Big Ideas and Small Agency Savvy, Patricia Kehoe on Overcoming Gender Bias and Standing Out as a Leader

Headquartered in New York City, PK Network was started with a vision to make big ideas affordable and efficient. Kehoe was offered an opportunity to start her own agency, and she swiftly switched gears to start PK Network.

“I’ve always been a risk-taker. Marketing and advertising were in my DNA, so it was a simple decision to apply my experience at previous media companies and focus on this new, emerging field.” In the last three decades, Kehoe’s business has grown by leaps and bounds. Her clientele features big names, including ESPN, Mediacom, Polygram and iVillage. The number of awards and accolades speak volumes about the impact they create with their work.

Big agency ideas, small agency savvy

Big ideas come with a big price tag. Having an agency that is dedicated to your brand, required infrastructure and a huge retainer budget that made marketing a luxury. The implementation of ideas on a huge scale lacked creativity. So when Kehoe stepped up, her vision was simple.

“I set up the company with the competitive view of being faster, smarter and more affordable than the big mega-agencies. That approach quickly resulted in our selling proposition.” She continues, “As a member of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, I provided marketing strategy, advertising, promotion and public relations programs and campaigns for three of the world’s then top 10 media companies: ABC, Bertelsmann Music Group and PolyGram.”

Reminiscing her initial victories, Kehoe says, “Our home-run came with launching PolyGram Diversified Entertainment into the television market with pay-per-view campaigns for music specials like U2 Zooropa and Guns ‘N Roses Invade Paris. That relationship resulted in our work creating over 25 pay-per-view event campaigns for clients including Cablevision, NBC, ABC, ESPN, Paramount, Artisan Entertainment including the historic 25th Anniversary Gala at the Met to the three-day Woodstock ’94 and ‘99 revivals.”

Exploring Uncharted Territories

Back in the early 1990’s, dot com companies were not well known. Nevertheless, Kehoe could visualise how the internet could revolutionise marketing and advertising. One of the earliest adopters of online marketing strategies, PK Network was at the forefront of new and different avenues of content and technology as the industry developed. PK Network entered the digital marketplace in 1994, creating online surveys and contests for PolyGram’s music events. “As internet content became dominant, we went on to graphically rebrand and build out communities for iVillage, at the time the number one website for women, the nation’s fifth largest cable provider Mediacom Communications, and others.”

Their hands-on experience paid off in a competitive marketplace. They expanded their portfolio with program networks like The Food network, Expo TV and PSN (Pan American Sports Network), producing and managing online media buys as well as acquisition and retention campaigns. “This experience led naturally into the technology sector. Today our work in promoting broadband in the business-to-business sector, specifically for Mediacom’s small and enterprise business customers is especially relevant in this COVID world.”

Leading and Winning in a Biased Society

Kehoe’s story is a testament of a boss woman who did not shy away from hard work and dealing with a biased society. “In 1989, it was not an easy road for women business owners to achieve lines of credit from financial institutions and borrowing power from vendors. There were some rocky times with some clients only wanting to deal with men.”

She adds, “Women needed to go the extra mile to demonstrate their value and expertise, in addition to proving their financial acumen, to even be considered for support. What eventually wins out is people want to do business with people they like and respect. They want an agency who understands and knows their business. Having focused on telecommunications, gave PK Network that edge.“

Her wins have consistently contributed not only to the growth of her organization but towards shaping the world of female entrepreneurs. “Today, women and men entrepreneurs need to have faith in what they do and the decisions they make and have the courage to stand by their convictions. They need to understand the competitive marketplace, hire smart people who like what they do, treat their client’s with respect, and reward their employees when their company does well.”

Her persistence remains a source of inspiration; a tale of how perseverance, hard work and a strong will power can become a force to be reckoned. Like Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

About Patricia (Pat) Kehoe

Pat Kehoe founded the agency in 1989 after a successful career in the media business. Ms. Kehoe gained her marketing expertise at NBC, A&E, Lifetime and Showtime. Under her leadership, she and her company, PK Network have garnered numerous industry and business awards and citations. Pat is an advocate of coaching and mentoring tomorrow’s advertising and marketing entrepreneurs and participates in NY Institute of Technology’s advisory board as well as having served as an adjunct professor at City College of New York. Dedicated and committed to public service, Pat and her staff include pro bono accounts like Cable Positive, Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, People’s Music School of Chicago, Catholic Charities and Cancer Research and Treatment Fund. Pat received her undergraduate degree from Loyola University, Chicago and her Masters degree from New York Institute of Technology. She is a native New Yorker.

About PK Network Communications, Inc.

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