APG-Neuros: Transforming the industry through its Innovative approach

escalating innovation

Over the years, the innovative mindset of leaders has kept industries across the world running. Also, it has helped them understand the evolving needs of the customers with their innovative approaches. A successful leader is one who constantly promotes innovation in the organization. Without innovation, the industry would be at a standstill, and customers, as well as companies, would not improve their efficiencies. Omar Hammoud, Founder, and President & CEO at APG-Neuros expresses, “Innovation is the key driver for continued progress. When a company is innovative, efficient and comes with products that are reliable and affordable, it can lead to the transformation of the industry where every member is inspired to achieve great accomplishments. Without innovation, the industry becomes complacent and the company weakens and folds down under the heavy burden from old ways.”

Under Omar’s guidance and innovative approach, APG-Neuros continually develops innovative products that year after year maintain the company as a key international player in the field. With a similar approach, the company is moving forward in a modern business world that is forced to meet virtually with its customers, partners, and coworkers. Even though the industry is very traditional, the company takes pride in its efforts and in its successes in adapting to this new reality. Initiated in 2005, APG-Neuros focuses on distributing, manufacturing, and providing high efficiency wastewater treatment equipment along with high quality aftermarket support.

Utilizing the Experience

The journey of APG-Neuros began when Omar accumulated engineering knowledge in aerospace applications and realized personal advancement in product development and innovations over more than two decades. Simultaneously, he saw there are opportunities in turbomachinery to transform these industries on the scale realized in computer and telecom industries. In 2005, he took his 25 years of experience and decided to begin his journey introducing more efficient products in the environmental sector where Turbomachinery designs have not changed for over 50 years. “I witnessed during the first 8 to years that the customers lacked engineering design capability to apply new technologies in their application, especially when it came to controls,” says Omar.

This discovery changed his mission of being solely a Turbomachinery product development company to a complete technical solution provider where the company now designs the whole project as Turn-Key in direct cooperation with the end-user or as a complement to the engineering companies that have the overall project design capability. Omar also recognized that the treatment process has built-in inefficiencies driven by the lack of confidence in modeling and the unpredictable inputs and outcomes. This led him to a new mission to help its customers develop higher efficiency treatment by applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in aeration control.

Presently, APG-Neuros expanded its product offering to include high-efficiency Turbo Blowers, Efficient Aeration Control combined with Machine Learning Algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence. The US Department of Energy (DOE) selected the company to commercialize this Model Predictive Control technology across the US.

24/7 support & In-Depth Customizable Service Plans

APG-Neuros offer Turn-Key Design and Modelling solutions and very in-depth customizable service plans and support programs to the customers who are using the equipment. This permits them to feel safe knowing they have access to 24/7 support from the company for any issues they may have on-site. If the customers enroll in one of these programs, the company has field service technicians and engineers that are local to the customers and travel on-site to perform preventive maintenance and diagnostics to make sure its blowers are up to date and the complete aeration system is functioning properly.

The innovative approach makes APG-Neuros favorites amongst its customers and clients. It offers innovative preventive maintenance service plans that allow its customers to take advantage of efficient lifelong support options for the continued operation of its product in its facility. Furthermore, innovations can be made easier to complete with adequate funding and the availability of strong development teams. The federal and local state/provincial governments play an important role in supporting innovations by providing proper funding and facilitating for the public utilities to access these innovations through ease of the procurement policies and providing grant money for the application of the innovative technologies.

Positive outlook for Post-COVID

2021 has been the year of recovery or the year of transformation for the majority of the companies. “We consider that in 2021 we are as productive and as efficient as we were pre-covid. We worked very hard all of 2020 and into 2021 to adjust to the pandemic. We worked hard during the pandemic and finally accomplished our new product development objectives and seen our deliveries to our customers on track,” asserts Omar.

Carrying forward the optimistic approach, Omar and his team at APG-Neuros are positive about the post COVID era. The company envisions the industry to continue to focus on the environment and efficiency. It also sees governments around the world investing in the use of high-efficiency products and technical solutions. Governments have an important role to play in creating the incentives for funding energy efficiency and for sponsoring the development of innovative technology that can take tens of millions of dollars to bring to market. APG-Neuros consolidates its market dominance position and further expansion to its product line and area of operation.

To do this, APG-Neuros needs to hire many more highly skilled engineers and technicians and to further invest in its production facilities and production tooling. Presently, the company is constantly hiring in the head office location and regional employees across the four continents. It is also developing new employee benefit plans and opening a portion of its stock for employees to own, thereby making them company owners.

Pathway towards Expansion

In the near future, APG-Neuros expects an expansion of its product line by offering higher efficiency large electric Turbo Blowers and Gas Turbine Blowers that can consume Natural Gas, Bio Gas, and Hydrogen as a fuel source. The company is also looking at expanding its market to Continental Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

“We believe we will be able to transform the customer market segment in the large category of blowers combined with the application of AI to drive for more efficient controls to reduce the overall power consumption,” assets Omar.

Quote:“It takes a village to grow a child and it takes a whole community working together to see innovations grow and become a reality.”


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