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With digital transformation constantly changing how businesses operate and deliver value to customers, organizations are on the lookout for ways to stay competitive and improve their operations and services. For many of them, this means modernizing their core business systems tomake full use of the latest technologies and respond to market demands. 

In the past few years, Astadia has emerged as an industry leader for mainframe migration and modernization, handling millions of lines of code for forward-thinking businesses worldwide. The companyis specialized in moving IBM and Unisys mainframe applications and databases to distributed and cloud platforms. With a proven track record of 300+ successful migrations with world-class organizations, Astadia believes in saving time and money by minimizing risk and driving superior business performance.

What are the key highlights of the journey from the initial start to today ranking amongst the best companies to watch for in 2022?

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Astadia started in the mainframe modernization space in 1994. Coincidently, many companies entered this industry in the 90s because people were predicting the death of the mainframe, but that didn’t become a certainty until recently. For almost 30 decades, Astadia has taken on some of the biggest challenges in modernization, including cloud migration, replatforming, application modernization, and managed IT services in today’s blended enterprise and cloud ecosystem. 

In 2021, Astadia significantly upgraded its own technology with the acquisition of Anubex, the market leader in refactoring, offering our clients a new level of speed and efficiency through a software “migration factory”software that automates nearly 100% of code transformation and testing. Today, by combining the power of both replatforming and refactoring, Astadia is a leader in high-performance mainframe modernization. 

What are the various range of offerings provided by Astadia? What factors make them unique in the market space? 

We wanted Astadia to be an honest broker, a one-stop mainframe modernization boutique for enterprises and government agencies looking for the right solutions to support their digital transformation journey. And today, by providing both refactoring and replatforming, we can deliver on that promise. 

Astadia distinguishes itself from other companies in the mainframe modernization space through its level of automation. While many mainframe migration companies offer automated refactoring solutions with varying degrees of automation, at Astadia, we provide truly automated refactoring for both code and data conversion and automated testing. Moreover, our mainframe modernization projects leverage the Astadia FastTrack Factory, a complete, holistic, best-of-breed solution that’s scalable, maintainable, and fast. This helps our clients reduce project risks, timeframes, and costs. 

By combining decades of mainframe modernization experience, proprietary software tools, and partnerships with all major cloud providers and systems integrators, we are able to help organizations map out their transformation roadmap to build a foundation for digital transformation and support this journey every step of the way. 

Please walk us through your most popular product. In your opinion, what exclusivities make it a distinct choice for clients and consumers? 

In 2021, Astadia announced the availability of our FastTrack Factory, a powerful software platform that automates the process of moving IBM and Unisys mainframe applications and databases to distributed and cloud computing platforms. The Factory is a paradigm shift in the way mainframe migration projects are traditionally implemented. 

It ensures a process in which planning, design, testing, and execution are integrated into a fully-automated “factory” approach that allows for unlimited iterations of testing using actual production data, at virtually zero marginal cost. It accelerates and standardizes a successful mainframe migration project. It also allows partners and clients to benefit from the extensive experience and industry-leading software products that Astadia offers worldwide. Various IT industry leaders like ClearScale, GFT, and FNTS are leveraging the Astadia FastTrack Factory in their transformation projects. 

According to you, what have been the key contributors in making Astadia rank among one of the best companies? 

We are truly excited to be recognized among the 30 Best Companies to Watch in 2022. We entered 2022 forecasting 100% annual growth, and this distinction reinforces our progress in the market. 

One of the key contributors to the company’s success is our team’s experience and expertise with mainframe modernization projects. The other key factor is Astadia’s suite of automated conversion and testing tools, that provide cross-platform migrations of mission-critical software applications to the cloud, distributed systems, or mainframes—as well as provide technical support for a wide range of clients. The development of these products started well over 20 years ago, and today includes coverage for legacy technologies such as COBOL, Assembler, IDMS, and Adabas&Natural that can be migrated to, among others, Java or C# in combination with all the leading SQL databases. The resulting applications are ready for deployment in the target platform of choice. 

Lastly, are there any services/offerings that can we anticipate from Astadia in the upcoming years? If yes, please highlight the same. 

In the past few years, we focused our efforts on developing top mainframe modernization and automation solutions and took a step further by industrializing the mainframe to cloud migration process and making the technology available to clients and partners. 

In the upcoming months, some of Astadia’s milestones include creating new strategic partnerships with industry-leading companies by licensing the Astadia FastTrack Platform, 100% revenue growth, establishing and consolidating Astadia’s position as a market leader in both replatforming and refactoring mainframe modernization segments, expanding the company footprint in North America and Europe and becoming the largest tech-enabled mainframe-to-cloud solutions company.

How to become one of the leading companies in the industry?

We feel that we are unique for the following reasons: 

  • Largest and fastest-growing independent mainframe modernization firm
  • Market leader in both replatforming and refactoring
  • Worldwide delivery capability
  • Factory licensing model
  • 97% customer success rate

“We have a track record of over 300 successful migrations with world-class organizations, saving time and money, minimizing risk, and driving superior business performance.”

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