Maker

Several hair replacement products are produced by chemical processing. In addition to this, they are mixed with other fibers like plastic and a variety of animal hair. This means the users of such products are at risk of facing skin problems. Needless to mention, it is entirely unsustainable. 

Several people across the globe, irrespective of age and gender, experience hair thinning as well as hair loss. Thus, they require hair replacement products to not just look better but also to feel better. They often deal with emotional repercussions, such as difficulties in interpersonal relationships, heightened anxiety, and low self-esteem. 

In order to ensure the products are both sustainable and healthy, it is crucial to produce natural hair replacement products. So to address the issue, having herself experienced, Louise Brooks decided to establish a business that produced natural products.

Personalized, Natural Hair Solutions  

Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics was founded with the motive to offer solutions for all sufferers of hair loss, including men, women, and children. The company’s replacement products are made from 100 percent natural hair, herbally processed with a natural base cap or platform for the wigs and pieces to eliminate the risk of issues. In fact, its plant-based hair nutrition products come with the product mix to help soothe and alleviate scalp and irritations from treatments, and in a majority of cases, restore all or parts of the previous hair loss. 

For people who struggle with extreme hair loss, customized wigs can provide emotional support. Understanding the same, the company offers custom-designed wigs as well as pre-designed wigs for urgent requirements. The wide range of products acts as a blank canvas for clients, allowing them to add their vision. This could be a particular hair type or a change in color. 

Brooks says, “These prostheses are not just hairpieces. They represent a part of a patient’s healing journey.” The prostheses are handcrafted with 100% Remy hair, which consists of neither synthetic fibers nor animal products and is chemical-free. The natural cuticle alignment prevents shedding or tangling, making sure that the wig retains its premium, glossy texture and appearance. 

Additionally, the bases of prostheses are made from natural fibers, such as silk, bamboo, and cotton. They reduce scalp irritations and are ideal for complementing medical treatments. 

A Comprehensive Hair Replacement Solution for All

Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics has a holistic mission – it caters to the needs of all genders and ages. The venture comprehends the diverse needs and makes sure that nobody feels left out. For the same, it provides wigs in a wide variety of colors, from smoky golden to black pearl, bringing inclusivity to the world of hair restoration by fulfilling the needs of people with all skin tones. 

In addition, the company has a special section of adjustable wigs, particularly designed for children. These continue to fit as the child grows older. Hence, they play a major role in helping kids avoid peer and social pressures and feel more confident. They can step out in the world without feeling they are not a part of the group or that they are different from their peers. 

Setting a Distinctive Standard in Natural Hair Replacement 

Apart from providing entirely natural products in the market, there are other factors as well that make Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics stand out from its competitors. The company works with oncology clinics as well as medical centers and hospitals, reaching the sufferers. The aim is to not only reach them for the physical turmoil of fighting such illnesses but also to aid them in restoring their inner and outer beauty. 

The venture does so by providing only premium quality non-surgical hair replacement products as it creates a systematic holistic approach in the medical hair loss arena. Brooks says, “This is our unwavering commitment.”

In her own words, “What sets Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics apart from our competitors is our guarantee to use eco-friendly and clean human hair. Equally important, we focus on customer needs, helping your salon to personalize and custom fit your hair replacement.”

What’s more, being a sufferer herself, Brooks tests the company’s products herself first. She states, “I won’t market a product unless it has proven effective for me, particularly our hair nutrition products. I test them for six months and gauge the results before introducing them to our customers.”

Last but not least, the company believes in quality over quantity. A majority of companies that offer hair restoration or replacement services decrease the volume of their bundle sizes. This makes the customer purchase more products. However, Diva Maker guarantees that 1 to 1.5 bundles are sufficient for a voluminous and full look. Hence, the users can save money as well as time. 

Louise even shares heartwarming feedback, “A customer from the UK once called me in tears, expressing that our hair product was everything she had been praying for.”.

Tracing the Remarkable Journey  

Louise Brooks was awarded the prestigious Beauty World Middle East Award. In her speech, she shared that she was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus and stage three lung cancer. It was emotionally as well as physically difficult. In addition, she lost her hair during the treatment and felt she could not recognize herself anymore. She didn’t even want to look in the mirror. 

“Whoever you are, you are here because you have faced hair loss yourself, or have a loved one who has. I have been wearing hair replacements since 1984,” says Louise. She adds, “Both times, as I started to lose my hair, I felt I had lost my beauty and confidence. Fortunately, I had support and managed to find a hair stylist who helped me on my journey to feel good about myself again through the use of hair replacement prosthetics.”

However, because most products are chemically processed, she could not go on and wanted natural options. Louise says, “More often than not, the wigs and extensions were made using unclean artificial hair as a base.” Fortunately, she had been working with hair extensions for over a decade and was strongly determined to find a natural solution. This is what led to the inception of Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics – the idea to provide 100% natural hair replacement products. 

“As a customer, you should feel that you are wearing the ‘real thing’. You want an easy-to-wear, undetectable hair replacement that fits comfortably, and you only want to be wearing eco-friendly clean human hair,” says Louise.

In the speech mentioned earlier, she also said, “Your recognition inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of medical hair loss and the regaining and retention of beauty even during challenging times. It is my spirituality that gives me strength and purpose on this journey.”

Diva Maker was awarded the “Top 10 Hair Restoration Services Providers 2023” and “Top Hair Restoration Service Provider 2023” by Healthcare Business Review. 

Diva Maker’s Bold Aspirations for Shaping the Future of Hair Replacement  

For people seeking hair regrowth after hair loss or looking to extend the lifespan of their hair prosthesis, Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics looks forward to becoming their trusted partner, offering the added confidence to step into the world. 

Louise says, “We aspire to touch the lives of those battling the emotional and physical effects of medical hair loss. Our high-quality products restore not just hair but a patient’s inner spirit and positivity and give them a reason to smile while they navigate bigger challenges in their lives.” 

Company Description: Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics provides 100% hair replacement products for people who suffer hair loss. 

Pull Quote: “What sets Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics apart from our competitors is our guarantee to use eco-friendly and clean human hair. Equally important, we focus on customer needs, helping your salon to personalize and custom fit your hair replacement.”

Company Name: Diva Maker Hair Prosthetics

Featured Leader: Louise Brooks

Designation of the Featured Leader: Founder 

Company Website: www.divamakerhairprosthetics.com

Office Location: Missouri, USA and Stockholm, Sweden

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