Changing the Dynamics of the Freight Brokerage Industry

The Logistics/Transportation industry has evolved significantly in recent years. Innovations in technology and trends have brought about huge shifts in the industry and catapulted its growth like never before. Nevertheless, finding labor remains one of the biggest ongoing issues. This is especially true of finding truck drivers.

Demographic changes have caused driver shortages to be a constant and increasing issue in the US. Besides, most companies don’t pay drivers enough to help them keep consistent and competitive wages. This shortage of drivers ultimately results in delayed delivery of the shipments and increased transportation costs for the shipper. 

For both the carriers and shippers to achieve a win-win, they must work with a freight broker with a demonstrated working history and experience. Someone who has all the resources and contacts to ensure the quick delivery of the shipments without any hassles while paying good compensation to the carriers and can increase the ROI of the shippers.

This is where Schulz Logistics steps into the picture.

Offering Top-Notch Freight Brokerage

Based out of Nebraska, Schulz Logistics offers truckload transportation services. The company works with reefer, van, and flatbed carriers and can accommodate any freight that is compatible with these transportation modes.  It also offers consulting of sorts. “I believe that is one of the big things that sets us apart. Our extensive knowledge of the transportation industry and the challenges each part of the supply chain faces gives us the opportunity to be useful to our customers and carriers when facing a problem,” says Joe Schulz, Founder and CEO, Schulz Logistics. 

One of the factors that sets Schulz Logistics apart from other brokerages in the marketplace is its ability to solve problems for the carriers it works with.  Most brokerages don’t contribute to solving problems a carrier may be having. Brokerages as such are only concerned about the delivery of their loads and they treat the carrier as such.  They don’t care about the obstacles a carrier may be facing and oftentimes even fine carriers and wait for them to fix the problem.  They do the same with customers. That’s not the case with Schulz Logistics. The company works in close conjunction with the carriers and goes above and beyond to offer potential solutions to their problems with deep insights as to why the problem is occurring. “Every problem we can help our customers or carriers solve helps make us a better brokerage, so we take great pride in being able to be part of the solution,” explains Schulz. “What brings our customers back is the service and interactions we are able to provide that is a culmination of our experience and service history.”

Prioritizing Transparency and Communication

Yet another aspect that makes Schulz Logistics a successful Logistics company in the freight brokerage arena is its laid-back confident approach to transportation. This makes the company easier to communicate with. The company firmly believes in the idea that customers and carriers always respect it when a logistics company is open about what is causing a problem and is honest about any mistake the company makes from its end and how it will fix it. “We work with some very big corporations and I think being able to laugh and have open and honest conversations with us is a breath of fresh air for them,” says Schulz. 

Schulz Logistics has come a long way ever since its inception in 2016. In a matter of just six years, the company’s growth skyrocketed from moving just 148 loads in 2016 to moving 12,872 in 2022. And the number continues to grow exponentially with every passing month thanks to the company’s ability to adapt quickly, which led it to keep the vast majority of the lanes it has been awarded.  Talking about the strengths of the company that helped it achieve this massive feat, Schulz says, “First, we are very easy to talk to and work with.  We are very far from a “corporate” approach. And most importantly, we work openly and transparently with our customers and carriers.”

Backed by a dynamic team with the breadth and depth of freight brokerage and trucking expertise

and experience in working with clients from all over the world, Schulz Logistics has emerged as a leader in the logistics space. When it comes to trucking expertise, particularly, 90% of the company’s employees have previously worked directly or indirectly with a trucking company. This has led the company to be very empathetic and understanding of the challenges, regulations, and requirements its carriers face. Furthermore, the company has employees with experience working for cold storage, food distributors, manufacturers, factoring companies, and food production companies. Together, the company has deep knowledge of every step of the supply chain from creating the product, shipping the product, transporting the product, distributing the product, paying for the whole process, and everything in-between. “I believe we have the best variety of experience and knowledge amongst the smallest group of employees in the entire country,“ says Schulz.

Moving Forward, the company plans to add more offices space, expand its team, and keep refining its services for the best outcomes for its clients. With a stellar team and top-notch services in place, Schulz Logistics is all set to revolutionize the logistics industry. “As more potential customers learn about us and our unique approach, growth should be possible, even in the challenging economic environment we are currently in,” concludes Schulz. 

Pull Quote: “Every problem we can help our customers or carriers solve helps make us a better brokerage, so we take great pride in being able to be part of the solution.”

 Description of the Company: Schulz Logistics offers truckload transportation service.  The company works with reefer, van, and flatbed carriers and can accommodate any freight that is compatible with these transportation modes.

Company Name: Schulz Logistics

Founding Year: 

Office Locations: Lincoln, Nebraska.

Official Website of the Company:

Name of the Featured Leader: Joel Schulz

Designation of the Leader: Founder and CEO

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