ARVRA Wellness: Helping Individuals at All Walks of Life

Over the years, wellness has become far too complicated and overpriced. People must have the wellness tools they need in order to thrive. However, the challenges of complication and expense have made it even more difficult for people to access them. Thus, to overcome the problem and provide people with a cost-effective and tailored, human approach, Georgie Spurling established ARVRA Wellness in 2021. 

Georgie says, “We wanted to create a complete wellness solution for companies and individuals that housed every dimension of wellness under one roof: Movement, nutrition, stresses, hormones, and mindfulness.” The approach offered by ARVRA Wellness supports companies and individuals who want to improve their employees’ or personal well-being respectively. In an era of impersonal solutions and confusing options, this approach is highly beneficial to all kinds of individuals. 


Users get access to content from 26 different experts besides one-to-one calls. This aids in obtaining a more personalized solution and ensuring the well-being of all users. 

ARVRA Wellness: Personalized Solution to Wellbeing

Georgie says, “ARVRA isn’t just about providing a wellness app with expert information, it’s about the power of human connection – providing personalized advice to enable more people to live a healthier & happier life.”

Today, digital well-being solutions are the way forward since they are easily accessible and can aid more people. However, after the pandemic, people have started to crave human connection and interaction more than ever. Thus, taking both these factors into careful consideration, ARVRA has blended the two to offer the best services. 

ARVRA Wellness provides a library of audio-visual content with its experts. Additionally, users can choose to book a call with one of these experts to experience real-time interaction. Finally, the company also offers in-house services with the same expert. This allows the user to feel that they already know the expert, which further builds trust. 

Fusing Personal Experience with Global Challenges 

Georgie shares that her story into wellness was the key driving factor for her to help more people with their own well-being. Unfortunately, she was born with a rare heart condition that led to her being told that exercise was never going to be a part of her life. After sitting on the sidelines for years, Georgie decided to take up dance. Surprisingly, her heart became stronger with time. 

Having been in the wellness industry for nearly 12 years, Georgie noticed how complicated and overwhelming wellness has become. As a result, she figured if all dimensions of wellness were put in one place and the content was easily digestible, people would be able to actually transform their lives. 

Georgie says, “It has been a long journey for me to get to a place of strength mentally and physically, so ARVRA is all about supporting the people who really need help.” 

What Makes ARVRA Wellness Unique?

The one thing that makes ARVRA Wellness stand out the most from its competitors is the content it provides to the users along with one-on-one calls. Secondly, the content is audio/visual, further limiting screen time, which is another issue in today’s society. 

What’s more, ARVRA Wellness has all the dimensions in one place, which comprises content above and beyond nutrition and fitness. This includes relationship therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, hormonal coaching, and financial well-being. 

Needless to mention, Georgie Spurling is a young female founder in tech, which is a male-dominated industry. This makes ARVRA Wellness stand out in the entire industry. 

The ARVRA Team – Continuing the Mission 

The ARVRA Team is highly passionate about wellness and helping others feel well. Georgie says, “ It makes a huge difference when you have a team that has a common purpose and drive.” Moreover, the culture at ARVRA Wellness is another factor contributing to the company’s success. All the team members are great friends, always have each other’s back, and look out for each other constantly. Georgie believes that this makes the biggest difference. 

Moving Forward With The Aim to Help More Individuals 

Georgie quotes Sheryl Sandberg, “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.” With this statement in mind, the company aims to make ARVRA Wellness the most respected wellness platform across the globe and aid as many people as it can prevent getting into a crisis. 

Last but not least, ARVRA Wellness has huge plans for development as well as team growth to expand the breadth of its offering even further. 

Pull Quote: “ARVRA isn’t just about providing a wellness app with expert information, it’s about the power of human connection – providing personalized advice to enable more people to live a healthier & happier life.”

Description of the Company: ARVRA Wellness is a company founded by Georgie Spurling that focuses on the well-being of individuals as well as employees. 

Company Name: ARVRA Wellness

Founding Year: 2021

Office Locations: London

Official Website of the Company: 

Name of the Featured Leader: Georgie Spurling

Designation of the Leader: CEO

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