Colombia Becomes The No. 1 Travel Destination Of South America For Nomads

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Pointers at Glance

  • According to a study conducted by Destination Analyst, Colombia, the most biodiverse country per sq km in the world, has become the preferred No. 1 travel destination of South America.
  • For a curious, educated, and diverse US traveler, colombia is the right travel destination with a special offer of 8 airlines connecting nonstop through 10 US gates to 9 destinations.

Colombia’s unique appeal combines beautiful nature and wellness, authenticity, ancestral traditions, and progressive and sophisticated culture that embraces sustainability with reverence from the African American to the LGBTQ+ community, female solo travelers, and families with kids.

Below are a few reasons that prove this is the perfect time to visit Colombia.

The Trendiest Travel Destination, Yet Uncrowded

As of August, historic record numbers of visitors above 2019 figures over 2 million international visitors and worldwide recognitions are positioning Colombia at the top, unraveling the path of a country whose positive evolution has been earned with a focus on a continued sustainable and inclusive tourism strategy over the years, and a clear purpose of becoming a welcoming world class destination.

In early September, the prestigious World Travel Awards granted Colombia a total of 14 recognitions, including San Andrés’ Leading beach destination’; Medellín’ Leading Emerging Destination’; Bogotá, ‘Leading business destination’; Cali, ‘Leading Cultural City‘; Barranquilla, ‘Leading destination for festivities and events; and Cartagena, as ‘Leading destination for honeymoons,’ amongst others.

Colombia Is A Referent Of Life

According to National Geographic, the country is snugged at the continent’s heart and treasures 10% of the planet’s biodiversity. It holds the largest number of birds (1,900+), butterflies (3,600+), and orchid species in the whole world (4,000+).

Colombia is the only country in South America with coasts in the Caribbean and the Pacific oceans.

A Myriad Of Other Regions To Explore

Colombia has six tourist regions, namely, Greater Caribbean, Pacific, Amazon-Orinoco, Eastern and Western Andes, and the Colombian Massif. Each region is as different and as rich as the other.

From snow-capped mountains next to pristine beaches to a desert that meets with the ocean and National Natural Parks, both remote or embedded within cosmopolitan cities, Colombia has many countries in one that can be explored.

Your Next Home, Close Enough From Home

If anyone is thinking of spending more time in one place rather than just two weeks for a regular vacation, there is no ‘newest’ option than Colombia. The country just launched a visa for digital nomads that are granted for up to two years with just a few requirements.

Cost-effective living and breathtaking landscapes that will almost seem like a Zoom virtual background will let you connect to the place.

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