Carnival Magic: Thailand's Best Cultural Theme Park, where Happiness is Infinity and Beyond

A one-of-its-kind theme park- Carnival Magic ~ the Magical Kingdom of Lights is a nighttime Thai cultural carnival park. It is a brand new 40-acre theme park featuring the world’s first indoor parade show, an illumination park with 40 million lights, and many record-breaking attractions not found anywhere else in the world. The park is grabbing eyeballs for its dazzling colors, sparkling imagery, and out-of-the-box attractions. It celebrates the vibrancy and rich cultural heritage found in the many traditional festivals, carnivals, and market fairs that abound throughout the Kingdom.

Carnival Magic is inspired by exotic carnival celebrations from around the world representing mind-blowing evenings of effervescent celebrations and cultural excellence unmatched by any other show on earth. 

Meet the Visionary Creator

An established personality, Kittikorn Kewkacha (born May 1, 1970, Bangkok, Thailand) is a Chinese-Thai entrepreneur whose family has been involved in the tourism business for over 40 years. He was the Co-founder and Creator of Phuket’s iconic nighttime theme park, Phuket FantaSea, which has welcomed over 25 million visitors since its inception in 1998, and is the current CEO and Creator of the award-winning new theme park, Carnival Magic

The Idea, The Foundation

Thailand is an enchanted place blessed with great natural beauty and abundance. Growing up in the Kingdom, Kittikorn was constantly dazzled by the astonishing variety of festivals, temple fairs, and bustling marketplaces that were filled with a carnival atmosphere of good-natured fun and fellowship. Smiles were found everywhere and happiness was reflected in the faces of people truly enjoying the rich and unified cultural heritage.

 From the pomp and pageantry of the Royal Barge Procession on the Chao Phraya River, or the famous Flower processions in the Northern provinces and the Candle Procession in the Northeast to the famous Loy Kratong festival taking place in all bodies of water throughout the Kingdom, Thailand was, as it still is, a magical place filled with exciting mythology, mystery, and magic. Kittikorn is a forever admirer of Thailand’s authentic and amazing festivities and celebrations. Turning his ideas into realities, Kittikorn founded Carnival Magic. 

 Carnival Magic was inspired by the glorious sights, sounds, and colors of his beloved homeland. The park is a true reflection of the heart and soul, and spirit of the land and its people in one joyous experience that combines the best of what Thailand means to Kittikorn, and to all of its people who share in the magic.

Attracting Immense Attention through Attractions

No wonder why Carnival Magic is turning heads, it’s an adventure filled with unlimited joy and wonder. Here, happiness is found in every nook and corner of the park. The visitors are having the best time of their lives, their smiles and happiness are a sign.  

Bringing joy and happiness to people’s faces are the various wonderful attractions of the park. Featuring 88 colossal parade floats, the largest measuring over 70 meters long and holding a world record, this extravaganza presents the world’s grandest indoor parade show. Moreover, an enchanting illumination park awaits, adorned with over 40 million LEDs, crafting a mesmerizing dreamscape of captivating lights for visitors to wander through.

 The park also boasts a 3,000-seat dining hall serving international cuisine and a 2,200-seat theatre that is fully equipped with state-of-the-art AV systems and a 70-meter-long giant LED screen, capable of accommodating any type of corporate events and private parties.

Bestowing an Extraordinary Customer Experience

Carnival Magic has successfully and beautifully blended culture and contemporary entertainment together. The park offers unique experiences to kids, teens, adults, and seniors. Each age group will find their place of happiness and magic in the kingdom. 

Carnival Magic is inspired by the charm of Thai culture and the notion of “Sanuk” — the Thai style of “fun”. Through the imagination and the magic of technology, the theme park is recreating and bringing many of Thailand’s captivating festivities and carnivals such as the grand Royal Barge procession or the Loy Kratong river floats festival, to its enormous 70-meter-long parade stage and park. The ultimate aim of the park is to offer its visitors a fun-filled and magical experience. 

The Key Attractions at the Theme Park

 Carnival Magic’s Attractions are categorized into four parts- Parade, Illuminations, Shopping, and Entertainment. The following categories offer various first-class experiences including:

Parade: River Carnival Parade Show

River Palace is an enormous indoor parade show theatre, capable of accommodating over 2,200 spectators and showcasing the world’s biggest indoor parade show called the River Carnival, a 50-minute extravaganza that blends fantasies, festivals, and traditional parades of Thailand augmented with modern technology and special effects. Among more than 88 gigantic parade floats featured is the world’s longest parade float over 70 meters long or about the size of a jumbo jet, the Airbus 380.

Illuminations: Kingdom of Lights

Kingdom of Lights is an illumination park that employed more than 40 million lights to create a dazzling dreamscape that can spark visitors’ imagination. The centerpiece of this zone is the River of Lights where millions of lights are installed on uniquely designed steel plates called the “luminaries”.

Shopping: Carnival Funfair

At Carnival Fun Fair, visitors can enjoy shopping for high-quality products, all-night-long carnival performances, and fun activities, in a festive, celebratory atmosphere created by a huge array of bright and colorful shops.

Entertainment: Festival of Colors Street Parade, Fountain Show at Happiness Falls, Carnival in the Sky (Seasonal Attraction) 

Additionally, its Bird of Paradise Buffet Restaurant is a 3,000-seat dining facility offering more than 100 delicacies from the East and the West, including Indian, vegetarian, and Halal dishes.

 The Hall of Fame

 Carnival Magic is home to many jaw-dropping attractions, there are 9 that broke the Guinness World Records that visitors of all ages would be enthralled to see.

  1. Tallest proscenium arch
  2. Longest single-chassis parade float
  3. Largest LED structure
  4. Largest paper mache sculpture (supported)
  5. Largest popcorn machine
  6. Largest LED sculpture (supported)
  7. Most lights used in a permanent light and sound show
  8. Largest outdoor chandelier
  9. Most LED lights on a van

 In addition, Carnival Magic recently secured a spot in TIME Magazine’s Greatest Places of 2023 and was awarded “Best Theme Park in Thailand” by the UK magazine LUXlife in April 2023.

Getting Future-Ready

 Carnival Magic is all set for a power-packed and fun-filled future. 

Kittikorn shares, “Like most companies, we aspire to be the best in our field. ‘The best’ to us has always been, and still is, about the happiness of our guests and never about the ‘numbers’.

 Our mission is to continue to present to the world the unique facet of Thai culture that embraces the essence of “Sanuk” ~ the spirit of fun-loving kindness and gentle hospitality that is deeply imbued in the fundamental nature of all Thai people, and to offer a happy, positive and memorable experience for visitors of all ages and nationalities to our park.

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