Bin Ghalib Group Of Companies: Pioneers In Technological Solutions

The engineering industry, particularly the electrical, instrumentation, control, and automation (EICA) sector faces numerous challenges. The major issues include a need for qualified system integrators, limited availability of certified engineering professionals, and financial stability among solution providers because of market volatility. 

Apart from these, the industry also faces problems like unreliable post-sales service, lack of manufacturing facilities, insufficient quality checks, limited investment and research & development. Such problems do not only affect the success of projects but also augment downtime and Lowers customers’ trust in solution providers. 

Bin Ghalib Group: A Trustworthy Solution Provider

In order to address industry issues and provide clients with a trustworthy solution provider, Mohammed Binghalib founded the Bin Ghalib Group of Companies in 1982. Today, the business is an industry leader in electrical, automation, and mechanical with proven expertise in AI/AR and cybersecurity solutions. What’s more, the group is contributing to a more resource-efficient, sustainable future. 

Over the years, Bin Ghalib has become a market leader for Turnkey EICA solutions having successfully delivered more than 1000 projects. End-to-end qualified system integrators, availability of certified engineering professionals in cross-platform applications, as well as strong and reliable financial history due to in-house funding are some of the key reasons for such huge success.

Binghalib, CEO says, “Continuous research and development in the systems and solutions deployed by Binghalib provides end users with the sense of confidence to enter long-term partnerships. With approx 20% of retained earnings invested in R&D, Binghalib has an edge over all others.”

The key solutions that Binghalib provides include manufacturing low-voltage switchgear, implementing high-end industrial automation systems with seamless cross-platform integration, a state-of-the-art unique smart factory for valve manufacturing, and developing and deploying its own in-house satellite “GhalibSat”. 

Other areas that the group excels in are turnkey electrical contracting, distribution of LV components, instrumentation and calibration labs, uPVC windows and doors. These areas are increasingly making the group a diverse and versatile system integrator and solution provider in the market.  

Additionally, our Intelligent manufacturing facilities that have rigorous testing and quality check procedures have allowed customers to build trust and a long-term relationship with the company’s products and systems. Bin Ghalib is the only factory in the area that is 100% paperless and has fully automated valve manufacturing. 

Last but not least, to address the issue of post-sales service, Bin Ghalib has taken major steps. Several businesses operate short-term, making clients worried about system failures and downtimes, which is actually because of the companies’ non-existence. Thus, clients who invest massively in the electrification of their assets trust in Bin Ghalib today. 

The Vision to Transform Tomorrow

Since the company’s inception, Bin Ghalib has been exponentially growing as a system integrator, manufacturer, and service provider in the industry. With the first branch opening in 1982 with just two employees entirely focused on manufacturing switchgear, the group today has a workforce of more than 500, each contributing to its success. 

“Transformation and innovation have always been in our DNA since incorporation. This helps in taking advantage of the latest technologies and implementing best engineering practices. Since then, we have continued to push the boundaries of technology in making advancements to drive performance to new horizons,” says Binghalib. 

In the span of four decades, the group has achieved several milestones. It has been endorsed by the MOIAT as the Region’s Key Manufacturer in implementing Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing as well as being the only switchgear and valve company among the top scorers. Another key achievement was the launching of Ghalibsat, which is its own satellite. 

In addition to all this, the group has also won large technology-oriented projects in the area and is also the first to implement Internet of Things in the region at the time the concept was not even well known. 

Key Drivers of Motivation

The employees at Bin Ghalib Group are continuously motivated and inspired to work. Numerous factors drive them. Firstly, each employee, irrespective of their roles, is contributing to creating a better future. Through efficient business practices and innovative technologies, the company aids in addressing the area’s energy challenges, transforming industries, and embedding sustainability in their footprints. 

The next key driver is diversity and inclusion. The group has brought together over 500 individuals from more than 20 nationalities who collaborate in 4+ countries. This clearly demonstrates that the group values diversity. This allows it to look at challenges from various perspectives – this is fundamental to its success. 

Providing Unmatched Technological Solutions

The Bin Ghalib Group has always been setting trends in the industry, providing a multitude of cutting-edge technological solutions. Apart from being pioneers in the implementation of IoT concepts in industrial automation about 15 years ago, the group has contributed majorly through its services in several areas. It has provided state-of-the-art solutions in command centers for government utilities. For this, the group uniquely fused business intelligence, OT, and IT. 

The group’s solutions and vision link engineering know-how as well as software to revolutionize the way things are designed, manufactured, implemented, integrated, powered, and operated. By developing its strong command of AI/AR, machining, process automation, and electrification, the business aims to create prime value for all its clients.

Notably, it acquired advanced industrial radio devices for communication and successfully launched its satellite. Ghalibsat was designed, configured, as well as tested in-house. The organization strives to deliver such revolutionary solutions to the area and firmly believes in the power of self-adapting technologies. 

“Our group has made substantial investments in in-house business process automation, leading to an almost 100% paperless factory, with stringent environmental objectives. Additionally, we have integrated AI into our business processes, automating various staff tasks, thus enhancing their productivity and efficiency,” says Binghalib. 

 Additionally, the group invests heavily in resources and time in in-house funds management. This aids the group in reducing reliance on loans or banks. By automating all processes and implementing unified financial reporting systems developed by the in-house team, it has been able to accomplish everything it has to date. 

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Mohammed Binghalib believes in the saying, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Illiteracy is when one does not change with time to adapt to the newly emerging technologies. He says, “At Bin Ghalib, we ensure to be up-to-date with the latest trends and solutions in the market. Implementing AI in our processes from very basics over 5 years ago when AI was just introduced today makes us keep up with the pace and provide results ahead of others.”

Over the years, the group has invested in and implemented the latest technologies in not just products and solutions but also in facilities, procedures, processes, and systems. 

The Vision for Global Impact

The mission of the Bin Ghalib Group is to become a global leader in industrial technology throughout the world, surpassing regional dominance. Despite the presence of several multinational companies in the industry, the group finds it an achievable and worthwhile challenge. 

The group continues to invest in the necessary technologies and resources and move forward through the implementation of such technologies within the organization. This enables it to gain expertise as well as firsthand experience and provide solutions to its customers with full confidence. 

The organization’s working model is an example of its capabilities, making customers trust it. Binghalib says, “We firmly believe that the key to success lies in having our own in-house resources for technologies while outsourcing only select components. Bin Ghalib Group is constantly expanding and acquiring solutions and businesses, always striving to earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers without compromising quality.”

Currently, the group is evaluating its plans for augmenting its export sales. Its key focus in the time ahead will be on working on special projects outside the UAE, where its experience can further contribute to expanding its customer base. 

Pull Quote: “Continuous research and development in the systems and solutions deployed by Binghalib provides end users with the sense of confidence to enter long-term partnerships. With approx 20% of retained earnings invested in R&D, Binghalib has an edge over all others.”

Company Description: Bin Ghalib Group of Companies is an industry leader in electrical, automation, and mechanical with proven expertise in AI/AR and cybersecurity solutions. 

Company Name: Bin Ghalib Group of Companies

Founding Year: 1982

Office Locations: UAE, Qatar

Official Website of the Company:

Name of the Featured Leader: Mohammed Binghalib

Designation of the Leader: CEO

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