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Ankerstar Wealth LLC

Steve Ankerstar, the Founder of Ankerstar Wealth, is a former military veteran and served the country both in peace and war. Steve is passionate about helping others and with the same zeal, he joined the military. He has served in the military for over two decades as an Air Force fighter pilot. He used the financial and investment acumen to perform pro-bono financial planning. Steve helped both active-duty personnel and veterans and their families to get what they want out of life. “It was tremendously fulfilling for me to see them flourish financially as a result of my leadership and guidance,” expressed Steve. On retiring, Steve still wanted to help others so he continued on his lifelong mission to serve people.

Steve Ankerstar is not only an entrepreneur but also host of a popular ‘Ankerstar Wealth Morning Show’ along with a podcast ‘On-Time On Target’. Ankerstar Wealth LLC is a fee-only financial service based in Round Rock, Texas. Steve is a veteran investor and has over 30 years of experience and is passionate about helping individuals create wealth over their lifetime. He serves his clients and their families in both cultivating and preserving their wealth and financial well-being.

Ankerstar Wealth LLC

Affordable Wealthcare for Individuals

Ankerstar Wealth was established to cater to the real need for affordable and professional financial planning. The company is entirely objective and tailors the approach to the clients’ needs by offering workable strategies, not products. “Founding this company and sharing my expertise and knowledge through media appearances and my podcast is my way of continuing to contribute to the betterment of people’s lives,” explained Steve.

The mission of Ankerstar Wealth is to provide concierge-level, affordable wealthcare for private individuals and their families through customized wealth management and personalized financial planning. Ankerstar offers a client-focused, low-fee, high relationship experience as compared to the mundane product-focused services from the financial industry that has been around for decades.

Valuable client relationship

Steve outlined that the financial industry has grown out of control for decades and operates on “we’re smart and you’re dumb, so handle your money and don’t call us.” Being in the industry for a long time, Steve understands that people deserve better than that and Ankerstar Wealth prides itself on valuable client relationships and delivering an exceptional experience. Steve adds, “We want clients to contact us and we want to answer their questions.” The team is always prepared to answer questions when clients have them and aim to have three reactions from the clients: this is exactly what I need, I should have done this years ago, and I can’t wait to tell all my friends.

The company leverages core and satellite approaches for each client to stay true to disciplined investing principles while still tailoring each portfolio to the client. Due to its exceptional offerings and dedication towards its clients, Ankerstar Wealth has become one of the fastest-growing companies. The team highly prioritizes client concerns and offers rapid responses regarding wealth management and financial planning. Its disruptive strategy delivers a better client experience than big financial firms. Moreover, Steve was recently awarded “Top Financial Advisor” accreditation by The Top 100 Magazine.

Sharing the Expertise

The investment management services have led the company to grow by over 50% per year since the company was established. To maintain this year-over-year growth, Ankerstar will be adding skillful members to the team and expanding to six by the end of the year. Due to the support of several investors, the company has access to operating capital which enables them to hire to support the continual increase of ‘n’ number of clients with the same concierge-level service of wealth care. Steve adds, “The aggressive adoption of technology will be critical to streamlining operations so most of our time is spent interacting with clients.”

Ankerstar team records and distributes the daily market update through the Ankerstar Wealth Morning Show where both clients and non-clients receive cutting-edge up-to-date investing strategies and insights. The broadcast is also available through the podcast called “On Time On Target” with Ankerstar Wealth.  “Founding this company and sharing my expertise and knowledge through media appearances and my podcast is my way of continuing to contribute to the betterment of people’s lives,” concludes Steve.

How to become one of the fastest-growing companies?

There is no such thing as perfection, but we do believe that everything can be improved—even in the smallest ways. From acquiring new technical knowledge to enhancing client service and back-office efficiency, the aim should be to keep building a better business for the benefit of both clients and employees.

Ankerstar Wealth

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