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In a modern marketplace that is changing at a rapid pace, businesses need to equip their workforce with the skills that are necessary to stand out and cater to various customer demands. Today, various companies are providing businesses with learning solutions for improved employee engagement, performance, and retention.

ARCHway Learning Solutions is one such company that is designing learning solutions for small businesses and organizations to extend the bandwidth of their training departments. The Orlando, FL-based company aims to create highly engaging training that supports the organization’s culture, accomplishes business goals, and celebrates diversity. It aims to help adults learn new skills and knowledge through utilizing adult learning styles, varying modalities, gamification, and experiential learning.

A Fascinating Journey

After its establishment in 2017, ARCHway developed learning management solutions and online learning solutions for non-profit organizations in 2018. A year later, it conducted original research onthe impact that coaching has on a new employee’s onboarding training and found a preliminary positive connection with organizational commitment and a decrease in quit rates.

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In 2020, ARCHway developed an ‘All About Them’ product for industry-specific coaching and training in healthcare. For its leading-edge products, the company won the Global Form of Education and Learning Award for Excellence in Education in 2021. It has also been featured in various business magazines for its preeminent offerings.

Tailor-made Learning Solutions

ARCHway provides customized learning solutions focused on helping organizations make a change in how they deliver their message and training to employees andassociation members. The company specializes in designing and developing asynchronous and instructor-led live and virtual training through the use of custom video, online elearning modules, microlearning, and gamification, and focuses on making a business impact through training goals.

The prominent factor that distinguishes ARCHway from other learning and development organizations is its partnership with the clients. The customized solutions offered by the company are so beneficial that its clients continue to commit to long-term support andexpansion. ARCHway becomes a part of the clients’ teams with mutual focus and collaboration on their growth and success.

Emphasizing Accessibility

Blended learning is one of the most popular solutions provided by ARCHway. The solution is preferred by numerous clients who are interested in developing new onboarding and training content or updating their current training to the next level. This makes the content accessible to learners on different platforms while upgrading the interaction and storytelling features of successful learning experiences.

Talking about the increased emphasis on accessibility, Amber Carlson-Hays (Presidentof ARCHway Learning Solutions) says, “Creating learning solutions that are available to employees wherever they are and that include in-person workshops with spaced follow-up microlearning and gaming has helped companies consistently improve performance and ensure that learning is transferred on the job.”

Led by a Connoisseur

Amber is a veteran in the L&D industry who has designed learning solutions for organizations of all sizes and various industries for over a decade. She has a master’s degree in organizational development and leadership and a Master Trainer designation from the Association of Talent Development. Amber has been bestowed with a 2021 international award for Excellence in Education from the Global Forum of Education and Learning. Besides this, she is a keynote speaker on leadership as well.

Amber specializes in leading teams to create learning strategies that align with business goals and support the transformation of learners through proven dynamic processes. She is passionate about creating learning experiences that reinforce company culture, celebrate diversity, challenge individual and team growth, and maximize learning while remaining fun, dynamic, and enlightening. Amber and her team provide engaging and memorable learning programs at the highest level of flexibility, quality, and ROI.

Navigating the Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic had detrimental impacts on companies across the globe. As with many companies, ARCHway also sought to make the biggest impact and focused its efforts on helping the senior living industry provide improved experiences for seniors and their families. Throughout the COVID period, ARCHway helped a concerned population of vulnerable adults and their families while also assisting companies to navigate the challenges brought by the pandemic.

Accomplishments and Acknowledgments

ARCHway is proud of the accomplishments and acknowledgments of the last two years where outside organizations have identified the impact it is bringing to the clients and the way it is helping them succeed. The company also takes pride in seeing the ROI results of training impact when it knows that it has made a measurable change for organizations.

Enunciating her views on ARCHway being recognized among the “30 best companies to watch”, Amber states, “This recognition brings a sense of pride and responsibility. We are a growing organization that sees our work as pivotal in raising the bar in diversity and inclusion, organizational culture and change, and delivering impactful learning experiences that take learning to the next level.”

ARCHway sees its work as helping organizations be more future-ready in how they onboard and train their employees and guide companies forward through the evolution of training needs for the next generation of workers.

Pursuit of Continuous Improvement

The drive and determination to always be better, to always learn, and to grow within the organization helpARCHway to constantly assess its work, its practices, and improve its processes. According to Amber, several factors are necessary to qualify as one of the best companies in the industry. These factors are,

  • Staying on top of useful trends that follow organizational change needs and communication processes to help clients adapt as technology changes
  • Seeking to make an impact in the organizations they serve that is beyond simply delivering training but that helps the organizations improve their voice and their results
  • Practicing what they preach where consistent growth and learning are a part of their internal culture and practices for their organization
  • Employing and hiring a diverse workforce and minority groups where individuality is celebrated

Being Future-ready

ARCHway is pivoting to a broader L&D scope with expanded offerings focused on evolving employee training for future-readiness. It is collaborating with the learning community to evolve organizational training through a “Meet the Expert” LinkedIn learning series starting in 2022.

The company is also rolling out ‘The Comprehensive DEI Training Checklist’ for organizations to evolve their current training programs by improving the diversity, equity, and inclusion in how the training is delivered and represented. It is also working on LMS Curation and Navigation assistance where organizations that are seeking to take a step toward online learning or that are seeking to level up their learning experiences can find the best solution and implement the new platform.


“We are a diverse group of professionals who are always learning, and we challenge each other to be better in what we do every day.”

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