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Agile Brains Consulting

Since the beginning, the first entrepreneurial adventure in middle school to running a successful consulting firm, Omer Hashmi is transforming the space of technology solution providers. Omer always shared a passion for entrepreneurship. While studying in middle school he started his first entrepreneurial adventure where he sold photocopies of notes to the students. “In hindsight, I should have just built an app with a subscription model,” adds Omer.

Omer Hashmi is a Vice President of Delivery at Agile Brains Consulting. He is a serial entrepreneur and is passionate to deliver technology solutions iteratively. Omer noticed the gap of true technical solution providers in the agile transformation space and started working on building the team. “I firmly believe that the success of any initiative is a function of the original idea, the product or service, the team, the execution, and random factor luck,” advised Omer. The initial challenge was to find the right talent for Agile Brains Consulting and it took the company four months to hire its first team member. Since then, the goal has been to grow the team with motivated, talented, high-performing team members.

Agile Brains Consulting

Together the team members of Agile Brains Consulting have grown the company to become a leader in the niche of management consulting. Agile Brains Consulting leverages Lean-Agile & DevOps practices intending to empower the customers to deliver business value iteratively. Agile Brains help organizations to solve complex problems in the fields of software development, product management, project delivery, and many others. Since its establishment, Agile Brains has managed to work with several big organizations and the team is grateful for the recognition.

One-stop-shop for management solutions

Agile Brains Consulting is a one-stop solution provider in the management consulting niche. It offers over 250 training workshops ranging from Agile, DevOps, Lean, to technical tools such as Chef, Docker, Puppet, Kubernetes, JIRA, Azure DevOps, AWS, Azure, and many more. The team provides strategy consulting with process and technical assessments of the current state. Through such workshops and training, they help coach teams and enterprises to embrace the agile principles of transformation and enable DevOps centric Continuous Delivery. With Agile Brains Labs, the company’s technical delivery arm, they offer end-to-end web-based, cloud-based, AI/ML-driven solutions that make digital transformation seamless and cost-effective for the clients. a recent example is when the team of Agile Brain Consulting led an application portfolio migration from on-premise to Azure cloud resulting in savings of over 2 million dollars per year.

From helping build a fleet of mobile applications for a customer’s digital transformation journey, to creating REST API integrations for inter-app connectivity to building complex machine learning models for data recognition, we have had a portfolio of work that is unparalleled,” Omer proudly asserts.

In the last two years, Agile Brains Consulting’s technical solution delivery capabilities have distinguished themselves in the industry. The company has been catering to the demands for platform-type work support like Salesforce, SAP, Azure, and AWS. It has also successfully helped with Cyber Security assessments both from a Static Analysis as well as a dynamic analysis perspective.

Prioritizing Customers and Employees equally

Omer and his team are always prioritizing the customer value delivery. Thus, the team always delivers the solution on time and iteratively which has helped the company in establishing a loyal customer base. Moreover, the team strives for innovation and is always thinking out-of-the-box. For instance, Agile Brains Consulting enabled a few of its largest customers to choose the price of any new training workshops for a month. “They ended up signing up for 13 sessions that brought us in front of over 200 more employees at a fraction of what it would have cost them. What customer won’t like instructor-led training in their environment at such a price point?” expressed Omer.

The performance and track record of successful delivery have not gone unrecognized in the industry. Agile Brains Consulting has earned several awards and accolades in its journey and created a loyal customer base. Furthermore, it was also recognized as a the Great Place to Work. This particular recognition is special for Omer. “I’ve always believed that our greatest strength is the wonderful team of people we’ve been blessed with. It’s heartening to hear that our team is very happy and finds Agile Brains’ a great place to work. This is a testament to the culture we’d always envisioned when we first started Agile Brains,” expressed Omer.

Essential factors for success

The team of Agile Brains Consulting is one of the key pillars of success. Under Omer’s leadership, Agile Brains Consulting is continually moving in the direction of success. He advised that being relentlessly persistent, speed and agility are important factors to keep the company up and running. The speed at which you respond to customer requests plays an integral part in the company’s success. Omer explains, “We have customers who were so impressed with our response times that they transferred nearly three times the work our way in just under 3 months.” He underlined that if one lacks dedication and perseverance, maintaining success for the long term will be difficult.

Running a business is like a marathon where lucky hardly plays any part. Omer says that as a leader you should try to control the controllables. Pivot when needed, be responsive but practice consistency. Here are few pointers from Omer for aspiring leaders, “Firstly, I would recommend follow-up. I’ve for the longest said, there is only one bad email – the one you did not send. If you follow up with your leads and customers, you will grow. Second, you will miss 100% of the shots you do not attempt. The default answer to everything is no. If I gave up after every first no I heard, we would be nowhere near where we are today.”

What is the secret to becoming one of the fastest-growing companies?

Value your people. Treat them how you like to be treated. I remember reading this, your customers are people. And your employees are people. If your people are happy, you have created a culture of success.

Agile Brains Consulting

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