AppsCo One : A platform automating and simplifying your company’s HR and IT

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We live in the world of rapid digitalization with several latest technological advancements surrounding us. These advanced techs are now being heavily utilized by businesses having less control or governance over it. Data is everywhere, and organizing onboarding and off-boarding of the company’s employees, without a centralized pace for logins is a complicated process. To simplify this data management there are several apps available, however, each app caters to specific resolutions making it difficult to keep track of the people with access to applications leading to security issues. With a mission to simplify and improve company and employee administration of HR, IT & Compliance, AppsCo was established. AppsCo One is an international platform to help companies manage all the employee data and operations through one platform.

AppsCo INC, is a Norwegian technology company, with Headquarters in the US, subsidiaries in Norway and major stakeholders in BOS outsourcing, a development company in Serbia. It aims to strengthen the security of the customers by protecting the data. AppsCo One powers the customers’ data while creating a secure space in the world of digitalization.

Platform of Possibilities

Digitalization is rapidly taking over and amid the chaos, AppsCo One proves to be the perfect partner to stay abreast with the changes. The platform comprises several tools and features that work more efficiently and help the employees through the process of transformation. AppsCo One is built to be intuitive, clear, and easy to use with a strong focus on self-service and mobile applications. AppsCo One is a sophisticated business technology that is affordable even for SME s. It is an assorted platform of good value with a reliable and trustworthy bouquet of products.

HR Products- AppsCo automates the HR processes and making it easy to focus on the employees. It increases efficiency on every level of the organization so that the consumers can run their business smoothly and securely. It offers HR functionality like HR Master, contracts module, deviations, internal time, external time, insights, now how (maps and GPS), and connected applications management with a workplace for each customer. AppsCo One is not just a customer portal, it delivers a portal in the portal, branded and accustom with access to its HR functionalities.

IT Solutions: The AppsCo platform allows companies to manage employees’ apps quickly and safely from one secure place. Besides, it can help with the distribution of the apps quickly according to the roles during on-boarding and revoke access once the employee leaves the company. it offers a wide range of SSO applications from its extensive catalogue, which helps the company take care of the logins and resources.

AppsCo One is aimed to take care of the workforce and customers through strict Identity and Access Management and Customer Identity and Access Management and brings numerous benefits across the consumers’ organization. It is one of the best employee platforms to help employers focus on people and not processes.

“We don’t stop at just providing you with great tools! Our dedicated and experienced technical and support team will provide necessary and timely solutions and help you maintain good customer relations which will add value to your business,” states Geir Christian Karlsen, Co-founder, and CEO of AppsCo INC.

Veteran Leading to Success

Geir Christian Karlsen is a serial entrepreneur from Norway who has successfully established several Technology companies in Norway, the USA, Slovakia, and Serbia, with an industrial exit in HR software. He was a former athlete and won 3 bronze medals on the senior level in the Norwegian Championship for Ice Hockey. However, due to the ankle injury, Geir had to call quits to his athletic career at the age of 25. He helped NISO- the player union in soccer, ice hockey, and handball, to build information and communication structures. This led him to be a member of the Board of FIFPRO Foundation, which managed the sports rights for the world’s football (soccer) players in over 50 member counties.

Geir has two university degrees from Norway in Finance and Information technology. He has extensive experience working in the technology field for over two decades. Over the years he has accumulated expertise in business software, technology outsourcing, and Cyber Security. At AppsCo, he has been successful in creating a culture of young, open communication, flexible and built a modern workplace. Through AppsCo, Geir has become a member of the World Economic Forum, Tech for integrity initiative, and has won several international prizes. Under his leadership, the company has won a spectrum of awards and recognitions and now has been listed among the “20 Best Companies to watch out for in 2021”.

Persistent to move forward

Geir and his team have continually strived to enhance the catalogue of pre-built integrations to enable better connectivity with all popular platforms and to securely connect to every service through the SSO catalogue. Moreover, AppsCo offers unhindered support from skilled professionals who have a proven experience in the HR and IT fields. The team will help the consumers learn the basics of the product portfolio and as an experienced AppsCo assists the customers to deepen the product knowledge. “Our team is always happy to help with any question you may have,” said Geir.

At AppsCo, the customers are also provided with relevant training that truly meets their needs. The team is also constantly working on new training materials to help the customers enhance the user experience. Despite the crisis of COVID-19, the team was determined to assist the customers and help them with decision-making and move forward. Being a development company, the pandemic did not affect the services and AppsCo continued to move ahead.

In the new normal, we are entering a business landscape built of modern workplaces. In order to, survive in this new normal AppsCo`s products are essentiality. The team will be working on building the future of simplified company management. Geir concludes with a parting message for the aspiring entrepreneurs, “Don’t jump on the first train, there are a lot of whales out there, also be careful when you select as an investor. Most importantly have patience, because development takes longer time than you expected in the start.”

Quote: “Our team of professionals makes your projects come to life based on your business needs. We have the know-how and experience to build complex and custom software solutions.”

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